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Editorial: #Jolla Chairman, Antii Saarnio Is Open To Nokia Collaboration


The news comes with reference to our friends at ReviewJolla recent article who have translated an interview with Jolla Chairman Antii Saarnio by YLE News, based in Finland. Being largely software-orientated, Jolla have long sought… Read More

Press Release: Sailfish Browser Open Sourced


We got a press release from Jolla in our inbox earlier suggesting they have open sourced the browser code so the community can now get involved with developing the browser into something truly… Read More

Become a Developer for Sailfish Operating System: An Introduction


As tipped by one of our community moderators (andrei), Eliademy are currently running a course on Sailfish starting 24 January 2014: Gain knowledge and skills to build native Sailfish OS applications for Jolla,… Read More

Reminder: SmartDevCon Live Stream David Greaves In 30 Mins


As we reported a few days ago some of the Jolla crew are going to be at SmartDevCon over the next few days. SmartDevCon have recently set up a live stream of the… Read More

Nokia Users: Why You Should Pre-Order The New Jolla Phone


Where do I start with this, well there are so many many reasons for Nokia users to pre-order the new Jolla phone I’ll begin with where I have come from on my mobile journey.… Read More

Sailfish SDK Available On All Major Platforms: Mac; Windows; Linux


Jolla have been working hard to make the Sailfish SDK available on all major platforms over the past few months. As of a few weeks ago, the Sailfish SDK is now also available… Read More

Marc Dillon: The ENGADGET Interview


Really nice interview with Marc Dillon interviewed by Myriam Joire from Engadget. Marc is in a reflective mood after the obvious success and excitement of Jolla’s MWC 2013 appearances. There’s some nice history… Read More

Sailfish: Life After Symbian, Harmattan, Maemo


Since MWC 2013, Jolla and Sailfish have been making oceanic size waves of movement forward in the right direction on target for their proposed release dates later this year and the Sailfish OS… Read More

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