Happy 5th Anniversary To You Nokia N900, And Fulfilling The Next Chapter #Jolla!

As Kojacker pointed out via a tweet, on the 11th of November 2014, the Nokia N900 had it’s 5 year anniversary and we should raise a toast, for without it, there would not have been the Nokia N9 or indeed now our beloved Jolla!

The Nokia N900 was the first smartphone that really got me excited about mobile technology, with it’s plethora of features, open source goodness, and seemingly endless possibilities – the perfect antidote to the growing numbers of Iphones and Droids at the time (2009) which now thoroughly dominate the market today in 2014.

Nokia N900: Had become unusable

Nokia N900: Celebrates its 5th anniversary!

I got my N900 originally on contract and immediately fell in love with it… yes it was a bit rough around the edges, but like Jolla, the community (Maemo) were always there with solutions, further adding to the feeling of a kind of camaraderie that we were amongst the pioneers, the lucky ones, not at all dissimilar to how Jolla is now today.

The ride lasted a good few years, until the day when my trusty N900 started to appear a little long in the tooth (faulty usb connector, specs starting to show their age etc), but fortunately the N9 was there to take up the next chapter.   However, something still felt a little bit missing… gone was the QWERTY keyboard, the IR port; the FM TX; SD card slot; removable battery, which in fairness made the N9 stand out as a far more sleek, consumer orientated affair, but in so doing lost part of the N900 charm in the process.

While I loved my 64GB N9, I had also embarked on a personal crusade to find that “true” successor to my N900… the N950 seemed to fit the bill but was impossible to get hold of… a unicorn to us mere mortals, unless you were either a developer or had a spare 800 Euros to pick one up off ebay (and even then they were very elusive).   At one point and driven by desperation and a last ditch attempt, I even contacted someone who worked at Nokia to see if they could try and bag me one but alas to no avail!

Nokia N950: Chasing the unicorn

Nokia N950: Chasing the unicorn

So it was when the ex-Nokia/Maemo/MeeGo team first announced their existence and intentions way back in July 2012, as the newly launched “Jolla Oy” that I felt my dreams “might” some day have a chance to become reality.

Fast forward to this day over 2 years later and the disparity between my dreams versus reality is finally becoming so blurred that I’m in an almost euphoric state, almost certain the “second coming” is almost upon us!

#TOHKBD Beautiful Render

#TOHKBD project finally fully blurs the lines between dreams/reality with it’s tremendously successful kickstarter project!

The N900 (and the N9) lives on in the new updated form of Jolla and the reason why it has only dawned on me today is because while the N900 quietly turns 5, another project which started raising funds this month (TOHKBD) finally stands to fully close the gap and make the Jolla as versatile and magical as the N900 once was all those years ago.

So it is with full realisation today, that my personal crusade which started over 2 years ago when I first setup JollaTides, is almost on the verge of another new exciting chapter, one which fills me with anticipation and magic all over again.

The Other Half: Sky's the limit!

The Other Half: With the huge recent success of #TOHKBD project, will this open the flood gates for more exciting new TOH designs coming soon?

Long live the Nokia N900, Long live Jolla!!




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