Bad Day: Maemo/MeeGo team have left the building… :-(

The good developers of Maemo/MeeGo for the Nokia N9/N900 have now officially left Nokia…. I’m finding it hard to get through the day.

They have left us with some amazing handsets which I will cherish for a long time especially now knowing that there will be no future devices. :-(

Was so hoping for a miracle, but I guess this was always on the cards… eventually.

Here is a photo of the N900 in memory of this great device.  They (Nokia) have left us with no future even though I remained so hopeful against the odds.

Update: Great news (!!!) – in light of recent events, it appears that meeGo will be pursued further by the same crack team of Nokia developers who have formed a startup company (AKA: Jolla Mobile) – read latest posts to find out more!!

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