#TOHKBD: Go, Go, Funky Configurator!

Thanks to Aonsaithya, there is now a really “Funky” configuration tool for those who have pledged on the TOHKBD for their Jolla!

As there are literally thousands of different colour combinations to be had, the configurator helps you choose your perfect TOHKBD match!

Stormtrooper #TOHKBD arrangement

Stormtrooper #TOHKBD arrangement

The instructions on how to finalise your order after the campaign has finished are as follows:

Colour selection

Right after the campaign you will all get a survey-thingy where you can enter:

  • Your address
  • TOH casing colour
  • Bottom slider colour
  • Backplate option
  • Keypad layout

Please think ahead which combination you want, then we can start ordering parts asap!

Aonsaithya has been so kind to make a colour-picker tool to see what is possible and how it will look.

The configurator can be accessed here: http://funkyotherhalf.com/tohkbdconfigurator/

The team have also been keeping updates flowing nicely and more can be read here regarding progressions on the keyboard, layout requests and more!

Care for something a bit more "funky" ?

Care for something a bit more “funky” ?

So will you be going with a simple straight forward colour arrangement or perhaps something altogether a bit more “funky” and #UNLIKE ?



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