Jolla: Weekly News Roundup V2

The news has been rolling in over the last week, but unfortunately we’ve been quite engaged in other affairs so please accept my apologies and another weekly update to bring us back up to speed.

As tipped by Torcida in a previous post, former CEO, Marc Dillon will be speaking at Finnish startup event, Slush 2013 which is held between 13-14 November next month.   Last year, Jolla made a big splash at the event as a brand new startup showing off Sailfish for the very first time, and it appears this year Marc will be present again as a spokesman for Jolla.  Could we expect some more formal announcements maybe ? Stay tuned…


Jolla Win The Millenium Prize

Jolla Win The Millenium Prize

Some more news last week was that Jolla have been awarded the Millennium prize from Finland’s Technology Academy as tipped by another reader, Butter Vitalis.  You can read more about this story here or here if you are Finnish, and we’d like to extend a massive congratulations to Jolla on their achievements to date! :-)


Jolla’s second pre-order wave (for Finnish customers only) officially ended last week and it sounds as though Jolla were more than happy with the results tweeting:

For those outside Finland eager to get hold of a Jolla handset, Jolla are working on that and should have some news hopefully soon:


SmartDevCon, the organisers of the conference Jolla attended earlier last month have published videos of both David Greaves and Vesa Matti in action at the event with their talks “Sailfish & Mer? Oh, no, not another one!” and “Developing Applications For Jolla’s Sailfish OS” respectively.   You can watch the videos by clicking on either names of the two sailors above.


In other news spotted on our twitter feed earlier, ever the tease, Jolla’s CTO Stefano Mosconi had promised something ‘legendary’ this week:

But he goes on to quash any random speculatory rantings with the following statements:

Seems like something internal in the company might be brewing for the Jolla Sailors this week – I wonder what it could be? :-)


According to MyNokiaBlog, there is a version of Sailfish SDK now running on an N9 which marks the very early stages of getting full blown Sailfish OS running on the Nokia N9.  While it’s definitely only in alpha stages, it’s nice to see some progress being made here all the same.

As quoted from the locusf2’s youtube channel:

* THIS IS NOT REAL SAILFISH, its the SDK version of Sailfish
* This is sailfish _homescreen_ on top of nemomobile applications
* Performance is not the real thing


Finally, there is still much speculation that the formal launch of the Jolla handset has to be imminent, after all we are only months away from the end of 2013 and we do expect to receive our pre-orders by December at the latest with any luck.  As tipped by Shane, the speculation continues over at and we’re getting verrry excited for some big news coming up next month! :-)

Thanks for reading and Sail On…

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