Nokians: Official End Of An Era And What It Means To Be A Jollan

Well I’m sure most of you will have been following the recent news; the final proverbial nail in the coffin for Nokians, the day Nokia as we knew it became Microsoft Mobile.

For me at least, I got my grieving out of the way early and concluded last year by seeing many positive aspects that would come out of the deal and more importantly what Jolla could bring to the table for the many millions of people who might be feeling a bit despondent without the familiar Nokia of old.

Nokia to this day continues on with a very streamlined business, made up of NSN, HERE and Technologies.  The good news for Nokia is that without the loss-making D&S (device and services) division which has been sold on to Microsoft (sale completed 25th April), their 2014 Q1 report actually shows a profit of $332 million.

Sailfish uses Nokia's HERE maps technology

Sailfish uses Nokia’s HERE maps technology and is a fork of Nokia’s own MeeGo Harmattan OS used on the Nokia N9

Microsoft are keen to get moving and have stated they are looking for a new brand to replace ‘Nokia’ (even though they have licensed the Nokia name for 10 years) according to Elop via TechCrunch:

“[Microsoft Mobile] is not a brand that will be seen by consumers,” said Elop. “The Nokia brand is available to Microsoft to use for its mobile phones products for a period of time, but Nokia as a brand will not be used for long going forward for smartphones. Work is underway to select the go forward smartphone brand.”

So aside from latter Lumia/X/Asha releases and possibly a few more in the pipeline, very soon, the Nokia branding will have disappeared… quietly… like a ship in the night.

And what of Elop you may ask ?  Well he recently appeared on Nokia Conversations for a community QA session where he answered some fairly heated questions:

“You’re so cool killed Nokia …Thanks to you, Meego, Symbian, Meltemi buried …Once you get it all comes back to haunt”

Thanks, I know that there is a lot of emotion around some of the hard decisions that we had to make. Back in late 2010 and 2011, we carefully assessed the state of the internal Nokia operating system efforts. Unfortunately, we could not see a way that Symbian could be brought to a competitive level with, for example, the iPhone that had shipped THREE years earlier! And the Meego effort was significantly delayed and did not have the promise of a broad enough portfolio soon enough. We had to make a forceful decision to give Nokia the chance to compete again.

Elop’s sticking to his convictions as any CEO would, and I suppose none of it really matters now; they went with the “blue pill”.   Either way, Nokia took a risk and either way, sadly, we’ll never know the potential outcome of that second option – that “red” MeeGo pill. <Matrix reference>  Although one thing is sure that if Nokia had gone with that “red” pill perhaps Jolla would never have come into being.

So where does all of this leave Jolla and us Jollans now ?

Well the answer is simple: we are here, and most of us have pre-empted this fateful day by jumping aboard the Jolla ship to safety, somewhere familiar, yet vibrant, youthful and fresh, somewhere that gives us hope for a future, post-Nokia, and somewhere where we can continue to expect more magical things to occur as we grow with Jolla and Jolla grows with us.

So come on climb aboard, grab a seat and be part of this exciting era in mobile technology!

Sail On Jolla! :-)





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  1. Well, it won’t be possible until Jolla provides replacements for some features present in Maemo/MeeGo – fully manual WiFi connecting, some status menu, etc.

    • Completely agree.

      That Jolla have already removed the ‘Beta’ tag from Sailfish is ridiculous. It’s still so basic and lacking in features.

      I think the thing that drives it home most is that after 5 major updates you still can’t scroll through your contacts … which is just … amazing :D You can only scroll through on a per letter basis. It just boggles my mind.

  2. the N9 / MeeGo is / was more mature then Jolla / Sailfish OS

    like the urge to “get to the market” a product already was detrimental to MeeGo / N9 (compared to the N900 & earlier Maemo releases) but Jolla really went over board with that.

    no idea how the 770 felt (had a 7710 back then as i can’t live w/out a GSM SIM) but i can’t help feeling, it’s pretty much back to square one…

    i’m starting to doubt whether Jolla will have enough capital to make it back to market; 770, N800, N810 and finally N900. will Jolla be able to get a real Communicator successor to market quickly enough?


