Get Sailfish On Your N9: Full Unabridged Guide

Well this guide comes via Maemo Community via JollaUsers and represents a full unabridged guide to getting Sailfish ported onto your Nokia N9.

It’s really been something that many people have requested over and over again for the past year so I hope you will agree this is a great day to finally see the hard work of many guys finally pay off in giving Nokia N9 owners the possibility to now run Sailfish.

The full instructional is below as compiled by Nad @ – enjoy:

Sail On!




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  1. How come it is so complicated to install Saifish on Nokia N9. Could it be possible just to download the OS, the to format the mobile, then install from scratch, as we do when we install a computer. A mobile is just a small computer.

  2. I posted the same thing recently. It appears the difficulty is installing the “multiboot” loader. This is akin to Grub in normal linux, but on mobile devices has not been so common for mass market devices.

    Andoird users need the same for cynanogen etc I believe.

    Once the multiboot is installed booting ANY other os is very simple. That would be more comparable to your experieince.

    apt-get install SailfishOS or zypper install SailfishOS or emerge SailfishOS etc….


  3. what about updates?
    Is it as easy as with the jolla phone to update once sailfish is installed??
    Dont have a jolla or n9 yet – but thinking about the latter.