User report tool: Jolla battery consumption

Report Tool Reopened – Please Contribute

Simo, to JollaTides

Student at University of Tampere, Finland
I'm an ex teacher and a self-made DB-nerd,
currenty studying more IT and writing to blogs.
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  1. Wouldn’t the above be a good idea for a native diagnostics app?

    The app would measure a full charge cycle, from charge to charge. It would detect which services that were activated (with time graphs), etc. The sensors would add more information.

    When a full cycle has been completed the results would be analysed and improvements suggested to the user (with links to suggested adjustments). Optionally the data could be sent anonymously to jolla for further crowd analysis.

    Personally i would love to have a tool that helped me save precious battery time.

    • I must admit that same here, and that’s why this tool is pretty important for both users and developers. Please use a lot, fill in good reports with different settings during time. I’m just starting my first overnigh test with everything silenced except for Exchange via WLAN.

    • I had Motorola Milestone (500 MHz overclocked @ 1 GHz) which could consume battery faster than the AC charger could charge it :D

    • Thanks mr.Tides :) After first night there’s already some relevant information, keep up contributing. I’ve deleted few rows of obviously irrelevant information, but by 5 relevant reports it seems that WLAN and Alien Dalvik (Android support) might have something to do with consumption. More data needed! Please use, link, tweet and share, we need reporters!

  2. Oh, I see I am not alone with this trouble. I am also disappointed with the battery life. My Nokia N9 worked 2.5 days and Jolla barely keeps only one day. I really need the saving eco-mode, that N9 has (when the battery charging level is lower than 10%-20% and all the services like wlan and synchronisation are deactivated).

    • i told that dual core suck more energy!!!!!!
      and the jolla’s battery have more energy than n9’s battery
      i told jolla to use 2500mAh battery above all with a dual core!!!!!

  3. Can we see the results also? As i dont have my Jolla yet and cant fill out the form with relevant data, to get to the results?

  4. I have to say that Jollas battery last mach longer than XcoverII in same time. Until now when I don’t anymore use that awefull samsung. It’s battery didn’t last a single day at anytime but now after 2 weeks using of Jolla this battery last lot more than one single day. And I use this much more than samsung before.

  5. I calculate a time of 20 hours in standby (100mAh – 5% battery every hour) only without use phone and without internet connections active (WLAN or mobile)
    then if jolla make a battery of 3000 mAh for us, we can have a standby of 30 hours

  6. Hi all, just received my new Jolla – delighted with the phone!
    While testing it, I noticed that the proximity sensor is not turning off, even when the device is in standby. Fixing this may improve the power consumption by a small margin. What do you think?

    • Battery life problem is solved, big thanks for everybody here at JollaTides who contributed to the project, both with the reporting tool and comments. Article of the results coming out in few hours at

      I though I would need at least 300 reports before some reliable results, but it seems that 90 was enough after all. Thanks once again!

      • Many Thanks, Simo, for your initiative and thourough analysis, and to the contributors of the survey!! The results are impressive, as well as Jolla’s and the community’s reactivity!

        Note about the proximity sensor behavior described in my previous post: while filming with a camera without IR filter (e.g. mobile phone, webcam) in a dark room, one can see that the IR LED stays constantly on. The consumption of the LED itself is probably negligible. But I could not tell if the the rest of the sensor circuitry also stays on.