Become a Developer for Sailfish Operating System: An Introduction

As tipped by one of our community moderators (andrei), Eliademy are currently running a course on Sailfish starting 24 January 2014:

Gain knowledge and skills to build native Sailfish OS applications for Jolla, the newest and hottest mobile phone. Jolla is already finding its way into the hands of mobile users. Why not be an early developer and benefit before the market gets crowded?

The course consists of 24 lessons over 6 weeks and offers a 5 day money back guarantee and a certificate of completion upon finishing the course. To enroll, the cost is 100 Euros.

Here is a video overview from the site:

Prior C++ and JavaScript experience is required. Qt framework knowledge is recommended.

So, a great opportunity for those of you who have been looking into developing for Sailfish – let us know if you are considering something like this –

Sail On!



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