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Boot Speed Tests: Sailfish Vs Android; IOS; WP8; BB10; Maemo SSU


In this set of videos we ran some boot speed comparisons to see which OS was the quickest to load pitting the Jolla phone against a number of other handsets. We ran comparisons… Read More

Get Sailfish On Your N9: Full Unabridged Guide


Well this guide comes via Maemo Community via¬†JollaUsers¬†and represents a full unabridged guide to getting Sailfish ported onto your Nokia N9. It’s really been something that many people have requested over and over… Read More

ABC: Broadcast On Nokia Bridge Program, SLUSH, Jolla


Here is a nice piece of news reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Nokia, Finland and the thriving Finnish startup scene which has, in part been boosted by Nokia’s Bridge Program… Read More

Jolla Handset: More Leaks And Official Partnership Press Release


  Amongst the chaos of the past few days, there were a couple of extra snippets or leaks about the new Jolla handset which I’d really like to share in case you missed… Read More

Jolla HQ: Announces HERE Maps Partnership


  The next piece of news from today is something we’ve all been speculating on over the past months and that is regarding who would be supplying Jolla’s navigational functionality? As had been… Read More

Jolla: Weekly News Roundup V2


The news has been rolling in over the last week, but unfortunately we’ve been quite engaged in other affairs so please accept my apologies and another weekly update to bring us back up… Read More

Open Letter From Jolla Co-Founder: Stefano Mosconi


Hi Guys – I’ve just finished reading yet another inspiring piece – this time directly from Jolla Co-Founder and CTO Stefano Mosconi. The letter is written to all of us… that is the… Read More

Symbiosis: Nokia, Finland And The Rise Of Jolla


I have just finished reading probably THE most thought-provoking story about Nokia that I have read in some time, which really illustrates the symbiotic relationships that have existed through the years between Nokia,… Read More

Related News: Open Symbian; Neo900


In related news, it appears that there have been a few other newsworthy topics to discuss for us open source fans out there which I’d like to impart. The first is a push… Read More

The End Of Nokia As We Know It…


Wowee – I’ve spent this morning frantically reading around all the latest news on Microsoft’s recent announcement for acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division trying to make head and tail of the… Read More

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