Update: Read This For New Version(s) Of Skype Working On Sailfish

Not that Skype appeals to everyone, but for some, especially anyone who used the N900/N9 or who over the years has got friends/family/business endeavours reliant on the service, and needs some functionality for their Jolla, this may be of interest.



Skype had been working fine it’s true over the past year, but after the last Sailfish update I started noticing the app prompting for an update.  After trying the latest version which did not work, I have found one of the newer versions to work very well in Sailfish.

The version in question is and can be downloaded easily via Aptoide app if you make sure to add the “SF49ERS” store which has this version available for download currently.

This new version seems to integrate very well in Sailfish including video calling, IM and even shows various notifications in the Sailfish notification area.

Although I’m sure many yearn for a native plugin for Sailfish (like in the N900/N9), this is really the next best thing and delivers as any Android handset running Skype would.

EDIT: We have also just had confirmation that the slightly later version works with Sailfish as well – thanks for the heads up. ;-)



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  1. I confirm. Actually, I decided to jump to Jolla after µicro$oft sent me a personal message to announce they would soon block my old Symbian phone (E90 Communicator). Then I couldn’t use the last version of Skype for Android, and downgraded successfully to an earlier version.
    I suspect µ$oft don’t like Symbian, Meego or Sailfish, so they added a blocking rule against them in their app.
    Stick to the old, clean version.

  2. Thanks for the additional information, so it looks like the slightly later version works as well – I’ll update the article. ;-)

  3. I think this ‘Skype’ affair is the clearest possible evidence of the absolute necessity for Jolla to develop a native Sailfish ecosystem SERIOUSLY.
    If not, Jolla would have no raison d’être except being just an other exotic Android device.
    The future of Jolla is *NOT* Android. It’s Sailfish. Android support is just a plus.

    • I agree 100%. Every Sailfish native app holds 1000 times more interest to me for a number of reasons but mainly because Android apps are resource heavy by nature and therefore not optimised for Sailfish. Of course native integration with the UI is also so very important and something Android apps largely do not offer.

      But as a stop-gap, and certainly for some big name games/other apps missing from the native catalogue, which entice users to a platform, Alien Dalvik offers a truly excellent android experience which surpasses the competition eg. Blackberry and without it we would see a much lower adoption rate for Jolla/Sailfish based handsets. This factor alone would cause any chance of native development to cease almost entirely.

      • I agree. However, the main risk is to never see the native ecosystem growing because Jolla and their early adopters only care for Android and its plenty of games and gadgets. Perhaps Alien Dalvik’s layer is too much efficient. I would prefer to see it as an incentive to help launching Jolla in its early age. After all if we have only Android apps, we don’t need Sailfish OS and we don’t need a Jolla device. Sailfish must be attractive for developers, too, with a real market allowing them to sell software with professional grade. Then professional buyers would come, for hardware and software. That’s what I call an ecosystem.
        The point is this: the currently available range of apps doesn’t make Jolla really ‘unlike’…

      • Don’t agree about resource intensiveness. Jolla browser, aside from being featureless and having the worst UI I’ve ever seen also eats battery way faster than FF or Opera for Android (on Sailfish) do, whilst being much faster. In theory, what you say may be true, in practice a lot of Sailfish apps are horribly optimised / coded, and the Browser is a perfect example of that. Android support is absolutely necessary at this juncture.

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  5. I just tested this throughly.
    The connection was video call Jolla->PC and Jolla->S4 (although I don’t think it really matters what is on the other side).
    It DOES work. It is clutchy and hanged the application twice (fixed by restarting Skype – no need to restart the phone ofc). Best so far.
    Still as you already know, I don’t “support” this, for as the other colleague said – it might slow down the development of native apps;
    I do think that Jolla _lacks basic funcionality_ – sip, possibbly Skype and usable maps integration…oh and stable/usable wifi connectivity And this is bad to such a level that it’s unusable for me (I’m a system engineer – can’t affor to be unavaliable when I’m in roaming because of some unstable android emulation).
    After that, I really don’t mind playing some game on AlienDalvik, restarting it all the time, whatever.
    Basic functionality on Sailfish should be the an absolute prio for Jolla.

    Back to the subject – thanks for the info, this is really a model that wors closest to acceptable.

  6. I have skype v. 5.0.429.49739 taken from yandex and works fine, it crashed a few times because of low jolla ram available

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