Sailfish: The App Story To Date

Sorry for my lapse this last week but I have had the usual winter bug kick in unfortunately. :-(

There are a few things to catch up on, and the first is some more exciting leaked information on the proposed app store for Sailfish.

While it was confirmed a while ago the google play store will not feature, Jolla has confirmed that their own app store on the handset will feature android apps (as well as native apps) and there of course will be a way to get apps from 3rd party sites or repositories as well.

One of the 3rd party sites which has been spotted by @Jolla Argentina as an icon on the Jolla handset is F-Droid, which is a place where you can download FOSS android apps until your hearts content.

F-Droid shown on Sailfish Icon list

F-Droid shown on Sailfish Icon list

If you would like to know more, go and check out the apps already available at F-Droid, by clicking on this link:

So Jolla’s app story is starting to form an almost complete picture now and we can clearly see that there are going to be a few options available for getting the apps we love.   Speaking of which, it’s great to see some priority apps we mentioned in a previous post have already made their way on the Jolla handset (eBay, Instagram, Angry Birds, Whatsapp, Maps, Spotify, Youtube, Finger Term etc) – just look closely at the image above.  ;-)

It will be really great when we start to see more native Sailfish apps coming to the store like the ones our friend SailDev has been working on. :-)

Sail On…

Source: @JollaArgentina


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