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Slush 2014: Jolla Tablet Announcement *Full Coverage*


Quite a few people have been asking me where they can watch Jolla’s appearance at Slush 2014 last week and up until now there hasn’t been a way to watch the coverage for… Read More

We Make IT. You make it yours: Jolla Tablet


After taking to stage at Slush 2014 earlier, here is the official video of the “people powered” Jolla tablet running Sailfish OS 2.0. To support Jolla’s latest initiative and prebook a tablet for… Read More

Video: The Voice Of #Jolla Community


A few months ago Jolla asked the worldwide community to submit some short videos on what they love about their Jolla and of course Sailfish OS. Well the resulting compilation is a rather… Read More

#TOHKBD #Jolla Kickstarter Keyboard Campaign Off To A Flying Start!!


As we expected, going by our original poll  over 2 years ago where we got a whopping 15,938 votes of which a majority 67.18% opted for a hardware keyboard option of some kind for Jolla, it didn’t… Read More

Angry Birds Stella Android Launcher ‘By Jolla’ Available Now!


Since Jolla first announced their new partnership with Angry Bird maker and fellow Finnish company Rovio at MWC earlier this year , we’ve been eagerly waiting to see what might come of this potentially… Read More

Marc Dillon Stresses Importance Of User Privacy, Expansion Plans And Future Developments


On the back of the Snapdeal launch in India last month, Jolla’s Marc Dillon conducted a rather revealing press interview further highlighting future plans for the company. In the interview he stresses that… Read More

The Voice Of Jolla Community Is Here: Jolla Want You!


This video recently appeared in our inbox as Jolla are reaching out to the community to make a short 1 minute video on what Jolla means to you!  Your video will then be… Read More

Perfect Offline Navigation Solution For Jolla?


After some comments on the previous article regarding an offline navigation solution for Jolla, I went ahead and did some further research into the topic and think I have found the perfect companion for your… Read More

Could This Swype-Like Keyboard Come To Jolla?


After reading an article by our friends over at JollaUsers we got all excited about this possibility for our Jolla phones! Swype was a great inputting method I used religiously on my Nokia N9… Read More

Jolla Sailfish Launcher For Android


Jolla have been hard at work as usual getting a special Android launcher based on Sailfish OS ready for all you Android users out there. We are proud to tell that we’ve reached… Read More

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