#Jolla Tablet: Viral News Round-Up!

Jolla have been creating a “BIG” stir around the global news and blogosphere with their recent announcement and indiegogo campaign for their new Jolla Tablet running Sailfish OS, which is ever nearing the $1m mark after just over 24hours.

Below, we collate and look at snippets of the latest pieces from around the web in no particular order and by no means a complete listing as this story has literally exploded!


Jolla Plans Crowdfunded Tablet to Showcase Operating System

Jolla, founded in 2011 and largely seen as upholding a part of Nokia’s heritage in the handset business, said the new tablet will use its mobile device operating system Sailfish, which can also run Android mobile applications and thereby allow Sailfish users to access everything that modern mainstream smartphones offer.


Finland’s Jolla plans crowd-funded tablet

Jolla will use a subcontractor to manufacture its tablet, as it does for the mobile phones it sells. Early contributors would get the tablet for a price of $189, it said.

Apple last month reported that sales of iPad, which helped launch the mainstream tablet market in 2010, have slid for three consecutive quarters.


Jolla Tablet reaches 184% of its funding goal in mere hours

People seem to really be loving the idea of a Jolla Tablet. That is, if we judge based on how much money they’ve already pledged for the device on Indiegogo. The tablet’s makers have already been promised 184% of their funding goal.


Sailfish OS tablet is GO: Fans stuff cash into Jolla’s cap in hand

With its new tablet – announced just one day after Finland’s Nokia revealed that it was back in the fondleslab business with a new Android device of its own – Jolla will be taking aim at Apple’s iPad mini 3 by offering a small, sleek fondleslab with a high-resolution display and high-end design aesthetics to match.


The Jolla Tablet wants your help to revolutionize multitasking

The company sees task switching as the primary thing we do with devices and promises to make it painless with what it describes as “the best multitasking on pretty much any device that’s available in the world.” Certainly, for iPad users who’ve been crying out for the option to have just two apps sharing the screen, this will be an appealing proposition — provided it lives up to its own lofty billing.


Jolla wants you to fund and develop its new tablet

On its Indiegogo page, Jolla compares its upcoming slate (favorably) to the iPad mini 3, Nexus 9 and Nokia N1, which just launched yesterday. Ironically, Nokia’s new tablet is strictly an Android affair, despite the fact that some of its greatest models (like the N9) ran on MeeGo, Sailfish’s predecessor.


Nokia Versus Jolla: Finnish Start-Up Challenges Parent With Crowdfunded Tablet

Jolla’s main focus remains on the operating system, and the tablet joins the Jolla smartphone as a mix of ‘technology demonstration’ and a way for the community to support the company as it builds a Finnish alternative to Android. Jolla does not see itself as a hardware company, but the introduction of a tablet allows the company to introduce Sailfish to a new form factor.


Jolla pitches Sailfish OS tablet against fleet of Android slates

The Linux-based OS is centered around a start page that shows all running apps conveniently in a single view. Users can also control apps from the multitasking view. Besides running its own native apps, the operating system can run Android apps.  “We believe that there is demand for this, and even though there are more than 400 Android tablets in the world there are no open-source Sailfish tablets. So this is something different from everything else,” said Taru Aalto, sales director at Jolla.

A new phone doesn’t seem to be on the cards, for now.

“We are here to talk about the tablet,” Aalto said.


Android rival Jolla hits crowdfunding target for first Sailfish OS tablet

As it’s not an Android tablet, Jolla Tablet doesn’t have access to the Google Play store, but it is compatible with many Android apps. You get them onto the slate using third party app stores like Aptoide or the Amazon app store, both of which house a range of big names like Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter and even Netflix.


Jolla Crowdfunds $380K+ To Build An iPad Alternative

Jolla said its initial aim with the crowdfunding campaign is to get 2,000 people putting money down for the slate — so the funding target is $380,000, which is not an insignificant amount of cash required to make this dream to fly. But it’s a heck of a lot more modest than last year’s failed Ubuntu Edge $32M crowdfunder pipedream.


Jolla launches crowdfunded SailFish OS tablet

Jolla launched a smartphone running SailFish in Finland in 2013. It’s spread its way through Europe and Asia this year and recently launched in India. The SailFish OS is a progression from MeeGo which Jolla’s founding team worked on at Nokia.


This is The Linux-based Tablet You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is readying its own tablet face after shipping on a crazy number of handsets around the world and now Jolla, the team behind the Android-compatible Sailfish OS, is also throwing its hat tail fin into the ring.


Jolla Tablet nets more than $800,000 on Indiegogo

A few years ago at Mobile World Congress, I reported on some of the various companies fighting for “fifth place” in the mobile operating system wars. I thought then, as I do now, that some of the ideas coming out of Ubuntu, Jolla, Tizen and Firefox are amongst the most interesting things happening in mobile.


Jolla wants you to help build its new Sailfish tablet

People can pledge as little as $10 on the Jolla Tablet’s Indiegogo page to help create the tablet. Pleding this amount gets your name on the Jolla The First Ones webpage. Pledging $20 effectively covers the postage for when you buy the Jolla Tablet.


These are just a few of the latest articles we found, but there are more coming all the time as this great story spreads far and wide!

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