Could This Swype-Like Keyboard Come To Jolla?

After reading an article by our friends over at JollaUsers we got all excited about this possibility for our Jolla phones!

Swype was a great inputting method I used religiously on my Nokia N9 so to see a swype-like keyboard come to the Jolla would be another dream come true.

Swype offers a way to type words by drawing a line between the letters you require to make up a word – if you haven’t tried it, it’s really fast for typing on a touchscreen device and in lieu of a physical keyboard is probably the next best thing.

So it looks like the developer has a prototype version running on Sailfish and boy would I love to be a “beta tester” for that one!

Here is the demo of said swype-like keyboard shown running on the Jolla handset:


Chime up below if you want to see this on YOUR Jolla to show the developer what kind of interest is out there – it might be something you’d consider paying for – either way, let us know!



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