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5 Reasons Why #SailfishOS 2.0 Should Worry Apple, Google And Microsoft


An article over at PocketLint has been published on why the “BIG 3″ should be worried about Jolla and their forthcoming Sailfish OS 2.0. In this post, we take a look at some of… Read More

Native Mitakuuluu (Whatsapp) Ceases Development: Temporary Solution


After a number of Mitakuuluu users were blacklisted by whatsapp for using an “unofficial” app, the developer has stated he will stop any further development on the project. The good news is that… Read More

**EDITED** Real World Ramblings Of The ‘Improved’ Multitasking Android Runtime On Jolla **EDITED**


It appears that the  memory issues I had been experiencing (mentioned in the article below) have been addressed by Jolla in the latest software update 9, earlier today (22/10/14) including the following: Memory handling… Read More

Fresh Off The Press: HERE Maps/Drive Beta Android Port For Jolla


While Jolla already have a native iteration of HERE maps with some functionality out of the box and there are a host of other offline navigation (for Android) options available on Sailfish including… Read More

Update: Read This For New Version(s) Of Skype Working On Sailfish


Not that Skype appeals to everyone, but for some, especially anyone who used the N900/N9 or who over the years has got friends/family/business endeavours reliant on the service, and needs some functionality for… Read More

Younited Makes Its First Appearance In Jolla Store


The hotly anticipated “Younited” app has finally made its first appearance in the Jolla store after the partnership was first announced back in February earlier this year. According to the Younited blog, the… Read More

A Slightly Fishy Tale: Is Microsoft Planning To Add Android App Compatibility To Lumia ?


Well we read this earlier via MyNokiaBlog, and something smells decidedly fishy (well it actually has strong hints of ‘Sailfish’ to me, no?). About Microsoft/Lumia Android smartphone rumours. MS adopted VM for execution of… Read More

Jolla Sailfish Launcher For Android


Jolla have been hard at work as usual getting a special Android launcher based on Sailfish OS ready for all you Android users out there. We are proud to tell that we’ve reached… Read More

Sailfish: Running On Samsung Galaxy S3


Following on from our previous post, it appears that Jolla’s plans to make Sailfish available for other popular Android devices is really starting to gather some momentum now. Jolla continues “behind the scene”… Read More

Sailfish OS Will be Seen on Android Devices Soonish, Said Hakulinen


The very first post of mine on JollaTides. Let’s celebrate it with the thousandth hint/confirmation of Jolla’s very own Sailfish OS being ported to Android devices. Last year Before the device gets released… Read More

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