Overview: Native Tweetian and Tethering Apps

We have recently been very lucky with a mini surge of native apps being either made available as Beta apps via various sources or indeed available directly from the Jolla Store which is rapidly filling up now since the holidays.

In the next video overview, we take a closer look at the great tweetian app (native twitter client) which has kindly been ported over from the original N9 version by Vesku Matti (many thanks!) and the native tethering app referred to in our last post and made available by jlehtoranta (many thanks!).

Having relied on android-based twitter apps for the past few weeks, it really is great to see a native client come to Sailfish.   Equally, bluetooth/WiFi tethering is a much anticipated and very important feature which helps bring Sailfish OS yet another step closer to dropping the Beta status.

Here is a video showing the installation process for Tweetian, a very quick glimpse of the tethering app and a run through of Tweetian:

Here is also the current latest download link for Tweetian: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jf8c56fpjdm90x9/tweetian-1.8.2-1.armv7hl.rpm which can be downloaded directly from your Jolla’s native browser.

Huge thanks goes to all the native Sailfish developers who are really riding the early 2014 tides and offering up some really great apps now!  :-)

Sail On!





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