  3. Nokia is past, Jolla could have a chance only if they move fast, improve SailfishOS, and provide a good quality of core applications. Tizen and Ubuntu will catch up really quickly.

  4. Yeah like the Jolla but not available here so I got the 1520(boo hiss lol) actually its a good phone and in keeping with nokia stuff.

    I hope Jolla just bit the bullet and add 20 more programmers to flesh out the options/features. even on a temp basis this would be the best thing.
    They have a revenue stream so it would bite into it heavily but in the end would be the smartest idea.
    I’m sure there are some existing Nokia people who could do some part-time stuff on the side to help out now.(and some $)

  5. I have a heartache for NOKIA but fortunately there is JOLLA. I sincerely think that if the NOKIA manager is other than Elop, it would not have ended as it is currently. It’s really sad.

  6. Sounds to me like Microsoft took Nokia, chewed on it and will then spit it out when flavor is gone.
    Jolla is freedom.

  7. I wonder How much would now Samsung or HTC pay for Microsoft just to trash phone department totally?! Less competition, more Samsung or HTC WP8 devices.

  8. “Official End Of An Era And What It Means To Be A Jollan”
    Absolutely nothing.

    The problem is that ever since the iphone came on the market it all went downhill. Apple showed the world that it was perfectly acceptable to release a half-baked featureless piece of crap as long as the public perceives it as being a “high-end product”. Gone was the call-recorder (available on every SE and Nokia featurephone), gone was MMS (at first), gone was a proper file file-manager, gone was full 2 way bluetooth transfer, gone was full wifi connectivity, gone was privacy. And now things are even worse.

    All those new OS’s coming about all inheriting the same flaws and all without the features that we once took for granted. All a bunch of morons re-inventing the wheel all over again and again and again. If this is progress then please gimme back an old SE K750i. I don’t want to trade in local syncing for a bigger screen! I don’t want to trade in full BT-transfer and call recording for LTE! Get 3,5G availability everywhere instead because all that bloody LTE bandwidth is only gonna be used for advertising anyway. It’s just a way sell more data-plans to hijack more customers on the brand or OS-depended enforced clouds.

    I hoped Jolla would be different but alas. They are allo hunting down to get the telco-contracts. To make the telco-deals. Instead of pursuing their own. Instead of trying to sell devices via telcos why don’t Jolla target the computer-stores? Target the geeks, nerds and technophiles because they are ones steering friends and relatives into certain devices. There are other ways to create public awareness through other channels. Stop being so shortsighted. There is a whole other world out there beyond AT&T and T-Mobile.

  9. The 10 years of license the Nokia name is only for feature phones (Asha and Nokia X). Concerning the smatphone (like Lumia) Microsoft could no longer use the name “Nokia” after the end of 2015. So from january 1st, 2016 Nokia could deliver a brand new smartphone with is own name. With is new strategy (connected objects, navigation, I-VI, networks…) Nokia will only lack an OS while Jolla whould have brought Sailfish-Mer-Meego-Maemo to full maturity at that time.

    • @Act

      It was stipulated in the contract (if memory serves) that Nokia would not be able to release a Nokia branded handset until the end of 2015. MS do have the option to license the Nokia name for 10yrs if they want but as stated, they are considering alternative brand names for future handsets.

      In theory if Nokia decide to dabble in mobile technology once again, we could well see a Nokia branded handset after the end of 2015… the question is given the history, could Sailfish be the OS of choice for this theoretical “Nokia” phone ?

      • @JollaTides,
        An OS may be soon the missing link of Nokia new strategy. Don’t only think phone but global. And the given story is also that Jolla is a kind of spin off funded by Nokia. Don’t you find that Jolla seems not in a hurry to win market shares but just experimenting things? Do you remember that famous plan B? I’m speculating but who knows?

  10. Hopefully Microsoft still puts Sailfish on a group of phones…it’s already doing so with Android…

    • Hope Jolla never start any kind of co-operation with microshit, nothing good is coming out of such deals with that company…