Nokia N9 + Meego: Did you know ?

Nokia N9 and MeeGo Factoids:

  • The Nokia N9 running on the MeeGo platform has full out-of-the-box Skype IM (as well as Skype calls), Facebook IM, Google Talk, MSN messenger etc seemless integration.  Just add an account and it will appear on your IM messages along with SMS threads.  If you don’t want to view all accounts in one thread it’s very easy to switch between only viewing eg. SMS or any other of your accounts in the thread view you can do this by selecting an individual thread.  Most other phones running android etc require a separate app to view messages in for example Skype = no integration.
  • MeeGo is based on an open source Linux kernel for mobile devices.
  • MeeGo is the perfect OS for multitasking.  On the N9, just swipe to your right to see any open applications.  Pinch to zoom open apps, and close any apps not required to save running memory.
  • The Swipe UI is unique to the Nokia N9 MeeGo Harmattan platform.  The UI is really a beauty to behold – so natural – and there are no physical buttons needed only the swipe of a finger.   The UI is really a credit to the MeeGo developers who have now left Nokia and are now working on a forthcoming new UI for MeeGo to bring it to their own brand new handsets in 2012: Jolla Mobile.
  • Prior to the release of the Nokia N9, Nokia announced they would no longer be supporting the N9 and releases in major countries (eg. USA, UK etc) were ignored.   In spite of this, and the lack of marketing, the Nokia N9 has picked up a growing fanbase, and it is estimated that between 3-5 million devices have been sold worldwide.
  • The Nokia N9’s aesthetic design (not hardware) was used in the latter Nokia Lumia 800 (Windows Phone).  While the phones are very similar to look at, the N9 has the greater screen size (3.9 vs 3.7 inch) due to lack of buttons and overall more hardware at its disposal.     The Nokia Lumia does feature more apps with nearly 100,000 available from the Windows Phone marketplace.  The N9 comes in 16gb/64gb variants with the Lumia 800 in only 16gb.  The Nokia N9 has a front facing camera, while the Lumia 800 does not (bigger brother Lumia 900 does however).  Processor of the Lumia 800 wins 1.4ghz vs. 1ghz both single core, however the Nokia N9 has more RAM at its disposal 1gb vs 512mb.

In November 2011, the Nokia N9 won 3 out of 4 applicable titles (including design, camera and cellphone of the year) at a gala held by Swedish magazine and webzine

In January 2012, the Nokia N9 Swipe UI was nominated for an IxDA Interaction Award.

In February 2012, the N9 reached number 1 in ranking “by rate” with a rate of 8.432 (out of 10) and Votes of 74,940, and also number 5 by daily interest hits in GSMArena’s ranking.

In April 2012, the N9 was awarded a Design and Art Direction “Yellow Pencil”, in the interactive product design category, beating among others the IPad 2 and the Nokia Lumia 800.

It is a sad speculative fact that perhaps, given a full marketing effort from Nokia, worldwide release, and of course no declaration of a DOA OS, we may have seen more people ditching their shyphones and shandroids (editors note: sh=sheep, sheeple) and perhaps seeing a few more million supporters of the Nokia N9 and MeeGo system.   The meeGo OS is superior to either of those ‘other’ operating systems IMHO based on my own user experience and I’m certain millions of others will testify.

It is an absolute testament to the N9 that with bear minimum financial input (marketing, support) and distribution it has done as well as it has (3-5 million units)…. a mobile martyr figure destined for the tech history books maybe…

Do you see it differently ? Maybe the full Skype integration put a lot of mobile operators off   ?

Let me know what you think….  as ever, thanks for reading.

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  1. skype integration nowadays is not so dangerus for mobile operators. Viber is putting mobile operators off more! So…what about Viber on N9 or next Jolla phone???

  2. I hate Skype… but as long as I can remove it and use everything else, I’m fine and I really thinks the N9 was a great phone (just missing a card reader imo). Too bad I changed in 2009 and didn’t plan to change until necessary.

  3. I love the Skype integration in my N9, and I absolutely love my N9, which I only purchased about a month ago, after the iPhone 5 came out and didn’t excite me. Very happy to see over 3 million sold. I hope at least one of the Jolla handsets has the same lovely feel and minimalist design.

  4. Will Jolla Mobile support Nokia N9 future???????????
    and will Jolla mobile will release updates for Nokia N9 i future???????????

  5. meego make me stuff with all his bugs..
    i cant do video, cause after 5 minutes video, battery go red and die
    i cant copy text from email
    i cant reject calls, because dialer-windows is hidden by networks-windows, priority process ignore
    i cant send messagges because sometime in sms-application, the conversations disappear
    i cant custom my device because there arent other theme, but only Blanco theme
    i cant do a trip if i havent an external battery pack
    i cant hear the calls, because audio system is less power than old Nokia 3330 (very absurd)
    so im very angry with this Operation System

    • “real”, you wrote: “i cant copy text from email”.
      I have complained about the same frustrating feature of N9. But, actually you can. Not with the default email app nor with the default Mozilla-based browser, but by reading the email with Opera Mobile browser:
      – Tap on the Store icon, search for Opera and install it
      – With Opera Mobile browser, log in to your email and open a message
      – In the message, tap and hold your finger on a word. It becomes highlighted.
      – Drag the “handles” at the ends of the word so the wanted parts of the message become highlighted.
      – Tap on the “Select” pop-up: a pop-up menu will appear. In it select: Copy.
      – in another text application or in a message which you are writing, tap on the text area, and in a pop-up, tap on “Paste”.
      In practice, however, this kind of copy/paste editing is a pain, mainly because of the lousy virtual keyboard of the Opera browser. It is not possible to use the regular keyboards of N9.

      I wrote this to point out the importance of decent text-selection, which seems to have been provided only by Opera. That is curious, because it was possible already with Nokia Communicators (9300 etc). On the other hand, the copying of the target address of links cannot be done with Opera Mobile, but with Mozilla-based default browser it can be done.

      By the way, I copied one sentnce from your reply with Opera Mobile on N9 and pasted it to this reply, which I wrote also with Opera Mobile.

  6. So Jolla dont do the same error!
    Complete the OS; make Sailfish a complete platform please.
    I see the new Tizen 2.0 devices; i think jolla do best work but dont build Sailfish like Meego
    or never take flight on the mobile-market

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  9. what to say if nokia really pushed its limits with the N9 there would be an amazing ecosystem with at least double the sales for nokia. the n9 is just one phone and it sold almost the same size of lumias in the Q1 2013 and the Np where shipped back in 2011 Q3! Apps Hardware? all would have benn erased because of its amazing fanbase even now many n9 are still out there. sailfish looks great but i do like more the swipe ui because i dont like that theme it loos like aero on windows 8 so it give you a very cool feeling despite the swipe looks more exciting more friends more like party like young user want it

  10. Nokia n9 is world first smartphone with no buttons on screen and runs on world most innovative meego os which is better than windows7 and 8..’ and even better ios & andriod in user interface . Double tap to wake up the device and swipe to edge to edge for multitasking and to close apps which is good and better and os in today market even better than bb10

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