Press Release: Sailfish Browser Open Sourced

We got a press release from Jolla in our inbox earlier suggesting they have open sourced the browser code so the community can now get involved with developing the browser into something truly special.

According to Jolla’s co-founder Stefano Mosconi, by doing this, Jolla are looking to get official support from Mozilla Corp. being that the browser is based on Mozilla’s open source Gecko browser engine, only in the case of Sailfish, embedded in QT.


The full press statement from Jolla can be read below:

Jolla: Sailfish Browser open sourced for community

February 11,2014 – Jolla, a Finnish mobile device and Sailfish OS developer announces the first internal application project to be open sourced for community. As of today the code for the Sailfish Browser can be found in GitHub version control system at the address

Jolla has been contributing for a long time to open source projects like Mer and Nemo and the philosophy of the company is to participate and contribute actively in open source communities. The Sailfish browser has been built on top of Mozilla open source Gecko browser engine, using EmbedLite embedding API (also known as IPCLiteAPI).

“We are very proud to announce this,” says Jolla’s co-founder Stefano Mosconi. “Our objective with the project is to make this the first step to get official support from Mozilla Corp. to a mobile browser based on Gecko and embedded in Qt.”

Starting from now the community can contribute actively providing fixes and improvements to the Sailfish Browser.

A more in depth description of the technology powering the browser can be found at

Do you have the skills to help improve the Sailfish browser, we’d love to hear from you, or alternatively do you have suggestions on how to make the browser even better ?



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