Quotes for discussion taken from original interview with kind permission from INTOMOBILE – please click here for the interview in full.

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Here are a few more comments on other parts of the interview with Stefan and Jussi….

Stefan: Now for the applications problem. When you launch your phone it’s going to have almost zero apps. It’s not going to be competitive with Android and iOS. How do you plan on dealing with that?

Jussi: I believe that we have an answer for this, and I understand that you can not seriously sell a smartphone if you don’t have a sufficient application offering, but I can’t tell you what our plan is until we announce our product.

Is Jussi hinting at something like Openmobile ACL ?  For those of you who don’t know, Openmobile Application Compatibility Layer can provide a framework for various operating systems (including MeeGo) to allow, for example, android apps to be compatible with an OS like MeeGo.   It takes one of the huge disadvantages out of developing a new operating system ie. lack of apps.   Saying that there are now a growing number of MeeGo apps available and no doubt with the news of Jolla continuing to fly the MeeGo flag there will be even more incentive for MeeGo/QT developers.

Stefan: Are you familiar with the Apple story around Steve Jobs, how he got kicked out, started his own company called NeXT, and then Apple bought NeXT and used their software to bring Apple back to life? If the Windows Phone plan goes to complete sh&t, and Nokia don’t sell any, would you be open to getting acquired by your former employer?

Jussi: Creating an ecosystem and a platform is about cooperating. It’s not about going alone. Basically what we’re doing right now is creating partnerships and building efforts around MeeGo and Jolla. So I’m open to all cooperation. There are different forms of cooperation of course, but the key is to grow the ecosystem. That means we’re inviting different people in different forms.

Early days for this kind of speculation… but of course if Nokia continue nosediving (Edit: Nokia’s Q2 results were better than expected although they still made a loss of $1bn) and Jolla continue gathering momentum, I guess anything’s possible…. perhaps even Jolla buying out Nokia!    In many other ways I hope Jolla follow the Apple strategy but without the closed app ecosystem etc.   The part they should be following most IMO as I’ve mentioned before is the one smartphone device per year strategy – it is pretty unbeatable.

Thoughts, comments, rants most welcome….

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