Jolla Keynote Speech, SLUSH, 21 November: In Words and Photos

I managed to get a few snaps while Jolla were on stage at the SLUSH event and thought it would be nice to share here although they are a bit grainy due to poor stream quality!

It was a wonderful start to the presentation with all of the Jolla guys taking to the stage in waves.  While everyone was still on stage, individuals from each sub-teams then gave a brief overview of what they were trying to achieve and each sub team departed the stage after their representative had finished speaking.   So to start there were waves of people coming on stage and gradually waves of people leaving the stage.  It was a really nice touch and we loved the tee’s!!

Jolla taking to the stage at the SLUSH event

After the rest of the Jolla guys had said their parts, CEO Marc Dillon proceeded to charismatically give us the concept behind Jolla: one of openness, connectedness, community, and ultimately making partnerships.   You could really feel the energy being given off by Dillon and by this stage there was a real buzz.

CEO Marc Dillon in Full Flow

Next, Dillon introduced CIO Sami Pienimäki to talk about some of the partnerships.   Unfortunately I missed getting a photo of Sami speaking of the China partnership with D.Phone.  After Sami and next up, CIO Stefano Mosconi invited Dillon back up for a team hug (sweet moment), and continued to talk about Jolla wanting to redefine the idea of open source.

Stefano Mosconi talks open source: ‘open 24 hours’

After Stefano, Dr. Antti Saarnio took to the stage to drill into the way Jolla planned to make the business profitable… he quipped about selling the Jolla tee-shirts at the event!   He also went on to talk about partners who Jolla had linked up with – we can see ‘myriad’ clearly in the background slide image and have also since had confirmation that Sailfish will be Android App compatible.

Antti Saarnio Speaking of Profits, Partners and T-shirts

Next, CEO Marc Dillon returned to the stage to introduce the UI video for Sailfish:

After the video presentation, Dillon commenced to introduce us to the Sailfish UI starting with the lockscreen.

CEO Dillon takes to the stage again to discuss the UI: Lockscreen pictured

After discussing the lockscreen, we moved to the multitasking which looked very innovative.    For example he showed how you could go into the music player, then from the multitasking screen you could control the music player without going back into the player itself.  For instance a swipes on the multitask panel for the music player paused the player and another swipe on the panel skipped the track.   This idea also worked with for example the phone multitasking panel where one swipe displayed contacts and another swipe showed the dialler all without going into the app itself.

Finally, he talked about the homescreen which really looks nice indeed just sorry the grainy photos don’t do it any justice!

Mark Dillon talking about the new Sailfish homescreen

And that was a wrap – it seemed to pass by in seconds and I was buzzing throughout (and still am!).  It was really nice to see the guys behind Jolla and I think they did a fantastic job under the circumstances (mic not working at one point, sound issues during the UI demo).   During some parts, I wished it could all slow down a bit because it felt like the speeches were passing by so quickly but they do have a strict time limit and admittedly I was trying to write and save photos at the same time!


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