Angry Birds Stella Android Launcher ‘By Jolla’ Available Now!

Since Jolla first announced their new partnership with Angry Bird maker and fellow Finnish company Rovio at MWC earlier this year , we’ve been eagerly waiting to see what might come of this potentially exciting combination.

After first announcing a new Angry Birds themed “other half” back in February, it would appear the Sailors have been hard at work again on the next project with Rovio with todays big news of a brand new Android-based Angry Birds Stella launcher.

The launcher itself provides Android users the beautiful and fluid Sailfish OS on their device but this time with a fully featured Angry Birds twist.   Rather than explain how it works, our friend Michael has made a quick video preview on the new launcher so you can see it in action for yourself:

This a great addition to the Jolla software line-up and something the younger generations (and old alike!) will thoroughly enjoy, after all who doesn’t love a quick turbo fuelled lap on Angry Birds Go! or some finger flicking Jedi madness on Angry Birds Star Wars!


It’s like you’re right there on Golden Island! Enjoy the speedy experience of Sailfish OS user interface, and specially designed Angry Birds Stella wallpaper and sounds. All you need is a sense of adventure.

The launcher itself refreshes the traditional Android user interface by providing Sailfish functionality mixed with Angry Birds skins/sounds and a dedicated channel feed for the little critters which is accessed with a flick from the homescreen, giving the user a great taste of what the fully featured Sailfish OS is all about… with of course a generous dollop of “Angry”.

Angry Birds Stella Launcher by Jolla now available on UC and Taobao app stores.

The launcher is currently free to download and is initially available for download in select app stores, but if you are interested, hit the source link below where you will be able to subscribe to find out when Angry Birds Stella becomes available on the Google Play store.

With new stuff coming out all the time, you can also check out some of the other great titles Rovio have to offer here:

Here is also a great guide for anyone requiring additional help when installing and operating the Angry Bird Stella launcher:




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