Jolla Handset Poll: Give Jolla your feedback!

Following on from this previous post, what would your ideal Jolla handset look like?   Here’s your chance to let Jolla know.

If you choose the ‘other’ option, it would be great if you could describe your perfect handset in the comments below. ;-)

Handset options:

Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen

Touchscreen only

Candy bar portrait QWERTY with touchscreen

Touchscreen with detachable modular QWERTY

Bored of the usual form factors ? Choose ‘other’ and let us know your perfect smartphone in the comments below.




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  2. Ever so slightly concave, think N9 along one axis but slightly concave instead of convex. One get the scratch pro när eyboard it can slide along the outer radius .

    • Alternatively, what about a slide out second screen that can then hold a querty keyboard or other controls. In addition to this I’d add a controllable membrane that would produce little bumps on the surface on command to give the display texture.

  3. I’d like a phone with absolutely no physical buttons, as little bevel as is possible.

    A strain gauge to detect when the phone is squeezed, this can be tied into various contexts of the phone’s use in which a conventional button press might be needed, like a shutter button or a call answer/cancel button, play/pause and so on. The touch controls to extend over as much of the phone as possible, to allow gestures that do not need to be screen related. And if you’d be so kind really like two varieties of this, one with a slide out keyboard and one without.

  4. Selected Other because I want to see Jolla, and any startup for that matter, innovating. Slide out keyboards are so 00s, and they’re kind of awkward as you have to keep changing device orientation. Most of the devices with them are pretty ugly too, although admittedly the N9 prototype/whatever leak looked potentially interesting.

    • Changing the device orientation is pretty seemless actually in the same way as a touchscreen phone is. A slide out acts exactly like a full touchscreen only with the benefit of having physical keys if you need them. What’s not to like ? ;-)

      • Portrait: Optimize the UI for quick usage with one hand when in the move, provide virtual keyboard to send that “OK” text message back.

        Landscape: Optimize UI for content creation, full physical qwerty keyboard to actually write longer mails.


  5. Touchscreen with detachable qwerty and one very important thing is durable acumulator. Personally I hate thin phones like Galaxy SII with poor 1650 mAh accu. First thing is to get more power for those… So something like 3Ah might be good starting point. Too hevy? No no…

    • Battery life is definitely a huge factor… from personal experience, android is the most power hungry OS whereas MeeGo seems to power manage very well in comparison. Of course, mAh is important too but balancing the form factor and aesthetics will also be crucial for Jolla to be successful. :-)

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  7. im only saying “Touchscreen with detachable modular QWERTY” because the screen looks heaps big! its the full size of the phone!!!

    but whhhaaat? detachable qwerty? no need for it to be detachable lol

    really, i just want the slide out keyboard but have the screen the full length of the phone too bohahaha

  8. I voted for the touchscreen with modular keyboard. Slide out with landscape keyboard would be fine too. But if I thought you meant it, I’d vote for the armband phone for sure! (With modular keyboard you can store in a pocket or bag somewhere.)

  9. Whoever tried a full qwerty phone can hardly get used to anything else. I’m not fortunate to have an N950 (pass me one if got one, ha ha) bi i still have my old E7 with a prefect keyboard and a nice touch screen, and not too big

  10. At first I thought detachable qwerty to be the best. But you never know are you gonna need keyboard today or not. So I vote for qwerty slide-out smartphone with a huge battery (2000-2500mAh 3.7v). I carried n810 in a jeans pocket, weight is not a problem for me.

  11. Personally I’d prefer a full touch screen phone that’s not too big and can be used comfortably with one hand. I don’t care much about a hardware keyboard although I wouldn’t mind one as long as it doesn’t make the phone bulky. A phone with decent screen size with minmum bezel and good battery life.

  12. Touchscreen only, if it has cursive text entry a la Palm and P800 – I hate virtual keyboards, otherwise slide out qwerty.

  13. All the options may be good . It depends on how much there are unreasonable size over display (and probalbly over keyboard).

    May be the detachable candybar would be the best if it is totally optional and gives more value than just a keyboard… more mAhs.

    Can you make phones cascadable? I mean similar phones that can be connected to each others. By connecting two phones together it gives on screen for display and another for typing as well as it gives a big screen. By connecting three phones together it gives you almost a tablet. By connecting much more phones together it gives you a screen for an olympic stadion.

    More phones means more mAhs when the processing is done mainly in the master phone.

  14. I picked other because I want a flip-phone with normal keypad and trackstick/intellipoint rather than a touch-screen.

    Also I am frankly astounded flip-phone wasn’t on the list, not exactly an unheard of form factor or anything.

  15. One more…

    The current samrtphones with a touchsreen only are useful on the desktop especially with an AMOLED dislplaying date/time/no of messages/missed calls, etc. How ever, I hate that concept when putting it to pocket with keys etc. No matter whether there is a gorilla glass used. I still miss a Communicator like phone.

    By connecting two independent phones together it gives an option to swap them to “turtle position” (displays inside, covers outside) when in a pocket. When on a desktop the displays can be visible.

    Physical connection allows to share batteries. NFC gives all the other capabilities. The both options should exits.

  16. Detachable kb would be my preference. It could double as a battery extender for longer travels. In addition, ui handedness should be user configurable, especially in landscape mode. This way screen size would not define usability so heavily.

  17. Definitely a keyboard slideout with a huge battery. Will it be thick? Yes. Will it be heavy? Yes. Will I love a company bucking the trend of thin and light in favor of utilitarian? Most definitely.

    only thing about that hardware keyboard is, make sure there are still software keyboards available. Some of us live in non-QWERTY countries…

  18. I think a virtual/physical keyboard combo could be very useful. 

    Slide-out keyboards are good because they preserve readable screen space while you type. OTOH they’re inflexible language-wise and offer fewer readable buttons, depening in function keys and shift keys to get all the glyphs in. 

    By adding a physical local language keyboard, I could write faster and better with fewer errors and less frustration than today. The space, shift, enter, arrow and punctuation buttons are essential to the writing experience, so make sure they get extra space on the keyboard for error-free input.

    Keyboards/character sets for numbers, special characters, emoji etc could be relegated to the screen. One could also augment the physical keyboard with the screen — hold down a function key and a character key to see/select the various accents and umlauts you need from another language.

    Of course, as soon as the physical keyboard is detached the alphabetical key set returns on screen.

    Have a look at iA’s Writer app for iOS, they have a well-considered key set.

  19. I’d buy an E7-style 3.7″-4.0″ phone with Meego, Android app compatibility and good battery life on day one. A thickness of 15-17mm would be good, if it made the phone nice to hold (not too thin) and gave space for a good battery. NFC, and preferably also tap-to-share with Symbian would be nice. A good camera (good enough to replace a compact on most days) with a dedicated button is a requirement for me. Some really “cool” functions to show off would be appreciated.

  20. Whoever tried a phone with a *good* qwerty keyboard (like the nokia E7), can’t really ever get used to a pure touch screen phone. The E7 concept is actually great – you can use the touch input if you want to, and you can also pull out the hw keyb if you need it. That’s one thing I’m really missing on my N9 now.
    Furthermore, this also depends on the portfolio of the phone. A pure gaming/multimedia model probably wouldn’t need a hw keyboard. But _knowing_ you ;) you’d probably with your 1st model for something more “serious” – I used my E7 to admin some servers when urgent (PUTTY + a hw keyboard is actually pretty usable on that phone).
    …And, I could go on with this forever. Anyways, I’m very eager to see the/my 1st JollaPhone, and btw I really got bored with that other “how heavenly is to work for Jolla…/can’t wait till i sit to my desk” spam :)

  21. N900 is still one of the best handset around, with more user capabilities than any other mobile device ever.
    Phisical keyboard would be the real killer, since every other producer has followed the path that Apple has chosen.

  22. My perfect phone is neither of the above in themselves. I believe that a well designed interface has only four buttons and a directional pad. The buttons represent the following actions: accept, cancel, information and menu. The directional pad supplies navigation. When applied in cellphone design you need to consider the large non-gaming market and the office/business use. A good combination of fun, work and inspiration would then be an touchscreen device with a slidable input part. Slide it down to reveal a sinplified keyboard and slide it up (and turn the device upsidedown) ti reveal a simplified gamepad.

    the device then have 3 states: easy-access (only touchscreen), writing (keyboard) and gaming (gamepad).

    the design drawbacks would be device thickness and a cramped keyboard.

    alternative designs place the directional pad and buttons on the sides if the screen with a smaller screen and much better keyboard.

    just consider the impact of accurate easy to use navigation of music, files, links in websites etc without the need to cover the screen. Add left and right shoulder buttons and you open up for some heavy arcade gaming.

    again: my ideal user interface navigates data and performs actions without the need for zooming or covering the data itseld, is usable in all weathers with and without gloves and has multiple input mechanisms so that each task can use the unput that the user prefer in each case, each time.

    (I prefer touchscreen for webbrowsing, point and click games and video capture/display, I prefer keyboard for writing and short text/number input and gamepad for games, browsing data collections such as files, music, booklists and webbrowsing in some cases.)

  23. Touchscreen with a detachable modular QWERTY without a doubt…
    Something similar to what MS’s doing with the Surface tablet would be awesome.
    None of this old-school landscape QWERTY *locked in*, that blows.

  24. the Jolla n9-01 looking good and fresh for me. But, seems to me one the most important feature today is big display (4.3″ <) and HD resolution. The question is will it look so pretty with thise features??

  25. Wristband phone! Or touchscreen only, they have to reach as much publicity as possible. QWERTY keyboards just doesn’t seem to be the way to reach it.

  26. I mainly use my N900 (just like my N810 and my Zaurus previously) as a Linux computer: with a text terminal and a shell. For that, a physical QWERTY keyboard and a screen that is wide enough for 80 columns are absolutely necessary. I didn’t “upgrade” to the N9 because of the lack of physical keyboard.

