Tutorial: Install Terminal, Native File Manager And Accessing SD Card Storage

The final set of 3 tutorials below illustrates how you can enable developer mode in Sailfish which will install terminal, allowing you to unlock the native file manager and access your SD card contents.

Here are the 3 videos in step-by-step order:

Please note that enabling developer mode may void your warranty so use caution!




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    • Hi Karl – yes it’s in the description when watching on YouTube. But here it is again:

      pkcon install jolla-fileman

      • this doesn’t work anymore after the update to install procedure always asks if you want to allow unsigned packages and when you type in y, then the install procedure restarts ad infinitum. typing N stops the installation

  1. Good tutorials… but what a load of messing about just to get the file manager which should be instantly available to use in the first place. There’s room for improvement there Jolla!

    I hope it’s a decent file manager to use as well :)

    • …. actually no, looking at the further messing about you need to access the memory card it’s a ghastly file manager, Aweful presentation and organisation. I trust it’s an pre-alpha version

  2. So maybe the final version should have selection between simplifien view (pictures & files in your home directory / sd-card) and that actual folder view. After all that’s quite basic file / folder view in linux

    • I think Jolla should be aiming for a comprehensive, readily accessable file manager similar to that found on Symbian devices.

  3. I LOVE to type in terminal using on screen keyboard! Its easy and comfortable, that’s why we don’t need qwerty other half (and because many other reasons).

  4. I can’t activate developer mode. I do everything like shown in the first video. The Activation of developer mode doesn’t take as long as in the video. And when it’s finished, nothing has changed, the developer mode still isn’ activated. I tried serveral times, I also turned off the phone and removed the battery and started new, but the developer mode still isn’t activated.
    On some tries, I got the message “problem with store”. I also got this message on an update I tired to install.

  5. Your videos explaining the SD card is of very low quality. Instead a Finger you should use a pen. The letters are of so low quality on the screen — so they are not to read. Instead of video, you should give a written step by step instruction. I’ve bought a 64 GB SD and a 16 GB minni SD. none are found by galerie or File browser etc.
    This solution would for very important. Please give a written instruction. Terminal in installed. Greetings, gilgamesch, Germany.
    (PS: you forget always — the most user are no programmer or Linux freaks. Thank you.)

  6. Hi!

    I can’t delete files from home>nemo>downloads. It shows that it’s deleting them, but when I go back to nemo and then again to downloads they still exist there. It also doesn’t show install when I try to open mitakuuluu -file.

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