New Other Halves: Available In Store!

Thanks to technicus for a heads up in our community port, Jolla have just today revealed information of two brand new other half colour options!

You can see more information and buy your new other half at the store here now:

The 2 new colour options come in either an Industrial “Keira Black” or an Alluring “Aloe” – take a look at the details below to see which you like best:



The black looks very sleek and is sure to be popular unifying the look between front and rear.

Keira Black

The Other Half Keira black smart cover is electric, urban and industrial. Attach The Other Half when you want to tune into the beat of the city.

 Preview Keira Black ringtone

 The Black Other Half

 Exclusive Black ringtone and sounds

 Exclusive Black wallpaper


The aloe colour is equally alluring and was the same colour used in some of the earlier press renders for the Jolla handset last year.


The Other Half Aloe smart cover is calm and relaxing. Attach The Other Half when you want to unwind.

 Preview Aloe ringtone

 The Aloe Other Half

 Exclusive Aloe ringtone and sounds

 Exclusive Aloe wallpaper

Click on the ringtone preview links to hear the new ringtones that come bundled with each other half.  The Keira Black ringtone has an almost industrial electronica sound which really goes with the image – seriously #unlike – and the Aloe ringtone is a sweet sounding steel drum happy tune to make you smile every time your Jolla rings! :-)

You can pick up either of these brand new other half options for 29 euros.


Which other half are you eyeing up for your Jolla ?  Sail On!



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