Perfect Offline Navigation Solution For Jolla?

After some comments on the previous article regarding an offline navigation solution for Jolla, I went ahead and did some further research into the topic and think I have found the perfect companion for your Jolla phone.

A few of you may be coming from Nokia phones which always excelled with free mapping/navigation solutions with the ‘HERE’ line of options.  Jolla in fact comes preloaded with HERE maps, but this has always served as a directions-based mapping solution in a list format without the power of a true Satnav with offline maps.

I had tried a number of ‘Android’ alternatives in the past including Navfree, but recently in the Google Play store stumbled across what seemed – on paper – to be an excellent alternative for all us Jolla owners.

The app is called “Mapfactor: GPS Navigation” and can be found here:

MapFactor is also available from Aptoide and 1mobile android stores if you do not have Google Play installed and does not require Google services to function.

After some early testing, this Mapfactor app would appear to be an excellent option.   Not only does it offer free offline maps via OpenStreetMap but it also offers a paid TomTom option both of which can be downloaded from within the app.


So far, I have downloaded the UK map and the postcode search via the free, OpenStreetMap option, and initial tests look good + GPS signal locks quickly (indoors) with WiFi/mobile internet turned off.

There are also most country maps available FOR FREE(!) via the OpenStreetMap download option or of course you can purchase a TomTom map for your chosen country if you prefer.

Here is a video of Mapfactor in action:

I will be doing some further “in field” testing with this app, but as I said, from preliminary tests all seems to be present and correct.  I will update further once I’ve had a chance to put the app through its paces.

In the meantime, feel free to download the app and let me know what you think in the comments below – does it tick all the right boxes for you ?

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