What can we expect from Jolla at MWC14?

Apparently Jolla guys are preparing a lot of new stuff for this year’s MWC apart from having a full on stand for themselves, they are going to announce interesting stuff such as new OtherHalves which we have basically no detail apart from a tini tiny image showing that famous Poppy Red / Orange otherhalf is likely to go on sale by that time of course without that limited edition goodies such as the memorable ringtone which contains the voice of almost all of the sailors in it and that uniquely written “The First One” with the special dual-layer Jolla font representing the shape of Jolla phone in it.

The photo was sent in an email containing the bloggers meetup details and it was considered as a sneak peek that says “Hey, you’re actually coming there for something special. You will not be disappointed!”


Another thing which gathered the attention of ours thanks to our friend Mariano Florton for the tip, is that the rumor that was spread by Jolla Sailors themselves about porting Sailfish to Android devices as this OS is totally an Android hardware adapted OS, is most likely to happen/announce officially at this years MWC according to these interesting tweets from Harri Hakulinen, Jolla’s chief engineer:

Which brought up the question and answers such as:

What more shall we see from sailors? Drop us a comment below and share your own opinion with us! What should we see, and what do you think will we see?

Sepehr James Noori

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  1. pity about the puppy red TOH being commercialized :(
    yeah, sure, w/out THE FIRST ONE & the Jolla logo but still… most people hardly will notice THAT whereas the colour…
    & if that’s all they have to announce except that Sailfish OS can be flashed (officially?!?) onto Android devices… who cares? as long as it is not possible to install Google Play apps, the Android app compatibility is a joke, worse, a hoax.
    Yamdex maybe, but who gives a f### about open source and what not “stores”?
    Google Play, or wothless
    no “dumb” Android consumer will ever waste her/his time (money?) trying to flash Sailfish OS onto her/his device; why would they?
    Jolla, wake up, smell the smell… you are drifting into the Maemo ghetto :-o

  2. Lame. Some one throw this guy a bone. I’m excited and see this as an opportunity to break away from the Google ecosystem.

  3. I have ZERO interest in different coloured back covers, If Jolla are going to persist with “the other half” concept, I want some practical functionality from it. Thanks :o)

  4. Some developers are not able to by a Jolla device, so they will flash old/cheap Android devices with Sailfish, and, I personally know some unsatisfied Android users that would flash as well.

  5. I would (will) never return to any Android ghetto device after having my Jolla (why would I). If I would ever by an Android for the raw hardware specs, it wouldn’t take me a day to flash Sailfish on it.
    Even if colored backs are cool, sooner or later Jolla will have to do something with TOH that sticks out.

    The Android support, sure it could have been better but it doesn’t stink. Its enough to have the most used apps with it. Besides, the amount Sailfish native ones grow by each day.
    Millions of java junk apps doesn’t make a platform better. A hundred good ones on a well performing OS is much better.

  6. Hoping they show working functional TOH. Anything will do at this point, but it needs to be more than a colour.
    As for flashing, as luck would have it my gf has just upgraded from S3 to a Z1, so if that ROM is made available I’m all ready to jump on it.