  27. We need to start from the point Apple stops. Slim phone, touch, durable, options is great, only one model in a year & elegant. Plus we need the software to be more open source, Bluetooth is connecting to other devices, flash is working in all websites, huge app. store, automatic app & OS update notification, etc…

  28. I’ll represent minority here, as I would prefer phone with slide out 9 keys – for quick and convenient make of voice-calls (I do still use phones for this function!), and I would really like to be able to do it without looking at keyboard at all (not likely that’s possible with touchscreen or with full qwerty).
    As for detachable keyboard – I would like it only if it would give me real typing speed and accuracy boost enabling me do 2-hand touch-typing, i.e, that should be at least double size (some roll-up/flexible keyboard?). In this case I would use it occasionally for making notes at meetings or similar cases. I don’t think I would actually bother myself looking for attachable keyboard if that gives only minor improvement (it takes me ages to browse trough all pockets to find small things like that).

  29. I will not go over “repeat” both options:
    (1.)Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen and
    (2.)Touchscreen only,
    ..good and bad qualities,
    because everyone already knows them,
    but also on the other hand, the “good” and “bad” features are part of our personal, subjective experience, how we as in individuals, are experiencing these technical features, ourselves.

    (/Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen)
    ..of the phone has to be part of the body of the phone, it may not be removable.
    Detachable keyboard causes only: new and awkward problems.

    So the obvious way to get this analysis extend and develop to deeper-level, is to think about a compromise between these two features
    (1.)Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen and
    (2.)Touchscreen only.

    Both, as well as the phone’s display and the keyboard, should be just the mere touchscreens surfaces (* 2 pcs) and part of the same body of phone.

    If instead of the physical (western) QWERTY-keyboard of the phone, there could be, just touchsreen based
    “a input/feed – touch display”, it could enable then use of many types of characters such as: Chinese, or Hindi language characters, or Russians characters, or Japanese characters, via same input-touchscreen display and in same device. As well you could use that same screen as a game controller of the game console.
    (Generally, general mobile phones battery life, have to get to better level)
    Am I just the only person here, planet of seven billion people, who has been thinking about this?? If this is so , then this must have been very, very bad luck.

  30. Well I bought both, the N900 and the N9.
    The biggest feature I am missing on he N9 is the QWERTY keyboard.
    Why: First of all, often if I try to enter some text more or less the whole screen is used by the keyboard. For instance it’s not possible to read the last message you received while you are typing a new one. Second even with Swype (for which I need to enter a lot of words on my own to the dictionary, because simply no one writes messages in proper German around here) I am way slower than with the QWERTY keyboard. Not really an improvement for me. But I could live with it, if there was a bigger screen, which becomes normal to the latest generation of handset devices.

    So in conclusion: QWERTY keyboards might not be possible for design reasons, because of the growing thickness of the phone. The detachable keyboard would not be bad either, but often the keyboard gets used on the way, so there is no stable underground where to put the phone. It would really suck if you have a keyboard but can’t use it.
    Here I got the idea of connecting the detachable keyboard with bluetooth (probably just when really needed, to safe power) and attach the keyboard to the cover around the phone. It just needs a metal plate in it to sustain stability (probably the chip can be integrated in that metal plate). So you could probably create a quite thin detachable keyboard.
    Well it’s up to you to make something out of that. However, I would not go without a QUERTY keyboard, and if you really decide to do, please make a bigger screen than the N9 has.

  31. I wonder how production-ready is the haptic display technology from Senseg. And how well would an onscreen qwerty keyboard work by utilizing that technology? If it’s cost-wise reasonable and ready for mass production that would be something to separate from competitors. Otherwise, sliding qwerty it is. Or both, one model with candy-bar qwerty and the other with sliding one. :)

  32. I would go for candy bar qwerty design. Or slide out qwerty. Modular keyboard hardly makes sense to me, but it could work, if executed properly.

    All in all, any keyboard would do, as long as it is physical tactile keyboard. I made a huge mistake switching to Galaxy Nexus from my N900. Granted, never buying a touchscreen phone again.

  33. If you do a modular detachable input unit, make sure you also supply a version with a gamepad instead of a keyboard, possibly as an add-on you can buy on the side.

    If you attach it physically with connectors, please consider using it as an extra battery that can be charged in a dock stand-alone. (Ie, I’d have a dock with 3 clips I can put my stuff in, one for the screen, one for the keyboard and one for the gamepad, each having their own battery).

    For reference, I bought a transformer once and while I absolutely love the hardware (still!) I loathe the horrible software in it -_-

    • After further discussing with my co-workers I’m now settled on wanting it modular and hope the external modules are of great variety. While the expected keyboard and gamepad is obvious, the very same connectors and methods should be usable to make modules for external batteries, hard drives, solar chargers (with battery, charge the battery while disconnected from the phone so you can use the phone while charging).

      The extra bulk and price added will then be at each of us to decide what external modules are worth to own and which are worth to carry with you.


      I assume I get the keyboard when I buy it, I’d pay for a gamepad so I can play games, speakers with battery and solar charger with battery for outdoor usage and possibly a plain old battery.

      What would I be willing to pay for these things?

      For the keyboard (with battery), not much, I really assume it will come by default.
      For the gamepad (with battery), about €75-€125 somewhere.
      For the solar charger (with battery), about €150-€300 depending on efficiency.
      For the extra battery, about €50-€75.

      I had the n900 for years and I bought a game-gripper for it. I dropped the n900 in a lake, so I bought a new one. The new one broke after a while and I got an N9.

      Now that I’ve used the N9 for a quite some time I miss the n900 and have been waiting for a successor.

      I hope this is it.

  34. I really hope you make phone with at least some kind of physical qwerty-keyboard. That was only reason i did not buy myself n9 and kept using my n900.
    Anyhow, now my n900 is broken (it’s usb port detached) and now I’m using my old 5800 And only phone these days that i want to buy is Jolla so please release it soon. :D

  35. Definitely the slide-out keyboard! I’m still hanging on to my Nokia N97 – despite the Symbian version on it being pretty crap – because it has a proper keyboard. I also very much like that it has a directional pad (which the N97 mini doesn’t), and the angled screen is also convenient on occasion.

    Slide-out keyboards may well be “so 00s”, but if you’re using your phone for real work – I use it to SSH into various systems when I’m on the road – the hipster factor suddenly becomes entirely irrelevant.

    Honestly, get me a Jolla set with a slide-out keyboard and you have a customer :-)

    The attachable keyboard may also be interesting, but it’s another bit I need to drag along and keep track of, and I worry a bit about how long the connector is going to last with frequent use.

  36. The detachable thingy looks promising at first sight, but I bet the occasions are rare when you’d actually leave the qwerty module at home. So you’d need to carry it around anyway just in case you need to type a lengthy SMS. What better place to carry it than attached to the main body. What you end up with is a slide qwerty. Which would be awesome if it didn’t make the device thick. But it does: it’s really really difficult to make one that lasts without having to make it thick and sturdy. So, even though hate the current touchscreen keyboards, they still seem to be the best compromise for me.

  37. big display (oat least 4.3 “) at high resolution (1280×700?) and lots of RAM (1GB or more) for me ple :) I love hardware keyboard. a good hd camera would be a big plus. Some other N900 features would be welcome

  38. A slide out full keyboard with a touch screen around 4 to 4.5 inches makes a good unit i have a few phones but the full keyboard i use is way faster to write my email and twitter posts

  39. I definitely would like a full landscape slide-out keyboard, but think it would be good to have 2 models as there are always those who are happy with just a touch screen (also it’s the fashion at the moment). Something like an N9/N950 combo with a unique Jolla take.

    Keyboard on my N900 is great, but the phone is too think and the screen too small. Something like the N950 (but maybe even bigger screen!) would be my ideal. Actually, something like a Samsung Galaxy Note with a slide-out keyboard :-)

    I think the future of smartphones will be as portable computers (combined with also being a phone, camera, gps, ebook reader, music/video player). It won’t be long before the CPUs are powerful enough to do full desktop/laptop style work when combined (wirelessly) with a full sized keyboard, mouse and screen. It won’t be long before a stripped-down smartphone OS (like Android/iOS) won’t be good enough. We’ll need a real Linux like Meego.

    P.S. I want an Intel processor so that I can run binary apps compiled for desktop Linux on my Meego smartphone (Skype, Acrobat, Dropbox, Flash, AIR, Chrome, Opera, Wine apps, etc)

    • I second the Intel processor idea. If Jolla did an Intel Medfield powered processor, preferably a quad-core gen, I could get a power sipping CPU that also works with x86 binaries.

      But yeah, back on topic… landscape QWERTY slide out keyboard all the way! I’d like to do remote SSH without having to rely on a software keyboard.

    • WOW – QWERTY slide out at almost 50% of total votes…. if you add the detachable QWERTY votes that’s up to around 65%…. add the portrait QWERTY votes and that’s around 68%! The results seem pretty clear from where I’m sitting. Another thing to love about ‘QWERTY’…. it’s so easy to type… hehe ;-)

  40. The actual form factor is really secondary as long as the utility meets with design. That said, I don’t see why anyone would need to add more stuff than a touchscreen – just a touchscreen would keep the price down too without complex mechanics. Go for something like Senseg with the screen, if it works.

    More important than a form factor are open ways to sync contacts, calendar, tasks, mails, etc. from the device to open-source server implementations. Make the servers simple – they could just be simple Python scripts. Let the community build converter plugins for *DAV, ActiveSync, whatever, and let them create more complex tools, if necessary.

    The big idea is to avoid a walled garden as anyone could host the servers to make a private cloud, no need to give your data to some $MEGACORP or $CLOUD_PROVIDER. I’m sure $MEGACORP and $CLOUD_PROVIDER would pop up to host the sync storages for those who have no interest in maintaining an own server.

    Now that’s a niche for you and a good way to differentiate from the millions of plastic rectangles (with rounded corners) out on the market. I don’t think Jolla will be very disruptive with just some form factor hack like a sliding QWERTY keyboard. Buf if you let people process their own data and keep the data among themselves, out of the box with a snazzy UI and a nice UX, now that will be something that just isn’t out there in the market right now.

