Sailfish OS Will be Seen on Android Devices Soonish, Said Hakulinen

The very first post of mine on JollaTides.

Let’s celebrate it with the thousandth hint/confirmation of Jolla’s very own Sailfish OS being ported to Android devices.

Last year Before the device gets released we saw a photo that confirmed Sailfish running on a nexus 7 tablet.

This year after the device got released we have had a sneak peek from Antii Saarnio on twitter about the same matter:

And a few weeks after that we saw Sailfish OS being ported by a user to Google Nexus 4

What else we wanted other than these proves and all of these confirmations and the official confirmation from Jolla that Sailfish is Android Hardware compatible?

Well despiteful of all these proves, today we happened to see a very interesting 1000th tweet from Jolla’s chief engineer, Harri Hakulinen which was:

So is it a hint that we will get the full hands on the Android-Hardware-adopted Sailfish OS straight from Jolla guys?
As Always, the only way is to wait!

Let’s see how will it go.

At the end, a Little bit about myself and JollaUsers :
The fact that I am writing here at JollaTides does not mean that I left JollaUsers, and JU is still my very own baby that I raised. I am all up for Jolla, so why not Writing for other Jolla related websites?
This is just too bad for the people who happened to not like my Writing style… Well, sorry folks! Good news for you is that I’m only a part-time editor at JollaTides! Thank you for toleration :D

Sepehr James Noori

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