Jolla + ACL = Setting the Record Straight

Having read a lot of conflicting articles with the large majority of sites writing that Jolla will be going with ACL (for anyone who doesn’t know, ACL is one specific system which allows for example MeeGo (ie. Jolla) handsets to run Android based applications), I am here to dispel any myths that you may have read, and set the record straight.

Quote from Jolla spokesperson:

“You are right, we haven’t confirmed that MeeGo is going to use ACL.”

So ACL as a specific platform has neither been confirmed or denied at this point but certainly is not a given as many sites are incorrectly reporting.   But what is true is that Jolla are intent on reaching as far as they can with their new handset and this is pointing towards a cross platform which allows Android applications to run which is evident from this quote:

“MeeGo as an emerging platform is of course going to look at all cross platform options. There are many different vendors and cross platform technologies in the open to provide cross platform functionality across basically all the existing ecosystems.”

Another strong value which keeps coming up in interviews and articles is Jolla’s interest in working with developer communities as reiterated again by our Jolla contact:

“We are happy to work with all these companies and communities to extend the reach of MeeGo, but we are not ready to single out any of these technologies or companies.”

And finally:

“ACL is an example of an existing technology, but it doesn’t mean that Jolla would be using it. We will hopefully be able to announce more of our ecosystem and application story in the future however.”

So from this we can gather that Jolla are definitely looking at options for some kind of cross platform which gives users the benefit of being able to access and run Android applications.   What is also clear is that they have yet to single out a specific platform and certainly have not confirmed that ACL will be the one to go with.

What is also clear is that developer communities will play a big part in Jolla’s future and Jolla appear intent on working with these communities – this is the Linux way after all.

Thanks for reading :-)


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