    • Slinky, read the other comments to see why most users here want a physical keyboard. For me, the price isn’t a problem: I just want something I can use, and a necessary condition is to be able to use a text terminal without much difficulties.

    • Definitely agree that the software must be solid – that goes without saying. The aesthetics and function of the hardware (specs etc) is often the first thing most people see visually or read about, so as you mention, matching good solid hardware with a solid software ecosystem is obviously very crucial but hardware should not be secondary. Both need to be considered in equal measure and priority I feel in order to make a well rounded handset.

  41. Qwerty keybord that works as a screen cover. The phone could be sold without the qwerty-cover and it could be bought separately. It has to click in to stay firm, but information does not need to travel via that channel.

  42. It almost sounds like what many of us would like is edging towards the realms of psion 5mx. Sorry for mentioning the ‘p’ word(I’m showing my age). Anyway my old E7 is 13.6mm thick that’s 6mm thicker than some new phones. Let’s not forget that not so long ago the race was on to make the smallest phone possible. Now we are over that and there is a trend to thiner larger screen devices. I don’t see why the race for thinness at least won’t die off and we will get over it. I have no problems at all with a thicker device and actually prefer the feel in the hand.
    Fashion is an important element in a phones appeal, but trends are driven by inovative designs and ideas. If jolla’s design also addresses what customers at the moment need i.e more battery life (replaceability), more device inter-compatibility, more memory (removeable), more connectivity, then they may lead the way. I know ‘more’ adds bulk and for many this would be a deal breaker.
    There are also many people who are led by advertising/fashions/amount of apps/brand loyalty/cool factor, and are not in the least concerned with how OS’s compare or how different devices actualy perform, and have no interest at all in forums like this. These are also valued customers and how jolla interacts with these people in addition to phone fanatics will be key to their success. What ever form factor Jolla settle on they will need some mass appeal and I wish them all the best.
    P.S please let it be a 4″ slider similar to e7.

    • I tend to agree Simon and I think the only way Jolla could possibly keep both camps happy is to have a compromise like this:
      Or at least if a touchscreen only phone is on the cards, which I have a strong feeling it is, due to the average consumer demand, a retro-fittable keyboard would be a very important consideration as illustrated by this and other polls.

      • Why a detachable keyboard? Bloetooth (plus NFS) does the job great. So if you want it that way, you can just produce a lot of USB hardware supported from the phone itself by Bluetooth….
        Somehow (as an engineer) I can see only trouble in producing detachable components (not in production itself but they will be easy to break)…

      • I second that.
        The screen should keep the biggest part of the place.
        My choices would be (in order) :
        1 – slide-out (landscape) with touchscreen virtual kbd avail in portrait & landscape mode
        2 – modular (still landscape) still with virtual kbd, of course
        3 – touchscreen only

        The virtual kbd on Nokia 5800 (Symbian S60v5) is quite fine for example :
        – full QWERTY/AZERTY/whatever in landscape mode
        – T9 in portrait mode (switch with full QWERTY when rotating)
        – mini QWERTY in portrait & landscape mode (movable)
        – handwriting in both modes

        If the physical kbd could follow the chosen kbd layout no matter what the key shows, it would be great. If additional layout could be integrated or added (dvoral, bépo, …) it would be even better.

  43. PS. Just remembered this quote from Jolla: “Jolla is going to release a developer edition of the device which gives full access to linux hackers and technology enthusiasts. Jolla will fully support the communities and be part of them, and wants them to be part of creating and developing our device,” the spokeswoman confirmed.
    Could ‘developer edition’ = qwerty keyboard ?

  44. Do you think in a double LCD screen like a book. Why phones comes larger? In phone mode cab be a half size and full size open only for Web browsing or use apps. We can use a phone of 4″ and a screen of 8″ for example.

  45. Is possible to integrate a FM transmitter like on the N900? Please Jolla, we want a 100% N900 killer, and the FM transmitter is very important for some users like me. And more one question: Your devices will use OMAP chipsets like the Nokias N9 and N900?

  46. I want sliding keyboard – that was main reason I did not migrate to N9. I want physical keyboard I can feel.

  47. Slide out QWERTY landscape! The 3-year old N900 is the last and current N-Series flagship. Qwerty, doubles N9 memory, N900 specs where superior to its time max rivals: Nexus One and iPhone 3gs … also I found more innovative maemo5 than N9s meego, because meego is too iOized with its desktop full of icons without widgets. N8, like pureview only has a great cam like all N8x. I want to feel power on my hand again!

  48. About innovation, I always thoght that after the n900, the next flagship would dock easily to a computscreen and towireless keyboard and mouse.Adapting its screenresolution . Not only to view video on a large screen but to work with.

  49. On a slightly more abstract level:

    I’d like to suggest that at the moment, for the most part the tablet and to some extent the mobile phones are moving to take on the role of a general purpose PC. A phone therefore needs to support a broad range of features, not least interchangeable batteries, slider keyboards, memory card slots and many many apps, so the list can go on.

    I believe in the future the key words are going to be interconnectivity and integration. So while Jolla right now must produce a phone that will compete and appear comparable to the Iphone they must be and as far as I can tell are looking to the future, where our data will be stored in the clouds, as better integration is achieved we will experience yet another revolution in how we interact with phones and other such devices and other (currently not computing related) products. As such we’re left with two questions; What will we want our phones to do for us in the future? And how will we actually use them?

    So returning to the question of form factor with these thoughts in mind. The answer becomes as simple as asking which features do you need and where can you hide them. It is not beyond the realm of imagining that a manufacturer could produce a mobile phone that fits in the form factor of a mono Bluetooth earpiece, that is Bluetooth and GPS capable, able to receive calls and dial a number of pre-sets as programmed from a PC or other manager device (no touch screen, NFC, texting or email, accelerometers, wifi, etc) and already you’re looking at something which is affordable, replaceable and interchangeable. Such a device is probably manufacturable, maybe even marketable, it would certainly offer and require a different manner of interaction to that which we normally consider for our phones today.

    Sorry but I do think the discussion of a slider keyboard or no keyboard is a bit limited. A consideration here is simply that a keyboard accessory which doubles up as a phone case with wireless charging and accessible via Bluetooth or another wireless standard would resolve most issues with having or not having integral keyboard.

  50. I may be the only people wanting that, but I’d love to see a T9 keypad. I have a Nokia N95 and I’m so used to it that every other keyboard style make me drastically lose typing speed.

    • Wow and I thought I was old school wanting a full qwerty! Just a little point but I’m sure if you got used to other input methods in the same way that you have with your N95, you would find them just as quick if not quicker off the draw… maybe we should have face off – keyboards at dawn! :-)

      • no one can deny that N95 is the best thing ever happened , i can type faster on it than my iphone , it is as simple as this “hard is better than soft” , if jolla created a phone that looks like n95 with better OS , and newer hardware , also a bigger screen, and slimmer , i guess i might join the unexpected , and get me a Jolla phone , so when ppl ask me what kind a phone you have they will be shocked with the results.

  51. Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen.

    One that would work over a year without going to service, one that you could use for years if you like it. I guess everyone has had the moment that a perfect phone has died, and it’s no longer available, and you can’t find a decent replacement.
    (It’s not maybe smart to manufacture phones that would last for years, but I myself would like to stick with a model that works and suits my use, rather than be in constant hunt for a phone that would just work in the never ending sea of phones that you would not like.)

  52. My wishes are….nokia e7-like shape, with 4.5″ screen size, open firmware bootable from SD and good amount of battery.

  53. I would love a compact smart-phone, something along the size of Sony Xperia Mini.

    Must haves:
    – Calendar Synchronization (CalDav)
    – Contact Synchronization (CardDav)
    – Agenda on home screen (or at least the modability of it)

    In short, I would like a compact day planner that is also capable of making phonecalls, send messages and if necessary serve as a basic internet gadget.

    Got an N9 atm, quite happy with it. Especially with the Organiser Feed app.

  54. How about a device that looks like a miniature laptop but has a 4″ screen on either side of the lid. This would give a big full touch screen phone when closed. When opened would have a 4″ touch screen which can be angled to suit and a 5 or 6 row qwerty with dedicated number keys and maybe short cut keys. Track pad?
    I would worry about losing parts of a modular phone but I guess if they were tethered via bluetooth or something an alarm could sound if the units were seperated unexpectedly. If it has to be made modular please let the screen pivot so it can be adjusted for thumb or desk input.
    I think a larger screen than 4″ would make a slide out keyboard unweildy for thumb input.

  55. I’d prefer a phone like a N9/N900 Crossover, please don’t release this phone without a keyboard. I could write Emails and SMS’s so fast with my N900, now, writing on the N9 just sucks nowadays. You make one mistake, but you don’t have arrows to correct them. If you click twice on a false word, the auto correction popup appears, and it’s not always a good correction. This leads to click on the word, then click on an other because you landed on “longwod|r” and not on “longwo|dr”. Then you have to click on an other word again because you cant move the cursor without it, it would pop up the auto correction again >.>

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  57. Phablet sized in the 5 – 5.5″ range N9 like touchscreen w/ Moto Razr Maxx HD batt size. Up to date SoC would be nice and hot swappable micro SD w/ door to chassis side PLEASE.

  58. I think that some like the form factor and size of the N9 and an N9-like phone with bigger screen size would be a good choice as the two primary phones and then a phone an Slide-out landscape QWERTY phone like the Lauta prototype or the N950 to give all the geeks and hwkb lovers a phone to use, develop and code on. And the qwerty phone should be available on the market.

  59. i really like to see something new on hardware side too, like that detachtable keyboard, it would be awesome. and one another thing what is missing current smartphones is INFRARED, many of my friends look back when you could remote your tv with old nokia, and that’s one feature that make you stand out too, hope you are at least considering it. anyway, if new jolla phone has physical keyboard and it supports android apps, i will buy it, no question about it. good luck with your project and hope to see the phones ready soon.

