ABC: Broadcast On Nokia Bridge Program, SLUSH, Jolla

Here is a nice piece of news reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) on Nokia, Finland and the thriving Finnish startup scene which has, in part been boosted by Nokia’s Bridge Program as was further evidenced at Slush this year.

It is probably easiest if you just go and watch the video which can be found here:

For those without video playing functionality just now, below are some quotes for you from the video transcript.

There is a lot of talk about SLUSH in the broadcast which is nice to see:

BARBARA MILLER: Slush and the Finnish start-up scene are growing year by year.

UHO KOKKOLA: There is a huge talent, a really good education system, pretty like… safe and sound society in general. So that definitely is a good foundation to build a campaign.

BARBARA MILLER: For many years, the world came to Finland. Nokia’s prowess in the telecommunications market made the country a global player and the Finns almost didn’t know themselves.

Here’s a cultural joke from Finland’s Trade Minister, Alex Stubbs:

The standing joke is that the difference between the extrovert and the introvert Finn, is that the introvert looks at his own feet when he talks to you and the extrovert looks at your feet.

And onto the most important part where Jolla are featured with some words from Jolla’s very own Head Of Software, Marc Dillon:

BARBARA MILLER: Nokia was the kind of place you didn’t leave.

MARC DILLON, CO-FOUNDER, JOLLA: I think for myself and a lot of other people we probably would have worked for Nokia for the rest of our careers. But because of the changes, change can be very good. A lot of new companies have started and I think that it gave us an opportunity to really follow our passion and our love and to create something really wonderful.

BARBARA MILLER: When the company’s profits began to sink, it didn’t abandon its own, offering bridge money to former employees with a viable start-up idea. Jolla was one of the beneficiaries. It’s about to bring this on to the market.

In really simple terms, why would I switch to that phone?

MARC DILLON: The greatest thing that we have that is not in the other areas in the other phones at the moment is our multi-tasking. So the ability to see everything that’s important to you at the same time and be able to move very quickly between application to application. It’s like putting on tunnel vision goggles with some of the other phones now where you can only see one thing at a time.

So it’s really great to see some more worldwide coverage for Jolla, SLUSH and generally the thriving Finnish startup scene. How long will it take Jolla to realise a complete global strategy, where someone can walk into a shop anywhere in the world and expect to see a full range of Jolla devices ?

Well, the stage is now almost fully set for the big launch on Wednesday, and with the way things are going for Jolla at the moment (who to me seem to be at the start of a massive roll), I can only see the Jolla Ship further snowballing it’s way to worldwide acclaim, and consequently, a local mobile network near you. :-)

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