Customise Your Jolla Further With Patch Manager

While Patch Manager has been around for a few months now, I thought it would be nice to point you to a video we recently came upon via MyNokiaBlog which illustrates Patch Manager in action.

Patch Manager can be downloaded via the Warehouse app which is host to a number of ‘beta’ apps not yet approved for the official Jolla store.  We have shown how you can get the Warehouse app in a previous post here.

Patch Manager allows you to customise the look and feel of Sailfish a bit more and is a great step forward in making some Sailfish features even more accessible.

Here is a video of Patch Manager in action courtesy of Hamanoo McDougachi:

Huge thanks goes to Patch Manager developer Sfiet_Konstantin who also made the Facebook port “Friends” and is doing some really great stuff for the Jolla community!

You can follow him on twitter here:



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