  60. I’d like to see snap-on qwerty keyboard, preferably one that folds on top of the screen as a cover (good ol’ Communicator style). Put battery in the keyboard to extend phone usage time and you have my money.

  61. I would like to see some kind of combination of products which combines everything together.
    * 7″-9″ screen (like Samsung Tab)
    * Holster for the tab to easily carry it around
    * wireless hands free with little screen and alarm speaker, to be used for (in example BH-111 from Nokia or Apple Nano ipod):
    ** see who’s calling
    ** search contacts
    ** See couple of next calendar events
    ** See messages
    * keyboard cover for the tab (like microsoft surface)

    And extra point, it will need good enough battely life

    In that way, you have the tab with you to browse the internet when needed – and you can handle you calls/messages without digging the whole big thing out of the pocket… All the processing would be done in tablet, but most of the information would be nice to see also in the hands free…


  62. I agree with a E7 style design. But what I miss is veroy often a CAR compliant design. This means, all connections for using in a cradle should be on the same side. Connections should include a power/charging connector and a external antenna connector. Also I highly request a user replaceable battery. For car connections, Bluetooth is good enough, even when used in a cradle. This is the only way to use the mobile phone as a modem for the in-car systems like Mercedes-Benz Comand to connect to the internet.

  63. how about qwerty side flip?i thinks none of all mobile phone used that design, accept nokia eseries..or,just side slide like n950

  64. I used to have Nokia 9300 and I am using now Nokia n97 mini. The keyboard in 9300 is great in use. It is also very reliable. After five years of intensive use it still looks as new one.

    Keyboard in n97 mini is not bad, but have one important disadvantage: LACK of CTRL Key!

    I see that your N9-01 concept has CTRL key, but it is situated in wrong place. When CTRL is close to Cursor Arrows you can’t use arrows and CTRL to fast navigate cursor position when writing or editing text.

    PLS note this remark.

    BTW This concept looks great!

    • Agree…

      And in case you chose to provide a touch screen only, don’t forget arrow keys. It’s on of the worst experience with touch screens to try to move cursor few characters backwards for correcting typos.

  65. To be really useful, a keyboard needs to be big enough to touch-type on. The kind of folding keyboards you used to get with Palm devices would be the minimum-useful from my point of view.

    Much of the use of a large-screen smartphone is as a constant-mass reference book; no typing, just reading. Having a stylus, and ideally a stylus with variable pressure sensitivity to support sketching and annotations, is a huge help with that mode of use. (Also, larger fingers, gloves, etc.)

    So I’m voting “other” for “a large-screen touchscreen with a detachable, fold-out, qwerty large enough to touch-type on with all one’s fingers and a styles for when one wants to circle stuff in the reference book or scribble down a brief note in the field guide.

  66. if the new Jolla’s phone will seem to the N9-01 concept i will buy it immediatly
    obviusly i want unless 3,9”!!!!

    JOLLA HAVE U HEAR ME???? 3,9”’ is STANDARD SIZE not 3,5”

    • 3.9″ or 4″ sounds good to me as maximum. Any larger and it starts getting uncomfortable…. errr not that my hands are small or anything. (my hands measure a good 12″ last time I took it them out ;-))

      • 1280×800 at 300 ppi — pixels per inch — gives a 5″ diagonal.

        Those of us who would like a device usable for reference materials, two informative displays at once, etc. likely want at least that many dots. (Not especially difficult to get a smartphone with that many dots these days.)

        Also, it’s pretty much impossible to get a keyboard you can actually type on integrated into something with a 4″ screen, at least for those of us whose hands aren’t small.

        Would much prefer a nearly-full-size folding keyboard as a peripheral to any sort of integrated poke-the-chiclet-with-a-stylus hardware keyboard. DO want the stylus.

  67. If like me you’re following these comments avidly, then you’ll have no doubt that there is a strong demand for a hardware keyboard, either in a modular form factor or an integrated slide out.

    From the slide out side of the argument I’ve always wanted the Psion Series 5 solution except with the ability to flip the screen to face in wards or out. The down side to that is the complex mechanics take up space.

    As an alternative or perhaps in adition to either form factor. Why not use keyboard and mouse sharing from a remote device, like a PC.

    Just to take things a little bit further since we’ve got X running why not drive a remote display, using the phone as the client and a display driving device as a server? Though I am sure that a Linux Desktop could server this without much trouble, others such as Windows, Mac or an Android Smart TV… (other smart display technologies are available) all present their own challenges.

  68. Please do it touchscreen only if u’ll release just one phone model. Obviously Jolla should come up with at least two handsets – one touchscrrean only plus a qwerty.
    Anyway my ideal phone is Nokia N9, thats why I’d like a touchscreen Jolla.
    In the end, keep up ur good work guys and PLEASE keep the true Nokia spirit alive! Dont let the best phonemaker ever to disappear.
    P.S. Elop can go to hell and take his Windows phone with him.

  69. I would suggest to license US Patent 8213686 Hildreth released July 3rd, 2012 for Qualcomm -This is a video mouse where camera takes series of pictures of user’s face. Based on the move of pictures on video path, then moves the cursor on the screen. Principle is the same than with optical mouse. User either moves the cellphone in hand to take picture of his/her face or moves face related to camera. Selection of the icon can be made by selection button on side of the phone.
    Veijo Tuoriniemi, Espoo, Finland

    • I was with you right up to “Selection of the icon can be made by selection button on side of the phone.” This is the third millennium! Micro-switches along with Knife switches belong in a museum… or a horror movie.

      Or perhaps following your train of thought, an eye tracking technology. The Galaxy S3 can already recognize when you’re not looking at the phone. So why not track where you’re looking at on the phone and just for fun train the system to recognize a few key facial expressions to trigger events.

  70. DUAL-SIM or TRIPLE-SIM for MORE THEN ONE SIM card in the ONE Jolla mobile – this is the most important!! Dualsim is the option which allow Nokia Asha success. The greatest N9 DISADVANTAGE was the lack of dualsim. And there is no other way – dualsim is commonly used standard. Without dualsim Jolla will be lost in markets in Asia like China etc.. Everywhere there dualsim is commonly used standard.

    • The greatest N9 disatvantage was that MeeGo was discontinued by Nokia. Btw, anybody knows how many N9 handstes did Nokia sell?

      • The only sales figures I have seen were estimations – somewhere between 3-5 million units seems about right as a ball park, bearing in mind there was no US or UK release (and a few other countries). On top of that the marketing for N9 was virtually non-existent.

  71. 1.Congrats for MeeGo continuum.
    2.Specs for Jolla are:
    – 4 inch all touch screen( no buttons please, except volume and start)
    – Dual core,2GB ram,1500 MHz
    – Thiner N9 like design( MONOLITH)
    – Skype,Facebook,Twiter, Maps,Wikipedia,You Tube,Weather,and all that mumbo jumbo preinstaled
    – High resolution screen
    – Good camera ,at least 12 Mpix (with Led flashlight,Autofokus,fast,and picture efects),Also front camera.
    – Penta band,Wi fi a/b/g/n,LTE,Usb , tv out,HD ready
    -GOOD BATERY LIFE( at least 24 hours of heavy usage (I mean HEAVY)
    -Size 120mm x 65mm x 8 mm
    – All Black or(and) All White body color
    – Fast Browser (really fast)
    Thats all i want for now :))))


  72. From my point of view, something like the following must be a huge success:
    * quad core cpu (or something like cortex a15 + cortext m4 from TI) + 2 gigs of ram (for the future)
    * decent GPU (APQ 8064 would be nice)
    * microSD slot is a MUST (unless 64GiB is available for a reasonable price)
    * decent LCD/AMOLED (800×480 ain’t enough nowadays; at least 720p)
    * nice cover, something like N9 would be sufficient
    * IMHO some great DAC + HDMI output would make the device a sellout
    * NFC, wireless battery charging (not so important today, but for the future few years…)
    * that detachable bluetooth keyboard looks like a nice idea
    * of course a fully open-source system. Not like maemo on the n900, where you have to keep half of the binaries to not drain battery within an hour.
    * integration/emulation of android apps (not for me, but for “regular” people)

    Please, don’t do something like N9, which had half of hw specs of the new devices. Just don’t. Though if the the device is in development, the hardware is already ready by this time – and the above won’t mean a thing. :-) :-(

  73. Landscape touchscreen and slide out keyboard for on the move.

    Plus Bluetooth keyboard and mouse or docking/charging station with attached peripherals.

    Plus HDMI or similar out so I can use it to replace my current phone and laptop and desktop. There is no reason to have 3 computers these days.

  74. Long before the padfone 1 came into being, I sent in an idea to Nokia Pilots about effectively having a processing unit that plugged into a variety of form factors, and if Jolla could get this processing unit to the right size, they could have a touch only phone, a T9 keyboard phone, a QWERTY slider phone, a tablet phone, a portrait QWERTY phone, a nettop phone, a clamshell phone all available from the same PU. And, you could even end up with a watch phone, wallet phone, wifi dongle phone, “car” phone or anything else you can think of. And then you can upgrade the processing unit seperately from the rest of the phone!

    Don’t worry about it being too big, as long as the PU can fit into a reasonable (E7/E6) sized phone, it would be small enough! Well, to my thinking anyway. Thinness is too much now, and I remember thinking how dinky the N95 was and it was about 25mm thick!

  75. Instead of a phone, it could be a connective system:

    1. A wireless handsfree, that you could keep on your ear all the time, and would maybe just have to touch your ear to answer.
    this way, answering wouldn’t require so much desperate flailing for your phone.

    2. A wrist-band touch screen solution for quick short messages, and checking the situation of email/messages/incoming and missed calls.

