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#Jolla Tablet: Viral News Round-Up!


Jolla have been creating a “BIG” stir around the global news and blogosphere with their recent announcement and indiegogo campaign for their new Jolla Tablet running Sailfish OS, which is ever nearing the $1m mark… Read More

#Jolla @ #Slush 2014: In Pictures


We were unfortunate to have a very broken signal while watching the live stream earlier, but managed to snap a few photos from the Slush 2014 stream as Jolla’s announcements unfolded. Marc Dillon… Read More

Video: The Voice Of #Jolla Community


A few months ago Jolla asked the worldwide community to submit some short videos on what they love about their Jolla and of course Sailfish OS. Well the resulting compilation is a rather… Read More

Press Release: Sailfish Browser Open Sourced


We got a press release from Jolla in our inbox earlier suggesting they have open sourced the browser code so the community can now get involved with developing the browser into something truly… Read More

Jolla – Developers Dream


  After five days of the first Jolla Smart Phone sold in Finland, experienced and Linux oriented customers are already sailing in deep seas with their Jolla’s. In the second day we could… Read More

SLUSH 2013: Pictures And Words


  Slush 2013 has gone down a storm for Jolla with various announcements and news to report after Marc Dillon et al took to the stage earlier today at 12:20pm local Finnish time.… Read More

Jolla: Weekly News Roundup V2


The news has been rolling in over the last week, but unfortunately we’ve been quite engaged in other affairs so please accept my apologies and another weekly update to bring us back up… Read More

Open Letter From Jolla Co-Founder: Stefano Mosconi


Hi Guys – I’ve just finished reading yet another inspiring piece – this time directly from Jolla Co-Founder and CTO Stefano Mosconi. The letter is written to all of us… that is the… Read More

Symbiosis: Nokia, Finland And The Rise Of Jolla


I have just finished reading probably THE most thought-provoking story about Nokia that I have read in some time, which really illustrates the symbiotic relationships that have existed through the years between Nokia,… Read More

Official Press Release: DNA Exclusive


DNA to launch the Jolla smartphone as the first operator in the world   This year, DNA will launch the Jolla smart phone based on the Sailfish operating system in Finland. DNA will… Read More

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