New Other Halves: Available In Store!

Thanks to technicus for a heads up in our community port, Jolla have just today revealed information of two brand new other half colour options!

You can see more information and buy your new other half at the store here now:

The 2 new colour options come in either an Industrial “Keira Black” or an Alluring “Aloe” – take a look at the details below to see which you like best:



The black looks very sleek and is sure to be popular unifying the look between front and rear.

Keira Black

The Other Half Keira black smart cover is electric, urban and industrial. Attach The Other Half when you want to tune into the beat of the city.

 Preview Keira Black ringtone

 The Black Other Half

 Exclusive Black ringtone and sounds

 Exclusive Black wallpaper


The aloe colour is equally alluring and was the same colour used in some of the earlier press renders for the Jolla handset last year.


The Other Half Aloe smart cover is calm and relaxing. Attach The Other Half when you want to unwind.

 Preview Aloe ringtone

 The Aloe Other Half

 Exclusive Aloe ringtone and sounds

 Exclusive Aloe wallpaper

Click on the ringtone preview links to hear the new ringtones that come bundled with each other half.  The Keira Black ringtone has an almost industrial electronica sound which really goes with the image – seriously #unlike – and the Aloe ringtone is a sweet sounding steel drum happy tune to make you smile every time your Jolla rings! :-)

You can pick up either of these brand new other half options for 29 euros.


Which other half are you eyeing up for your Jolla ?  Sail On!



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    • Hi Robert, long time no chat ;-)
      (if you are not sure about who I am, we preordered the device and the T-shirt the same day while discussing it in a social network).

      Happy with your Jolla? I am waiting for other colors and other halves. It would be nice to have something more than an ambience.

      • Hey :-) indeed it has been a long time.

        I remember seeing a box on release / big announcement day showing around 15 different coloured other halves, I wonder if there will there be a release of new other halves every month or so to complete the collection :-)

        For what it is, the Jolla that is (a development prototype or proof of concept), I am exceptionally happy with it. Love the UI, formfactor, ease of use and overall performance. Details that have been given less prominence with other smartphones have been carefully looked at. Good examples would be its signal handling for voice comms (it holds onto calls very well, there is a location near me where a Samsung Note 2 or Galaxy 4 will always drop a call if driving through but the Jolla remains completely unaffected) and the speakerphone mode is just brilliant. I was making dinner for myself when a friend called and was able to hold a conversation without issue from about 3 meters away without raising my voice. Battery life seems good but it is dependent on how hard you are hitting the android emulator. It would be handy to be able to purchase a backup battery though.
        Bluetooth support stack needs strengthening, i.e keyboard support
        App wise? all these silo’d platforms are beginning to become a PITA, MS has Skype / Outlook, Google has Hangouts / Gmail, Apple probably has something similar, all I want to do is communicate via IM or Voice or Video and not need a different platform depending on the contact. A layer over these disparate API’s and combine into a uber comms app and deep integration with events and contacts would potentially give Jolla the killer app for their platform.

        The other halves that I personally would like to see:

        TOH with inputs for usb keyboard and mouse
        TOH with embedded encryption for secure NFC payments, i.e. Visa or Paypal
        TOH with offline hardware wallet for alternative currencies :-)

        • Nice input Robert and I agree on all you say there. Jolla got the basic functions ie. using this as a phone! down to a tee. The phones reception is awesome and I am one who can barely get a bar usually with most other smartphones dropping out all the time… but not with the Jolla!

          The battery life is more than adequate for a smartphone and another thing that ought to be shouted about – this is the longest lasting smartphone in terms of battery life I have owned (with either latest software update or masking tohd service).

          The alarm clock activating when the handset is turned off is a sweet touch harking back to Nokia’s of old – no modern smartphone I own has been able to do that (with the exception of my N900;N8;N9 but they can’t be considered recent).

          Jolla nailed most of the basic important functions of a phone and with a combination of native/android apps, most apps are easily available on tap.

          I agree, bluetooth support could be better although I have been able to connect with most devices seemlessly. The one I couldn’t connect with was a small bluetooth keyboard but I haven’t been able to test this since the latest update (maybe that brought a fix).

          Yes there are software related bugs here and there, but having the wonderful extended community providing solutions and of course Jolla’s current commitment to monthly software updates, there is a glowing feeling of utmost confidence and pride to being part of a growing movement.

          The other half future capabilities only lends a further excitement and dimension to what could be achieved with the backing of Jolla and this great community.

          • You provided a quite exhaustive feedback, guys :-)
            On the plus side, I have nothing to add. I totally agree on the battery life, it’s great to be back at charging my phone once per week (low usage).

            My biggest problem remains connecting to WPA2-protected 802.11g WLAN networks. Hidden networks are not found or the connection fails and it is a serious limitation.
            I haven’t tried yet with the latest software update, though. Maybe they fixed it.

  1. Seriously. I was expecting a lot more from the “other half” than what has been shown so far. This is just lame and with publishing only idiotic themes is kind of killing the whole “other half” idea.

  2. Just waiting till the other TOH are coming and see wich one i like the most? Let the Jolla team further develop the OS so the phone can be a real competitor to the big brands and the innovative TOH to third party developers.

  3. Nice Jolla! Now put up extra batteries in Store and I will buy everything(although the 29 EUR is kind of pricey, isn’t it (7% of jolla price?!))!

  4. OMFG

    29€ for some plastic cover and that doesn’t even include shipping…

    I was planning on getting a black cover, but at this price? As if the jolla itself wasn’t pricey enough for it’s specs, this takes the cake.