    3. A bigger I-pad sized or Samsung phone sized apparatus, that could be used for reading emails and news, and writing emails and notes. instead of a miniature querty, it could be some other kind of quick way to type – maybe a different key arrangement?
    Or then the automatic word guessing system, paired with a smaller amount of keys?
    Maybe there could be a thin, laptop-sized querty, that unfolds from under the phone into a mini-office, that can be used while travelling. Of course, also a touch.screen. It might need a separate touch-screen mouse (or other solution) for visual programs, photoshop, 3d programs, etc.

  76. Hi everyone from Italy! ;)
    First of all, thanks to Jolla to let us dream again!
    the concept i like the most is this one:

    The detachable keyboard would be easier (as said previously) to have with different colours and layouts, but it would means a thicker device and also the fact that you have to bring to different things instead of a single one (in the case the keyboard would be “attached”).

    Having a layout like the E7/N950 (for the keyboard) and like the Lumia 920 (aesthetics) would be nearly perfect.

    But the problem is (again as said previously) the “appeal” that a mobile phone MUST have.
    So, if we think about the biggest problem of the today’s smartphones, is the battery.
    It would be really nice having a 3.300mAh battery like the Motorola RAZR Maxx! But how to get, in the same (as thin as possible) device, one battery like this and a physical keyboard?
    I’m not an engineer, but i don’t think it will be possible. (I mean: i don’t think is possible to have a so large battery with a cool full qwerty keyboard in a thin and slim cellular).

    So at this point i will prefer more a bigger battery rather than a physical keyboard.

    Another must-have feature is – if not the best – a better “antenna” (i don’t know how to call it) than the today’s average mobile phone’s antennas..
    I’ve had some phones until today. But no one’s beated the Motorola Defy (MB525) for reception quality!
    So, please don’t forget the “phone’s” part! ;)


  77. I’m truly on the QWERTY mobiles side. I use E5 and am very happy with it – long lasting battery, perfect GPS, easy to search contacts. In fact, E71 body with E5 GPS would be my dream mobile. Thus I vote for “candybar”, though I’m a minority.

    On the other hand, the market is full of all-the-same-square-touchscreen phones which don’t survive one day without recharging and differs only by the backside color. I would love to see, and I am not the only, a good stylish clamshell with strong battery – say, “Japanese style” phone (and it might have touchscreen inside, or outside the flip) and a firm “normal” keyboard for those who mostly call, not browse.

        An interactive 3D formfactor dummy & a PCB layout on this site, where people could add concrete ideas (by pins & tags) would be great to have – as well as a moderator who would merge those ideas appropriately both by tags & specs as well as visually as the discussion converges …. Maybe two distinct brainstorms for a “pro” and a “lifestyle/entertainment” device …

        • … and while we are at it: an OS/UI requirements & features tagcloud as well … maybe some people like to post app-ideas in addition …
          So some topic related tag-clouds (that don’t loose in details) would be very helpful to keep a big picture of what we are thinking about …

        • I quite agree there are a lot of great ideas being shared here. The idea of a cloud sourced smart phone/digital lifestyle accessory is a good idea. One thing I’d add would be the requirement for the those who contribute their suggestion state their interest in the topic. This would not be to act as a vanity trip but build a picture of the market that the eventual phone would feed and directly the needs it would meet.

          At the time of writing this there were 250 comments on this topic (including this one), many people like me have commented more than once.

    • I thought so too when I used the N900, never typed a sms or email quicker, but I changed my mind after using the N9 with swype, which is almost as fast, BUT allows 1-hand operation..

      Also keep in mind a slide out keyboard will make your phone bulkier and therefor less competitve with the latest and greatest of the droids and the fruit

      • It depends on what you do with the device. In my case, I mostly use the terminal, so that a hardware keyboard is necessary (perhaps a second touchscreen could do it as well, though). Even for e-mail, if you want enough context in a reply, avoiding the on-screen keyboard is probably better.

      • I hoped for that when I bought my N9, but the virtual keyboard is just plain horrible.
        Even if I don’t have big fingers, at least 40% of my “strokes” are hitting keys next to the target.
        My previous phone was a HTC Diamond 2, and it was much MUCH better (more precise).

  78. They should do whatever is best for the cell market in China where the phone will be released first. Most people on this site will buy the phone regardless of which type of phone it is. The better the first phone does, the better the OS ecosystem could be to cater to our wants and needs. Besides a lot of us have N9’s that suite our needs now and it would be a shame to retire it so soon.

    • Good point. From what I see in Hong Kong and China, a touch screen with stylus or ease of use with an index finger is the way to go. Most locals I see are using the touchscreen to enter Chinese characters.

      • … of course Meego’s capacities still are a very convincing “it-factor” – thus it needs to be deployed & interacted productively, reliably & innovatively to further build its reputation & legitimacy for solid performance …

    • … so from my point of view – to win me over – you should launch with 2 devices within 18months:

      ■ a lifestyle-device to further promote attention for the ecosystem

      ■ a second one designed to convince productive pro’s / creative people / heavy users on the go: a decently performing – not exhausting – hardware trimmed for precision, productivity & readyness on the go to support creative, mission-critical, administrative & complementary workflows on the go. Think of managers, productivity during trade-fairs, architects / engineers on development sites, product designers that want to fix mindstorms, medicals that visit patients or render/edit patient data and last but not least the “red rim-edition” for gamers that can rely on the integrated haptic/control/access features …
      Here you must be able to launch a new standard to mobile versatility, productivity & excellence.

      A productive pocket device is more than a slim piece of board behind gorilla glass trimmed to access it’s designers online shops & services. Smart phone is one thing – but a creative & productive Meego-PDA (also phone capable ;-)) another.

      Why there exist point & shoot cameras but also pro-devices with very useful directly acccessible (& programmable) controls & softkeys ? You do not have to navigate through complex menus in critical moments … I admire the low but straight fwd hierarchy UI of Maemo/Meego. It’s highly productive – thus my wish for a complementing, intelligently designed H/W.

      For some ideas check my posts from Nov. 9th further below ….

      I’d be more than happy if you could not only win the chinese people but also productivity-oriented pro’s with a straight-fwd approach world-wide … which could be a top-notch market at least as huge as China ….globally you should think straight pro – and leave the iPhones to the (nevergrowing) kiddies …

      • … and for the “it-factor”: lifestyle devices realize latest tech&app hypes whereas pro-devices come with prestigious integrated precision ( Wacom digitizer technology, B&O audio rendering, Zeiss Digicam, … ) and productive apps: PM, CAD-file editors & viewers OTG (there exist open source), Businesscard-Scanner, powerful Xing-App, etc….
        Well you got the idea ….

  79. Who’s missing ‘video out’ option not via DLNA or wireless but good old fashioned hardware option like shared headphone port with A/V out or failing that mini HDMI? Definitely another winner for me if it’s feasible. :-)

    • … analogue video out is lacking quality & state of the art at my opinion. Wouldn’t support it – something digital in any case. Many quality digicams include HDMIout. All 3 projectors I know and two brand panels required image ratio adjustments prior to viewing photos from the N900 ….

  80. If you guys can make a flexible phone that can be worn as a watch, i’ll buy one in a heart beat. That said I’d be more than happy with a qwerty slider (or that detachable idea), with a nice powerful open chip (maybe x86), the drivers as well, and all the ports and connectivity options possible.

  81. as an ex N900 user (who saw its phone broke because of the crappy-solded usb port) and now user of a touch only device (Motorola RAZR), I say ABSOLUTELY the slide out landscape QWERTY with touch, also with the personalized keyboard for country (IE: Italy with è é ò à ù etc..).
    If you manage to have this with an experience i was used to with the n900, you’ve got a customer in Italy

    • My USB port on N900 also went a bit funny quite early – it’s still possible to charge it even now but you have to get the position ‘just right’. I also find using some different brand chargers has more success rate since it became problematic… weird that. It doesn’t sound as severe as your problem though – did you claim on warranty ?

      • yeah, it detached twice, the first time they resolded it (in warranty of course), the second time they said it was irreparable and gave me an E7 instead, which I sold right away.

          • yes they are, unfortunately they couldn’t replace my n900 with another one so i gave up on them since there.
            Oh another think that i’d like on a jolla phone it would be the screen oriented to be used almost always on landscape (just like the n900), it was really amazing since you didn’t have to always turn the phone to write (and wait for the screen to turn as well)

  82. You don’t need to be a businessman or -woman to prefer a hardware keyboard!

    If you care about language, you don’t want a keyboard to spoil half the display hiding the text. (Why would you want that anyway?) Also you would love to type text using both hands on a full keyboard and not just ‘dial’ word after word.

    Swype on the N9, which I did use for 6 months (after 2 years with the great N900) to me seemed at least a charming excuse for having a virtual keyboard, Swype is great, but dispite the fact, that I very much like this ‘swipe-phone’, I changed to the Lauta/Symbian E-7 for the great comfort of a full horizontal display with a full keyboard below it … Interestingly, when I look up the meaning of ‘field of view’ in wikipedia, it says:
    ‘Humans have an almost 180-degree forward-facing horizontal field of view.’

    It is obvious that many wish another great ‘glass-bar’ you use preferably single-handed in portrait-mode coming from Jolla. It is obvious too, that many wish something else and I just wonder how many peoples requirement for something like a ‘computer and a phone’, as it was offered by the Maemo phone N900, were simply muted by the overwhelming marketing and the success of the first smartphone, that arrived on the marked, the iPhone. Anything that came after that, just had to be second, even if it was (or in the case of the N9 Lauta) would have been first choice for an unknown number of people, that seems to be ignored on the smartphones market. My guess is, that number is substantial.

    Either way I wish Jolla a great start!

