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Editorial: #Jolla Chairman, Antii Saarnio Is Open To Nokia Collaboration


The news comes with reference to our friends at ReviewJolla recent article who have translated an interview with Jolla Chairman Antii Saarnio by YLE News, based in Finland. Being largely software-orientated, Jolla have long sought… Read More

Wild Speculation #4: Nokia + Jolla “Dream” Partnership ?


We have long speculated on this blog that Nokia might one day team up with Jolla to bring Sailfish OS to some nice Nokia hardware, a marriage which invokes a lot of passion from… Read More

[Tutorial] How to enable LPM Glance Screen on Jolla Phone


Low Power Mode is a very useful feature on today’s mobile industry and sadly it is only possible if a certain technology requirement is met. Tho there are ways to resemble the feature… Read More

A Slightly Fishy Tale: Is Microsoft Planning To Add Android App Compatibility To Lumia ?


Well we read this earlier via MyNokiaBlog, and something smells decidedly fishy (well it actually has strong hints of ‘Sailfish’ to me, no?). About Microsoft/Lumia Android smartphone rumours. MS adopted VM for execution of… Read More

Nokians: Official End Of An Era And What It Means To Be A Jollan


Well I’m sure most of you will have been following the recent news; the final proverbial nail in the coffin for Nokians, the day Nokia as we knew it became Microsoft Mobile. For… Read More

ABC: Broadcast On Nokia Bridge Program, SLUSH, Jolla


Here is a nice piece of news reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Nokia, Finland and the thriving Finnish startup scene which has, in part been boosted by Nokia’s Bridge Program… Read More

Symbiosis: Nokia, Finland And The Rise Of Jolla


I have just finished reading probably THE most thought-provoking story about Nokia that I have read in some time, which really illustrates the symbiotic relationships that have existed through the years between Nokia,… Read More

The End Of Nokia As We Know It…


Wowee – I’ve spent this morning frantically reading around all the latest news on Microsoft’s recent announcement for acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services division trying to make head and tail of the… Read More

Nokia Users: Why You Should Pre-Order The New Jolla Phone


Where do I start with this, well there are so many many reasons for Nokia users to pre-order the new Jolla phone I’ll begin with where I have come from on my mobile journey.… Read More

JolKia: Two Halves Meet ?


Inspired by one of our readers, I thought it would be quite fitting to make a tribute to a Jolla/Nokia ‘other half’ logo and discuss further the likelihood of a potential future Jolla/Nokia… Read More

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