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#TOHKBD: Go, Go, Funky Configurator!


Thanks to Aonsaithya, there is now a really “Funky” configuration tool for those who have pledged on the TOHKBD for their Jolla! As there are literally thousands of different colour combinations to be had,… Read More

Editorial: #Jolla Chairman, Antii Saarnio Is Open To Nokia Collaboration


The news comes with reference to our friends at ReviewJolla recent article who have translated an interview with Jolla Chairman Antii Saarnio by YLE News, based in Finland. Being largely software-orientated, Jolla have long sought… Read More

Wild Speculation #4: Nokia + Jolla “Dream” Partnership ?


We have long speculated on this blog that Nokia might one day team up with Jolla to bring Sailfish OS to some nice Nokia hardware, a marriage which invokes a lot of passion from… Read More

Happy 5th Anniversary To You Nokia N900, And Fulfilling The Next Chapter #Jolla!


As Kojacker pointed out via a tweet, on the 11th of November 2014, the Nokia N900 had it’s 5 year anniversary and we should raise a toast, for without it, there would not… Read More

Update: Read This For New Version(s) Of Skype Working On Sailfish


Not that Skype appeals to everyone, but for some, especially anyone who used the N900/N9 or who over the years has got friends/family/business endeavours reliant on the service, and needs some functionality for… Read More

Boot Speed Tests: Sailfish Vs Android; IOS; WP8; BB10; Maemo SSU


In this set of videos we ran some boot speed comparisons to see which OS was the quickest to load pitting the Jolla phone against a number of other handsets. We ran comparisons… Read More

Unofficial OH 3D CAD Files Download!


Some clever person over at (dirkvl) has made available the 3D CAD file for Jolla’s other half design. While Jolla are planning to release an other half developers tool kit with all… Read More

Get Sailfish On Your N9: Full Unabridged Guide


Well this guide comes via Maemo Community via JollaUsers and represents a full unabridged guide to getting Sailfish ported onto your Nokia N9. It’s really been something that many people have requested over and over… Read More

Sailfish Running On N9 + Tutorial!


After so many requests for this in the past, it would appear that someone has finally got a flash of Sailfish to run on a Nokia N9! :-) We heard the news via… Read More

Jolla Handset: More Leaks And Official Partnership Press Release


  Amongst the chaos of the past few days, there were a couple of extra snippets or leaks about the new Jolla handset which I’d really like to share in case you missed… Read More

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