Update: Read This For New Version(s) Of Skype Working On Sailfish

Not that Skype appeals to everyone, but for some, especially anyone who used the N900/N9 or who over the years has got friends/family/business endeavours reliant on the service, and needs some functionality for their Jolla, this may be of interest.



Skype had been working fine it’s true over the past year, but after the last Sailfish update I started noticing the app prompting for an update.  After trying the latest version which did not work, I have found one of the newer versions to work very well in Sailfish.

The version in question is and can be downloaded easily via Aptoide app if you make sure to add the “SF49ERS” store which has this version available for download currently.

This new version seems to integrate very well in Sailfish including video calling, IM and even shows various notifications in the Sailfish notification area.

Although I’m sure many yearn for a native plugin for Sailfish (like in the N900/N9), this is really the next best thing and delivers as any Android handset running Skype would.

EDIT: We have also just had confirmation that the slightly later version works with Sailfish as well – thanks for the heads up. ;-)



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