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#Jolla Tablet Surpasses $1M; Adds Australia And Canada To Existing Territories; Celebration Sale


No-one could have missed the recent news that the Jolla Tablet campaign has now surpassed the $1,000,000 mark with still 18 days left to go. Not only this, but there is more great news… Read More

Bluetooth/WiFi Tethering App Now Officially Available!


I noticed late last night that a new Bluetooth/Wifi tethering app has just appeared in the main Jolla store thanks to developer jlehtoranta! The app, simply entitled ‘Tethering’ is now available to download… Read More

#JollaLoveDay: Videos


  I know it’s already been a few days now, but for anyone who missed it at the time, here is the Keynote from #JollaLoveDay with Marc Dillon and Tomi Pienimaki: And also a… Read More

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