Nokia Users: Why You Should Pre-Order The New Jolla Phone

Where do I start with this, well there are so many many reasons for Nokia users to pre-order the new Jolla phone I’ll begin with where I have come from on my mobile journey.

If like me you have followed the Nokia route; N900, N8, E7, N9, then the Jolla handset is your natural evolution.   You may even be sporting a new Lumia and wondering if there is something else out there that has those ‘missing’ features or functions you so long for (ie. notification centre, multitasking, pure gesture based UI, beautiful integration of social networks etc) – well, again, Sailfish is the OS for you.

Not only will you feel right at home with this powerful Jolla phone when it comes to multitasking, gesture based UI and extras like terminal, if you have come from Maemo/MeeGo, but you will love the options that the ‘other half’ will surely bring which will also no doubt add to the functionality of your new Jolla handset.

One point lacking in the Nokia N900, N9 and even Symbian phones to some extent was the App content… well Jolla have you covered here and whether that entails downloading one of the Sailfish native apps available directly from the Jolla App Store or getting some nice Android apps to run on the Sailfish OS via some special inbuilt magic (Myriad compatibility layer), you will feel a new lease of life after the slightly limited selection of Apps you were used to having available previously with your Nokia phones.

As a massive Nokia fan and someone who has stuck with Nokia (through thick and thin!), in Jolla, I can’t think of a more fitting company to help me continue my love for nicely built, honestly designed technology to take me to the next level of my smartphone adventure… all the while combining a sense of warm nostalgia with cutting edge design, innovation and sophistication.

Jolla are the real deal and having had first hand experience with their new handset, I immediately felt right at home with the Finnish design principles incorporated into this labour of love, which not only looks the part but also shows great balance of form and function; a quality that as a huge Nokia fan I value very highly.

Remember too that a lot of Jolla’s team are ex-Nokians themselves and you can bet they have learned a thing or two from those experiences…  just take a look for yourself and see.

The Jolla2

So with that said, Nokia users unite and come join the Jolla tribe (as I have) because you really don’t want to miss this sweet piece of  Finnish pie, but make haste because time is ticking!

It’s really easy to sign up and doesn’t even have to cost a penny to register your interest, so go and show Jolla some of your love and in return they’ll give you some of theirs.

Sail On…

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  1. the NOKIA functionality and ergonomic is indeed badly missed in the mobile world right now (unless you still run a Symbian Belle or Maemo device)
    let’s hope that Jolla does not forget those fundamental aspects; no matter how nice the other half add-ons may turn out to be, no matter how nicely integrated the (X?)Terminal will end up, first and foremost it is a PHONE.
    if this function is not perfect, then NOKIA will be lost, indeed
    (mobile history: 7110, 7650, 7710/1100, N95, 1208 (replacement for some Samsung windoooooz mobile from work) and finally N900; also got a N8 as replacement for a defect N900, a 808 PureView and a N9 which i gave up using as anything but a tablet because of the missing hardware keyboard :(

  2. just a question … Hungary will be available? … because I do not speak English so well … and do not fully understand English

  3. I still have a working N800 and N900. Since Nokia turned Windoze I have been using the Geeks Phone Zero but even that has closed source components in it:(

    I think it is a real crucial and unique selling point if all the Jolla code for the operating system and hardware devices like camera, accelerometers etc. have the code as open source.

    Hopefully it will support 802.11an as the 2.4GHz band is in places congested to the point of being unusable:(


  4. I might try Sailfish at some point, but I won’t be anywhere near getting any hardware from Jolla as long as they’ll make their phones this big (and, to a lesser extent, without keyboard).

  5. I’m one of those “QWERTY or gtfo” guys. Currently using a SE Xperia Pro, possibly the best qwerty android phone you can get in europe (unfortunately the few qwerty androids that seem to be released these days are only on verizon/t-mobile…).

    But apart from that, you touched on the Myriad android compatibility layer. That’s one of the things that’s been bugging me: How good is it? Will it be opensourced? Will the community be able to fix apps that don’t work? Again, Jolla needs to communicate a bit more about these things.

    • yep, I’d hate to see an app store (or whatever they call it) full of useless crap like on BB…
      There should also be a way to filter the list of apps by technical requirements like: ads, internet-access, contact-DB access, location access, programming language, native/android, app size, etc… All of this info should be filed somewhere anyways, so it makes good sense to use it in search parameters…

  6. I think you forgot to mention the web app (html5) support in your app section. This is really important to Jolla as well, although they understand the need for native apps.

  7. I seriously hope Nokia lets WP die and goe with Sailfish. Why? Well Nokia has the best design, navigation, cameras and structural robustness. If I could get a sailfish device with Nokia hardware I’d be in heaven.

  8. Nokia can make “other halves” I can see Nokia making a “half” for their Here Maps, Camera, and their apps suite. Nokia after all is just an OEM. Id like a Home Integration Half – home entertainment -xbmc, pandora, etc, Home wifi via 4G, Home security/thermostat like Nest. The other half makes the phone exactly how you want it to be. Its brilliant!

  9. Also a Nokia ex-fan, hoping my present E7 won’t spontaneously self destruct like the old one did before a better phone comes along.
    And Jolla might be it, although Qwerty is a major issue for me, and proper navigation is a must.
    I’m not to bothered about camera quality, but I do miss the FM transmitter of my N8. I hope Jolla will continue Nokias record of providing the most engineering possible in a pocket sized device.
    BTW I’m sick of this race for higher screen sizes and pixel counts, it seems that’s already been done to absurdity in the camera market, and no-one benefits.

  10. Last friday, i made the pre order for my Jollaphone, and 10 minutes later, my N9 stopped working… So, i took my old E6, but it is very Hard after 6 mounths N9 and 6 months before Jolla…

    Just an idea last day in my bathroom, mat it be possible Nokia to be the manufacturer of Jolla???
    As Here from Nokia is free, what will be maps of Jolla!? Here or GMaps?!

    There are less informations about quality of relation between Nokia and Jolla… Bref…

  11. I have been using N9 for the past year. I really wished Nokia would use the Meego OS for mainstream phones but its very unfortunate they abandoned it. Luckily Jolla has picked up where Nokia left it and oh my…how good the Sailfish OS looks…I just love it. I really want Jolla to bring this handset to US and I am sure if they can market this properly…Jolla will get a very Loyal customer base. I am waiting for that day to come when I can use Jolla phones here in the States….sail on :)

    • Well, I just bought a n9 but I had to resell it because of the lack of support and sync. Exchange doesn’t work anymore and I mainly use the phone for work, so I sadly gave n9 away. It’s a fantastic phone. If jolla will come on the same way, and even better, as the n9, it’s going to be my next choice. But I didn’t pre – order it for a couple o reasons. Mainly, before giving some money in advance, I need to see how definitely looks like, which are the definitive features etc. Now it’s up to the jolla team. O support them but, no complete specs, no money in advance from

    • That’s interesting because on many levels Sailfish continues from where MeeGo left off and adds many new innovative features like being able to customise the look of the interface (ambience), live interactive tiles in the multitasking panels, the pulley menu system which adds additional functionality and the android compatibility layer which means you won’t be so choked for apps like MeeGo was inevitably. All these improvements are combined with some nice familiar ‘MeeGo’ concepts like aggregated notifications centre, live multitasking panes, slick interface all packaged in a UI that is easy on the systems resources but like MeeGo, very powerful at the same time.

      What about Sailfish do you feel makes it a ‘cheap copy’ and not a natural evolution in keeping but improving upon MeeGo tradition?