Fresh Off The Press: HERE Maps/Drive Beta Android Port For Jolla

While Jolla already have a native iteration of HERE maps with some functionality out of the box and there are a host of other offline navigation (for Android) options available on Sailfish including this one we wrote about recently, today we discovered a way to get a fully featured version of HERE maps beta (for Android) on your Jolla device.


You will need to have first downloaded the Aptoide app from the Jolla store and within the app, add “BOLI3″ in the stores “add store” option which has the app available for download currently.   Once you have the “BOLI3″ store added, search for “HERE beta” and the app should pop up on the screen for download… hit “install”.


Once the app is downloaded (35.6mb) you will see the new icon in the app tray so go ahead and launch the app.   Before you continue, it’s worth signing up for an account (if you want to be able to download maps for offline use) but this can be done easily from within the app itself and is a seamless process.


From early testing with Sailfish, HERE beta appears to be working ok but we have not yet tested the offline maps out or run any tests on Drive etc although will update this article in time.

All the world maps appear to be available for download however and let us know your findings (if any) in the comments below.



And again we’ll be running some tests of our own in the near future to see how it compares with HERE drive on Lumia/N9/N8 etc.

Sail On!




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