Jolla Handset: More Leaks And Official Partnership Press Release


Amongst the chaos of the past few days, there were a couple of extra snippets or leaks about the new Jolla handset which I’d really like to share in case you missed them…

The first small piece of information, might not be important to some, but I find it to be amazing news and something that has always been on my wishlist from day 1.

Do you remember the old Nokia phones that you set the alarm clock, knowing that you can then switch off the phone when you go to bed and the alarm will still ring in the morning ?  Actually, both the Nokia N9/N900 had this great feature. ;-)


Well that feature is coming to the new Jolla handset as evidenced by a tweet from Jolla yesterday:

I know it may seem a small detail, but I personally detest having to leave my phone on at night and really missed this feature from old Nokia’s I used to own.  I know you can switch most handsets to airplane mode, but then you’re draining the battery slightly for no reason.

As far as I know, no other operating systems offer this aside from the now unsupported symbian/meego platforms so nice one Jolla for giving us another #UNLIKE feature.

The second piece of news relates to the recent announcement of the HERE partnership.

Now as I understand it, the Jolla handset will be “powered by HERE” which means that it uses the Nokia HERE technology or engine to lock on quickly and possibly other features, but the partnership didn’t (AFAIK) include the HERE map build.

So according to JollaUsers, the map build will be provided by a Swedish company called “appello” who works with Sony to provide “WisePilot” on their Xperia range.

You can go and read the official press release from appello here where they announce their partnership on the Sailfish OS:

Appello: builds maps for Sailfish

Appello: Builds maps for Sailfish

According to the press release: 

Appello is proud to announce its selection to supply the native mapping experience to Sailfish OS for Finnish mobile phone manufacturer and designer Jolla. Appello was tasked with creating a mobile mapping experience unlike the standard offerings available in the market today and focusing on intuitive, gesture based user interaction. The Maps solution will offer a premium mapping, routing and local search experience leveraging many of the unique design features of the Sailfish OS on which the Jolla phone is based. Appello’s innovative approach and mapping know-how combines well with Jolla’s creativity delivering a solution in keeping with the philosophy of DIT, doing it together.

The Maps solution, which leverages the Nokia HERE Platform, Map and Content, will be supported in 196 countries and offers access to millions of POIs, ensuring that Jolla’s users will always be able to find what they are looking for.

So more nice news keeps steadily flowing through and another new partnership made official!

We especially look forward to being able to turn off our new Jolla handset at night, safe in the knowledge that we won’t be forgotten in the morning! :-)



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