    • You’re right, a lot of manufacturers have simply jumped on the ‘iphone’ bandwagon and in the process have almost forgotten their own identities in blind pursuit of their own unique version of the iphone (ie. all touchscreen). To me this is all wrong…. of course bring out a touchscreen option, but to lose your identity by not continuing to innovate and evolve your original ideas will make it look like you have had an identity crisis and have become a sheep. Virtually every manufacturer now only creates touchscreen phones and therefore neglects the alternative (eg. QWERTY) customers in the process… Nokia is the perfect example here. The market is ripe for a manufacturer to create a new brand identity around some sexy QWERTY option. As much as I love the look of the new Nokia windows phones, I can’t help but think they are still a huge step backwards in terms of hardware. Just compare hardware on new Lumias to Nokia phones 3 years ago like N8/N900 – the problem is Microsoft need to speed up with software drivers to support Nokia’s great hardware otherwise people are going to question why 3yr old Maemo/Symbian phones can do things that WP still can’t handle even to this day. I’m just very frustrated because I would have liked to try a new Nokia Lumia, but then found out that it couldn’t do things my N900/N8 do with ease: TV out, FM transmitter. Maybe these functions are not necessary in todays world with Bluetooth/NFC/DLNA – but I still find myself using them daily – am I too fussy/old fashioned maybe ?

  83. i like to see a evolution of the great n9, a bigger screen, just a little, landscape view on the main screen too, an hdmi out,

    • Nokia N9 (like N8, N900) already had TV out which was shared with the headphone jack. HDMI out would add another terminal on the phone chassis whereas the shared TV out solution seems a nice, tidy solution for presentations on projectors or big screens. Actually the N8 has both mini HDMI port and TV out, but I find myself using the TV out more frequently as the HDMI output settings are not really adjustable from what I’ve found.

      • i use a lot the mini hdmi out of my n8, i don’t know about the shared 3.5 mm out, good to know, if the n9 was sell in Spain i would buy it at the moment, i hope to see news for the new Jolla device soon, now i’m a little impress with the nexus 4, but i will wait to see what jolla can offer, wp8 it’s a mess. Multitasking is the most important for me. Sorry for my English.

        • Yes multitasking is very important for me also – even Symbian can multitask but maemo and meego were the best multitasking handsets I have found. Also WP lacks a decent notifications tray which is another regression.

          • I find it amazing that most of the time that people are pulling out their phones and pressing that ridiculous “Back” button, or “Home” button on the bottom…. all I want to do is ask, “Is your phone capable of true multitasking like the N9??”…. My spouse recently got a Nokia Lumia 900 as a gift from me, after I saved money for three months… and even though I do not use it… I am disappointed.

    • On debating whether the choose virtual or physical QWERTY I would like to point out that also virtual can be useful.

      The worst thing with iPhone and Lumia I have faced is lack of arrow keys. It’s terrible to try to correct typos by moving cursor exactly to a specific position without arrow keys. I have never used Anroid productionaly, but E7 is much better even with virtual keyboard.

        • The N8 had a nice LEFT and RIGHT arrow next to the spacebar that worked great.. the ‘HOLD AND MAGNIFY’ on the N9 is ok.. Editing text on samsung galaxy tab 7 plus is a pain. More often than not, the input box you are trying to edit gets hidden behind the virtual keyboard. :( N900 was the best of both worlds, although the idea of a detachable keyboard could work well. Wish the N950 was lauched. PLEASE bring back microsd slot/replacable battery/FM transmitter. The N9 is amazing in many respects, but all the ideas it loaned from apple were steps backward.

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  85. I love the N9 form factor, and would always choose it as a fallback choice. But I’m very glad you’re open to considering inovative form factors. Why, if we’re building a phone from the ground up, would we be constrained to the competitors choice of form factor?! I wish we do find an inovative feasible form factor.

    And now a few ideas about intersting form factors:
    1. I’d love a wristband touch-screen phone with some add-ons, like some light glasses, with headphones and a virtual big screen (maybe even 3d with a mini-projector in each eye lens), and that new “keyboard” that from your wrist detects how you move your fingers/hand and use it as a mouse/keyboard/touchscreen
    2. I also like the idea that was previously discussed, to make the slide-out keyboard a touchscreen, able to use swype ;) I love swype

  86. I would like sisterphones like nokia used to do.
    So one qwerty slider and one touch only like n950 and n9.
    I think it would be the best way to do things.

  87. really CAN’T WAIT for Jolla EXPO, Slush Event, Helsinki!! really excited for you guys, still have my N900 that still works very well. would love a qwerty keyboard like the N950 would have bought that phone if it wasn’t just for developers. and a dedicate camera button there is nothing like it. :D

    awaiting eagerly

    • i was just thinking a few feature i like from other phones was the Sony Ericsson K700i where it had a clear little picture of who texted you when you got an incoming text a loved and missed feature and on the Nokia N73 the music player displayed the next playing track .
      i also think windows phone 8 has got something with there live tiles just quicker and more accessible information instead of loads of widgets, and love the bold bright colors available also on android (motorola mile stone) there were different styles of music widgets from small to fullblown album cover which i have missed greatly from my N900. and the BBC I player app from Nokia N96 and the kick stand.

      • just another little feature then i’ll stop lol on the N96 there were a few option of vertical , landscape or none for the icons available on desktop i always chose vertical as i like my wallpapers very much also was a great on the N800 the tab system form picture and screen shots i’v seen

        i’ll say no more now :)

  88. I Think every model has its own market but an important lesson Jolla should learn from Nokia is ‘to keep their customers busy’ by introducing a variety of models without much delay. I think Maemo or MeeGo failed in that aspect. Business strategy killed such a good OS totally.

    • I think with Jolla’s current resources in mind, Jolla are better to release 1 solid handset and keep customers ‘busy’ with the software side of things. Then with a vibrant OS, other manufacturers are likely to license the Sailfish OS from Jolla and provide the range of different handsets that you are talking about. Jolla’s strategy is more about the software I think so releasing one solid handset annually (like Apple/Google) is more than acceptable IMO.

      • agreed. Please also try and keep the principle of smooth protocol integration (protocol agnosticism). That was pioneered with the n900 and n9. I love that my one addressbook integrates with skype, jabber, twitter, icq, etc and I resent that my phone tries to manipulate me into the communication options of the os provider. (backberry=> bbm, iphone=>facetime, android=> google voice) The powerful communication aggregation of the n9 and the n900 is the core offerings – even more important than the great multitasking. Sooner or latest the madness of ‘ecosystems’ will start backfiring. ‘Open’ might not make so much money in the short term, but ultimately they will rule. People are not stupid. Also – apps are cute, but transient. Please make sure the web experience is the best possible. Good luck Guys!

      • Jolla, keep in mind that Apple restricts too much and Android is too open and free about hardware AND software… keep a good stable mix, and instead of letting people “hack” learn from them. After the N9 came out so many people made it better in a matter of weeks with simple ad ons, if there were to be an N10 [poor MeeGo] I doubt Nokia in its current state would think to include the ad ons to it, even though they may have been amazing.

  89. I am a N900 user and love my phone a lot and hope the new upcoming jolla will be like it with Qwetry out side better and HD resolution

    I don’t mind to have candy bar with keyboard it will be nice for the heavy duty chatters like me and hope it will be the body from metal not plastic

  90. ▪ QWERTY for productivity (visible screen!)
    multi-touch & pen-option (for precision like comenting pdfs) for me of course … but not at any weight & size !

  91. …. proposing this having in mind a migration from a valued N900 to a new benchmark of productivity with no developmental lock-ins or rediculous patemalisms attached:

    ▪ Dedicated landscape QWERTY-keyboard for productivity on the go (visible screensize !) 3 2/3 rows perfect → 2/3 keyrow above for allocatable functions e.g. direct mediaplayer controls
    ▪ Non-curved multi-touch digitizer INCL PEN SUPPORT for precison input (e.g. commenting / annotating pdf / CAD documents)
    ▪ iPhone 5 sized display would be perfect
    ▪ Integration not at any bulk: device must not become thicker than twice the thickness of the N900 sliding screen – and not exceed iPhone 5 footprint dimensions.
    ▪ The integrated device stand of the N900 WAS VERY NICE – maybe even up to 45-60° … so no need for a docking station and a very practible safety loop to stick your index finger through while typing & interacting heavily on the go.

    ▪ Dualcore a must for smooth multi-tasking
    ▪ dedicated (?CUDA-compatible) graphics (e.g. for rendering CAD-files on the go)
    ▪ 2GB+ RAM + 1GB dedicated video RAM

    ▪ Dedicated, highly avail. Camera/Video/Audio recording functionality without the need for booting up any O/S and relying on system resources
    ▪ microSDXC slot for backup and fast mediaswapping / multibooting on the go
    ▪ LTE, 3G, GSM, WLAN-N, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt, HDMI via micro-USB, nearfield

    • rocksolid carbon structure
    • scratch-proof saphire glass
    • Keyboard captions by graphical OLED (for super-fast keyboard assignments while typing e.g. between Japanese & English)
    • Zeiss/Sony optically stabilized 16MP camera with dedicated imaging-processor
    • B&O / Dolby audioprocessing & speakers
    • unobstrusive, elegant design

    • … and put in the most performant flash memory available by the time of production ! CPU power useless if RAM / flash cheap & underperformant bottlenecks ….

    • … an integrated SWITCHABLE LC display PRIVACYFILTER would be a VERY COMFORTING novelty to a mobile device !
      ( Two years ago I retrofitted my N900 with a Sony notebook filter cut to size as a layer between digitizer and TFT – but sometimes it’d be great to “switch it off again” to give free sight to simultaneous viewing … )

    • □ a double (micro) SIM / double micro SD combination would be great to have:
      ■ one SIM for the classical mobile phone contract – the other one for the best mobile internet flatrate. My mobile phone contractor would only allows max. 250MB download per day @ 3.5G speed – so I purchased a dedicated mobile Internet contract from another provider allowing me max. 1000MB per day @ 3.5G. Swapping almost always resets my time & date settings on my N900… which can be very annoying (outdated certificates, … )
      ■ as microSD are really tiny, there is no objection to build in two hot-swappable slots … e.g. one for photos, the other one for documents, backups, … or boot-partitions.

