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Press Release: Jolla Officially Sails in India


After months of wait, Jolla finally officially announces that they will hit India in a very short amount of time which is a fantastic news for Indian fans who were waiting for this… Read More

Jolla update 8, Tahkalampi; Has been released!


At first Jolla said that they are going to stop sending out updates after their 7th update, but a few days after the 7th update dubbed Saapunki an email came to Sailfish devel… Read More

[Tutorial] How to enable LPM Glance Screen on Jolla Phone


Low Power Mode is a very useful feature on today’s mobile industry and sadly it is only possible if a certain technology requirement is met. Tho there are ways to resemble the feature… Read More

Next Sailfish OS update is planned for Early June, Combining update 6 & 7


The news is official as we are waiting for the next Sailfish OS update which was planned for this month but apparently it is postponed to the next month for a good reason.… Read More

Jolla Available to Purchase at Amazon UK


Jolla expands every day and after releasing their phone in Estonia via Elisa it’s probably the rest of the world’s turn to experience Jolla at the cost of 330 British Pounds which is… Read More

Sailfish OS on Google Nexus One!


As long as you have any hardware available that is slightly open and the bootloader is no problem to break into, you can run Sailfish OS as you wish! The HTC/Google Nexus One,… Read More

Jolla: Update number 5 (Paarlampi) is out, Brings MMS and more


Another month and another update! Jolla is rocking hard!  Though no surprises there for us because each month is supposed to bring us an update but the cool thing is that Jolla never… Read More

Jolla : Poppy Red OtherHalf Now Available for €29


Before we get to the post we must clear this out that this Poppy Red is not the Limited Poppy Red OtherHalf. It is different and the differences are enough to make us… Read More

[Video] Sailfish OS 1.0 Demo at MWC 2014


Check out the latest developer version of Sailfish OS being demoed at MWC appearing on a rather in depth video. Jolla is finally closing down on their beta testing program thus releasing the… Read More

Official MWC Video From Jolla


In case you have missed it, Jolla has released a special and amazing short video from their 2014 MWC experience which I would like to share with you and apologize for the lack… Read More

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