Beta 3G/4G Switcher App Available Now: OpenRepos

Some more recent news from the land of Jolla is that penguin has been hard at work on a new 3G/4G switcher app available in the openrepos or via warehouse app which can be downloaded to allow switching between 3G or 4G.

While the Jolla phone has always had LTE/4G capability, until now that had not been realised, so this is a very big step forward for those in a 4G area to get the fastest mobile internet speeds from their Jolla handset.

Here is some information from the developer himself:

This tiny installer creates two desktop icons with functionality to toggle between 2G/3G radio and 4G/LTE radio.

  • 3G Switch icon toggles the 2G/3G radio on
  • 4G Switch icon toggles the 4G/LTE radio on

With current software 4G/LTE power consumption is significant and circuit switched fallback (CSFB) does not work. This means that LTE can be used with power supply connected (shortly on battery power too) and you won’t be able to receive and make phone calls nor receive/send SMS while 4G/LTE on.

4g switcher

Of course when you switch to 4G, you will not be able to receive/make SMS or phone calls because you would require 2G/3G running for that and 4G is exclusively for high speed mobile internet so make sure to switch back to 2G/3G using the handy icons to resume normal phone functionality.   Here is a video demonstration of the switcher in action:

Do note that this app is still in Beta and has not yet been approved by the official Jolla store so use with caution and it would be advised to create a backup prior to downloading and using the app.

Any further comments below from people running the 2G/3G/4G switcher with the latest Sailfish update would be most welcome.

Make sure to also donate to the developer here if you like what he’s doing and to show you care.  :-)





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