      …. so holding the device in landscape mode, I could imagine 2 SIM-slots on the right and 1-2 hotswappable microSD-slots on the left (depending on space requirements of the webcam)

  92. … three N900s I know in my surroundings – but also three significantly different color renditions !!
    Any AdobeRGB COLOR-CALIBRATING DISPLAY for mobile devices available yet ?
    … at least provide a possibility for color (& background illumination temperature) management for more accurate photo renditions if it’ll be not possible to calibrate displays during production.

  93. important and needed point, to spend money:
    – 4″ inches screen
    – battery >= 1800mAh
    – physical-slide keyboard
    – ARM core
    – 64Gb harddrive
    – 12MP like N8
    – 3G lesser power-energy eater
    – full and work WIFI module

    OBVIUOSLY : Touchscreen with detachable modular QWERTY
    more beautifull than slide-out

  94. I purchased my Nokia N9 as quickly as I could with the meager funds that I make. I have grown up using mostly Nokia devices as they were the only ones that would last and have features that I would use. My absolute favorite in the universe has been the Nokia 5310 Xpress Music. Expandable memory, High Quality Video and Photo capabilities are very important but the way that the N9 integrated so many services into one device is amazing. I am a fan of the Nokia Lumias 920’s live tile interface (as apposed to the gridded app view) because of its customization. The add on app for the N9 “Extensions for Status Menu” really added an ease to the ‘shortcuts’ area. There is a lot that I would love to say about the N9 and what could make it better…. but it looks like you [Jolla] are on the right track. Keep up that amazing work, and I can’t wait to drool and envy everyone who gets a hold of your first device!

  95. The best combination ever made of style, reliability and comfort of use was the Nokia E7-00. Add a bigger battery, 32gb of internal memory and/or an sd card slot, fm transmitter, Nokia Maps, an office editor and Sailfish OS and we will have a sure winner!!! Please, try to avoid compromises between the features and the price. Give to us the best, we will do the rest :)

  96. I think a successor to Nokia N900 / N950 would be the best.
    Some specs.

    Media: microSD/microSDHC card

    Replaceable rechargeable Li-ion battery
    MicroUSB Battery Charger,

    1.6 GHz quad-core Cortex-A9
    (a DSP would be bonus)

    Storage capacity
    64 GB eMMC flash

    2 GB RAM

    5.55 in (141 mm) diagonal with 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen
    HD Super AMOLED touchscreen
    1,280×720 pixels (267 ppi), non-pentile (S-Stripe RGB) (3 subpixels/pixel)
    Contrast ratio: 402 (nominal) / 2.307:1 (sunlight)
    16M colours[4]

    Graphics PowerVR SGX 530 GPU supporting OpenGL ES 2.0

    Sound Mono loudspeaker
    3.5 mm TRRS for Audio – Headphones/Headset out

    Capacitive multi-touch touchscreen
    Pen/Stylus with active digitizer (like Samsung S pen)

    Localized backlit keyboard with variations for English, Italian, French, German, Russian, Scandinavian and Spanish

    3-axis accelerometer
    Temperature sensor
    Soundpressure sensor
    Ambient light sensor

    rear camera
    12 Megapixel PureView with Optical image stabilization,
    Short Pulse High Power Dual-LED flash,
    autofocus, Carl Zeiss optics,
    1080p video capture

    front camera
    2 Mpx for video chatting, video recording (720p), and stills.

    Connectivity GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    GPRS 107/64 kbps DL/UL
    EDGE 296/178 kbps DL/UL
    UMTS 900/1700/2100
    WCDMA 384/384 kbps DL/UL
    HSPA 10/2 Mbps DL/UL
    WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g

    Bluetooth 2.1

    Integrated GPS with A-GPS

    88-108 MHz FM receiver
    88-110 MHz FM transmitter

    Infrared receiver
    Infrared transmitter

    • I forgot to write:
      I prefer the N950 keyboard (more keys, like “Esc” would be a bonus), the N900 keyboard is to compact and lack several keys.

      4G support.

      (Nokia) 2,0 mm pin extra charge port would be a bonus. Since micro-USB is not so rugged.

    • corrections:

      Graphics: –

      Connectivity List

      Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n (2.4, 5 GHz), Wi-Fi HT40
      Wi-Fi Direct
      Bluetooth 4.0
      USB 3.0 Host

      Wi-Fi hotspot, damage-resistant Gorilla Glass 2.

    • Replaceable battery brings along bulk …
      Quad drains the battery ….
      Mono never can’t be surround …
      Wireless “n” indispensable – ever used the “Wizard Mounter” to free some photo-storage ? Always takes ages accross “g” …
      The N900-keyboard is amazingly reduced to the max and still productive.
      I agree an additional row of function keys would bring valuable direct interaction capabilities. It should have only 2/3s the rowheight compared to the 3 other keyrows to keep the slider compact.

      • With a big screen like Samsung Galaxy Note you can have a very slim battery, even if is replaceable, so no bulkiness.

        I meant Mono sound integrated loudspeaker. Stereo like the N900 brings bulkiness.
        Of course you have stereo in the headphone jack anyway. I would like surround in a mini-HDMI jack. :)

    • … well maybe a quadcore :-) :-) … if settings could be applied to limit operations to two cores (for smooth multitasking) while on battery …

  97. Although I love my N9 and the fact that it is just touchscreen… A phone with a slideout keboard would be great however only if it is thin, streamlined and with great keys… Personally prefere rubberized chicklet style myself. Also the device needs to be made of superior materials, not cheap plastic. It should feel premium in the hand. I have always love that about Nokia phones. Chrome, brushed aluminum, Gorilla glass and with slighly rounded corners… Just premium. I am looking forward to what you come up with.

  98. To make something different I would like a really big screen, LTE, keyboard and stylus so that it could run a x11 and/or citrix client smoothely. Size like samsungs note.

  99. I’m using a Nokia N900 (running Maemo) in office and in the car. I also use a Nokia 3720 classic(IP54 cert.) (running Symbian) when i’m outdoors, in forest etc. A jolla mobile with IP54 or better would be interesting.

  100. Touchscreen only, shortly followed by slide out qwerty. What’s important? Battery life, don’t make the screen bigger than 4.3, clean and simple design. No screws, weird bezels, odd buttons or anything else. Just stick to the n9 concept. Rectangle shape would be nice, since it would mirror the ui.

  101. N900 E7 N950 are good exampleswith slide out qwerty. n9 is not in the same league, simply because a) glass virtual keyboard cannot compete with physical keys, b) virtual keyboard blocks more than 70% so for example right now typing I can see only a single line of text :-(

    Size wise please keep it at 4inch The devise must be operated comfortablywith one hand, also to fit in pocket!
    Other features please good camera module eg n8 or pure view? Navigation is also important, we need downloadable maps.
    USB g also

    • Out of interest Alex, why do you prefer this form factor over landscape qwerty ? With a portrait qwerty you make a really long device when you open the keyboard and only have a narrow screen. But with a landscape slider, the open keyboard makes a better symmetry (square instead of elongated) plus you have a nice wide screen which IMO is a more accurate reproduction for viewing websites or typing emails.

  102. doubleSIM or tripleSIM – NOT SINGLE SIM Jolla I beg you!!
    Have you noticed this?? Once again to be sure:
    doubleSIM or tripleSIM – NOT SINGLE SIM Jolla I beg you!!
    This MUST because:
    – allow to have 2 or 3 phone numbers in one mobile
    – free us users from having 2 or more mobiles
    – allow to separate job/work calls with first one number/SIM, allow to separate family/friends call with second one number/SIM, allow to separate internet connections with second one number/SIM
    – allow to have the same private phone number even if work number has changed or we have changed work
    – allow, in context where user is, to cut off the first SIM offline or the second SIM offline or the third SIM ofline – no work calls during family important celebrations; or; no family calls when we are asking for highier money our boss, etc. etc.
    – allow to use more then one pay plan from more then one operator
    – allow always to be in range with at last one SIM (operator)
    – allow to be more flexible in managing calls and phone time
    – that would allow to buy Jolla instead of Chinese doubleSIM feature phone.

    SINGLE SIM MOBILE IS OUTDATED, OUT OF FASHION, fu..en OLDSCHOOL from times of dinosaurs!!

    If no double SIM then no sell.

    – standard connectors: standard 3.5 jack for audio, standard microUSB,
    – ability to connect keyboard and monitor via USB
    – a body that allow to use a rope or a chain for not to loose a mobile
    – once agin till win or till pain: doubleSIM or tripleSIM!!!!

    • I agree, In my country almost everybody has more than one SIM card to access the cheapest rates from the 3 major operators, so at least double or triple SIM would be a major argument for selling jolla phones.

    • … just mentioned it as a crucial feature as well in my post above … 2 (micro)SIM-card & 2 hotswappable mircoSD-card slots on either side of the device in landscape mode. Those slots consume so little space to implement, as t w o o f e a c h w o u l d b e P – E – R – F – E – C – T ! ! ! Thumbs up !!

  103. I want to suggest also that like some nokia lumias, you supply a charging pad, to be able to just drop the phone on it and charge, no fussing with cables and looking for an elusive available usb/power socket

  104. other features that I would think are a must: double LED camera with high resolution at the back, and a front facing camera for video-conferencing/skype
    Also like the nokia 900 a radio receiver/emitter to be able to broadcast your playlist to your friends, at a party, or in a car (yes not everyone drives a XXI century built car with bluetooth)
    Another important feature is USB-host mode to be able to sync with external Hard-drives, import pictures from other Cameras, etc.
    In regards to hackability, there should be a unbrickable screen/bootloader which you could access to make entire system backups (ala CWM) or recover

  105. Forgot two more things:
    One thing I loved in my nokia 5800 was the dedicated media keys, now I’m not suggesting cluttering the phone with buttons, but you could, and I think should develop a couple of lock-screen gestures so that you can interact with your music with the phone in the pocket. Just double-tap to wake up then the respective gesture, and double-tap to sleep again
    The other thing is, in my Android I HATE the lack of proper integration of contacts, for instance, I add a facebook account, which is nice because it has all my friends pictures, and instead of giving me an option to integrate all the new information to my contact list it creates a second with merged contacts, that rarely work well, and that can’t be properly backed up to file. Same thing with skype and others.
    Another thing while on the contacts subject is that when importing contacts from facebook it should import birthdays and information about spouses/girlfriends linking contacts with each-other and presenting the birthdays in the calendar app notifying you of your friends’ birthdays. Upon adding a facebook account it should also import and keep updated both the pictures of your friends to contacts aswell as the events to your calendar.
    Very Important is the support to synchronize with owncloud.
    More important yet is the apps ability to, and default to, being used with full local control of your data, no uploading everything to everywhere as Google practically forces us to do in Android.

