Tutorial: How To Load Android Apps On Sailfish

We’ve been busy making some tutorial videos on our youtube channel which we hope will be useful to those of you who are struggling to work out how to do certain things on your Jolla phone.

This first tutorial explains how to get an android app store on your Jolla phone and then how to install an android app from that store:



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  1. I’m really considering to place an order. I like Jolla because it’s an alternative to privacy invading phones. The only thing that’s holding me back is the android compatibility. I’m worried about the permissions of (android) apps. Could someone please tell me how Jolla informs the user about (android) app permissions? Is it possible to enable certain permissions and disable some of them for an app?

    Let’s take angry birds for example. Angry birds collects data about your location. Will Sailfish OS inform me about this and will I be able to disable it?

  2. @Deternist
    That would be good idea for next tutorial.. To find out where to manage those.. Sure android appd don’t have access to whle hardware (cam won’t work what I’ve read, same goes for gps for some point.. Sure some navigation apps are reported to work though).. Anyway If you wont keep your android app open, it wont collect any data in the background, that’s for sure.. But permission guide for android apps would be great to have.