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#Jolla: Slush 2014 Amazing Compilation Video


In case you missed out on Jollas hugely successful campaign at Slush 2014, where they announced the arrival of their new Tablet, a wonderful compilation video has been produced to capture the magic… Read More

Marc Dillon On The Early Startup Challenges Faced By Jolla


We came across this next video via MyNokiaBlog and it is a brief interview with Marc Dillon on the early challenges faced by Jolla. With only a relatively small team of 80 employees, Jolla… Read More

Customise Your Jolla Further With Patch Manager


While Patch Manager has been around for a few months now, I thought it would be nice to point you to a video we recently came upon via MyNokiaBlog which illustrates Patch Manager in… Read More

Beta 3G/4G Switcher App Available Now: OpenRepos


Some more recent news from the land of Jolla is that penguin has been hard at work on a new 3G/4G switcher app available in the openrepos or via warehouse app which can be… Read More

Overview: Native Tweetian and Tethering Apps


We have recently been very lucky with a mini surge of native apps being either made available as Beta apps via various sources or indeed available directly from the Jolla Store which is… Read More

Jolla Launch: DNA Highlights Video


Here’s the DNA highlights video from the Jolla launch for anyone that missed it. (WARNING: this clip may contain excessive amounts of neon pink!)

Jolla: Weekly News Roundup V2


The news has been rolling in over the last week, but unfortunately we’ve been quite engaged in other affairs so please accept my apologies and another weekly update to bring us back up… Read More

Video: Sailfish UI Features Explained By Jolla Users


Just a quick post to point you to a really nicely produced compilation video by JollaUsers. The video serves to explain some of the great unique features and attributes of the Sailfish OS… Read More

Vesa Matti: Qwerty Is Technically A Possibility


Further to a comment made by Andre in the qwerty post of a few days ago, he reminded all of us sleepy summer holiday types that Jolla Developer, Vesa Matti made some interesting revelations… Read More

Final Feedback: Hardware Aesthetics


Since spending a good amount of time with Jolla’s Chief Designer Martin, I have been meaning to put fingers to keyboard on this topic for a while now since #JollaLoveDay and just thought… Read More

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