Other Half Developer Kit: Available Now!

Thanks to our community port mods andre for the heads up on some more exciting advances from Jolla HQ!

The first is the highly anticipated developer kit for the other half, which will allow anyone to start co-creating other halves for the Jolla smartphone.

The developer file can be downloaded from here: http://jolla.com/the-other-half-developer-kit

The download includes the 3D image files for the other half and rear case in both .STL and  .STP formats, as well as the ambiance template files for making your own NFC tag, the general open license and a PDF manual from Jolla.


This really opens up the possibilities to fulfill Jolla’s DIT (do it together) philosophies and allows us, the community, to start co-creating and take the Jolla handset to another level of functionality.

The other half has some amazing connectivity potential with 6 different functional contact pins:


Jolla device has 6 functional contact pins towards The Other Half. The contacts use pogo-pins for conducted connection method. Pins have the following functionality:

5V DC input pin (1000mA max)

VDD – 3,3V DC output pin (300mA max)

SDA – I2C data (1,8V level)

SCL – I2C clock, frequency 400kHz (1,8V level)

INT – Signal for interrupt host system (1,8V level)

GND – Ground of signal and power

If you are thinking of making something fresh for Jolla’s other half do feel free to tell us all about it in the comments section below.

So what are you waiting for, download the files and go get making!  Sail On!






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