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#TOHKBD: Go, Go, Funky Configurator!


Thanks to Aonsaithya, there is now a really “Funky” configuration tool for those who have pledged on the TOHKBD for their Jolla! As there are literally thousands of different colour combinations to be had,… Read More

Editorial: #Jolla Chairman, Antii Saarnio Is Open To Nokia Collaboration


The news comes with reference to our friends at ReviewJolla recent article who have translated an interview with Jolla Chairman Antii Saarnio by YLE News, based in Finland. Being largely software-orientated, Jolla have long sought… Read More

Wild Speculation #4: Nokia + Jolla “Dream” Partnership ?


We have long speculated on this blog that Nokia might one day team up with Jolla to bring Sailfish OS to some nice Nokia hardware, a marriage which invokes a lot of passion from… Read More

Happy 5th Anniversary To You Nokia N900, And Fulfilling The Next Chapter #Jolla!


As Kojacker pointed out via a tweet, on the 11th of November 2014, the Nokia N900 had it’s 5 year anniversary and we should raise a toast, for without it, there would not… Read More

Who Has Ordered #TOHKBD, And Which Custom Options Will You Be Choosing?


In case you hadn’t noticed, we are SERIOUSLY excited about the #TOHKBD over here at JollaTides, in fact almost as excited as when we first prebooked the Jolla well over a year ago! So we thought… Read More

In My Wildest Jolla Dreams…


Okay I’m going to get straight to the point here no beating around the bush as I just need to get this idea out there before my brain explodes! While we wait for… Read More

Jolla Hardware Predictions ?


While the hardware side of things may not be finalised yet and certainly will not be making an appearance at the SLUSH event (according to Jolla), lets make some guesses on what we… Read More

2 Weeks To Go: Sailfish OS Predictions Anyone ?


With only 2 weeks to go before the big SLUSH event in Helsinki, Finland, and with Jolla understandably tightly-lipped in the run up to the event, I feel now is the time to… Read More

Jolla Handset Poll: Give Jolla your feedback!


Following on from this previous post, what would your ideal Jolla handset look like?   Here’s your chance to let Jolla know. If you choose the ‘other’ option, it would be great if you… Read More

QWERTY Vs. Touchscreen Form Factor


Lauta photos courtesy of mynokiablog. Inspired by some comments made by Ameego about the ‘axed’ Lauta on a previous blog, I felt inclined to put some thoughts together regarding the whole keyboard vs.… Read More

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