  106. Sorry for yet another post, promise it’s my last for now. But I just wanted to say that I would love to help developping some of the software features that I mentioned, if you wish, just tell me who to talk to and how to get started ;)

  107. Touchscreen only, minimal bezel, no buttons on the face of the device, 7.5mm thickness, 16:9 high pixel-density display, body made of (properly) anodized aluminium, black.

    • I should at that my ‘interest in the topic’ is that of a consumer who bought the iPhone 4 purely because of the beauty of the hardware, despite knowing that the OS was lacking in some respects; I didn’t buy the iPhone 5 because the hardware was not as described above.

  108. I’d be happy to see a Nokia 9300 or N800-type hardware QWERTY keyboard phone. A QWERTY slider is okay but it has less space left for the keyboard.

    I also agree with Daniel San above on the backlit localized keyboards (Russian, in my case :)

    What I’d really like to ask Jolla is PLEASE PLEASE, a thousand times please Jolla, when and if you design your phones with a hardware keyboard, make a couple more physical keys for us Russian users, to cover the Russian layout (which has 33 letters) and at least the comma and period, without having to switch. AFAIK, it would be just 2 keys more than in the Finnish layout, so I’m probably not asking for too much I hope )

  109. Is it possible to have a phone with a tochpad on the back like PS Vita?
    just slide up and down to zoom in & out …

  110. Please, please just release one phone that is a candy bar qwerty phone. I would personally like a business phone like the Nokia e6, Just to satisfy that small niche; can you please make a high-end candy bar qwerty phone. No entry-level phones! The qwerty phones these days are always low quality. Thanks.

    • E6 is a great phone as a form factor otherwise but the screen size is poor. There have been no development since E71 on that area. I would like to have a candybar device but just with as large screen as possible.

      The screen of E6 is about 30% of the total size of the face of the phone. Qwerty is about 25%. Navi button should be replaced with arrow keys within Qwerty. “Green” and “red” handset-buttons are way too large, but are important (and they should be really green and red). Nokia logo, a black spaces around the speaker and the mic are totally unnecessary. And of course fixed keys for certain functions are totally stupid idea in a programmable device especially with a touch screen – just waste of space.

  111. I like the idea of a ‘flip out’ keyboard. but how to do it?
    A simple tough hard wearing (no not touch) screen on one side, so if you have to receive a call it is easy to see who is calling.
    Flip the whole thing open and you get a nice size screen (touch sensitive) and equal sized keyboard.

    problem: Keyboard for each each country needs a different layout.

    Why not have keys that have small pixels in them so as the keyboard could be changed by changing the pattern on each key, if you want a number pad, only those representing the number would display. this could make the keyboard tactile enough to feel like a proper keyboard, and flexible enough to function differently for different apps (game pad, web browser or music player controls) or to be customised (key for different apps from your personal ‘home’ keyboard.

    All that said though, the problem for me is to be able to get the thing in my pocket, if I want a decent powered pc I’ve got a netbook, or a laptop, but as a media viewer a tablet looks to be a great compromise (or as a client to a medi centre, with output to a big screen, so remember the HDMI output).

    • If you want to see an amazingly done flip-out-phone check out the HTC Universal. Sadly it is pretty ancient. If you’d fit a small screen to the back it would even be better. I’ve been using the Universal now for quite a while and if it had some newer and more reliable hardware and OS I’d keep using it!

  112. make it eco. use recycled materials.

    there are no phones like this one the market.

    + there is no phone with a proper unlocked OS
    + there is no proper eco phone
    + there is no modern qwertz/qwerty phone

    this is your chance girls and boys of jolla.

    • Thats because most QWERTYs that are being sold nowadays are realy weak compared to the S3 or anything compareable.

  113. Like in old Nokia 9500 keyboard with mousejoystick and I order Jolla Phone. Symbian S80 dropdown menus with menu button is one thing that I miss in Jolla OS. And speakerphone functionally, which is activated automatically when the phone is flipped open.

  114. I think the only really solution is: Bring out 3 or 4 different phones.

    But, the Nokia e7 handset is a nice phone because it has a keyboard and is very thin, which a n900 isn’t.
    The software keyboard should be fast, easy accessible, well ordered and accurate in portrait mode, because it should work easy with only one hand, so the screen should be a bit wider than the n900 one. N900s screen makes it difficult to use the portraitkeyboard.

    But please – we don’t need a homebutton on the screen. We don’t need any buttons there.

    I’d like to see hdmi-out but on the other hand there is dlna, which should satisfy most needs.

    for the UI: I like individualizing my homescreen. There should be an extra layer or different homescreens to put apps on it like in maemo. Switching Connections from 2g to 3g or turning bluetooth on/off should be easy accessible.
    Both should be accessible with one swish

    Thank you

  115. I’d love to see another phone like the HTC Universal. It had the perfect form-factor! Mine is 7 years old and the sceen doesn’t even have a single scratch!

  116. I’d love to see a high end candy bar portrait qwerty phone especially with an unusual design like the motorola flipout or blackberry torch. Great would be also an high end flip phone with qwerty keypad! The main thing is: it is a high quality phone with qwerty keypad and an unusual special design.

  117. I replace most of the features for rugged, dust-proof, waterproof cellphone. Gorilla Glass + HW butons foil separated, and the rest can be replaced with wireless charging and optical connections so that everything could be closed in a watertight housing. I just do not want to watch the cellphone … and I have already pokrk of consumer trash. The underwater photos are already looking forward too :-)I say this is a competitive advantage!

    • Dear Jolla Team,
      There are countless phones with touchscreen and high end windows or android or similar os form nokia, blackberry, lg. . . infact from every single consumer manufacturer.

      When it comes to touch phones with slider qwerty keypad, there are none with good hardware sparing motorola droid4 and photon 4q which are for limited markets like US. I cant get them here and change the sim to use here. . :(

      I live in India and I want to buy a phone with decent hardware and slide out qwerty keyboard. I was searching for almost 6 months now and couldn’t find a decent one. . for touch screen. . there are many form samsung, lg, htc, etc. . . but with qwerty keyboard, there are none with quad core or dual core processor with decent graphics and good camera.

      I feel really helpless when it comes to upgarading my mobile phone and feel like my interest is curbed by mobile manufacturers. I personally don’t prefer touch screen phones and am still stuck with my old nokia 6030i which has proper keyboard.

      Please make a proper landscape slider keyboard like nokia n9 or e7 or motorola photon q or droid 4 with amazing harware that will put samsung and lg to shame. . Please dont disappoint me by making YATSM (Yet another Touch Screen Mobile),
      If that were the case, I will have to wait for few more years to make my own phone. . i just cant help it. .

      Please consider my request and make a proper qwerty slider keyboard mobile like droid or photon q or nokia n9 or n9500 or e7 or some thing similar. The difference in thickness is hardly noticeable. It is always better to have a phone which is slightly thicker and more ergonomic than have a delicate phone like a glass pane and need to be held by two fingers that will give pain in the joints. .

      Hope you will not disappoint me. .

      Looking very eagerly for jolla launch. .


      • another suggestion is can a trackpad be added on back side of the touchscreen when the keyboard is pulled out. some thing similar to the trackpad on motorola backflip
        The advantage is when keyboard is pulled out we need not keep on moving the fingers from keyboard to touch screen. this design is most ergonomic to my knowledge and from my experience.

        _____________ <touchscreen part
        [IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII] ^———– track pad here on back side
        ^ slide out keyboard

        Hope to see all these features on jolla phone. and cant wait to test it . :)

        P.Roshan Kumar

        • Dear Team,
          One more important feature that i need on phone is physical keys to answer and cut the call. .
          I bought a samsung galaxy chat recently (my old nokia 6030i broke). I chose that phone only for its physical keyboard. The stupid thing about that phone is lack of answer and end call buttons. Its really messy to answer by sliding on the touch screen all the while.
          Especially while using gloves or hands are not clean. Its a real mess to answer the calls then. I miss close to 3 calls every day especially when eating and while working on hardware. when asked most of my friends realized its a necessary feature which is absent on samsung devices. . :(
          Plz jolla. . i am counting on you guys for my dream phone. . plz dont put me down.
          and India is a huge market. Please sell your phones in india also. .


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  119. Give me a break! You cant’ design a product using voting. You just get… a result of voting, nothing more. Designing is art – not democracy.

    • Please don’t confuse design and art.

      Design is a multifaceted process resolving what are often conflicting requirements, dealing with the various desires of the stack-holders and limitations of the system or process which you have to work with. Please don’t take this as a definitive definition of design.

      While the result of good design is often beautiful and good art may occasionally result in something unattractive. The two are very different.

      In a case like this where you have lots of stack-holders democracy may go a long way to generating consensus view.

      As such design is the process which would follow any view that might be derived from these comments and votes.

  120. 5 inch 1080p touchscreem with laserkeyboard & holographic display. 13 MP back CAMERA & 1080p vodeo with 10x optical zoom. 3 MP & 720p front camera. thickness only o.35 inch. look like N9 or IPHONE 5…. I believe JOLLA can do this..

  121. Ditch the QWERTY keyboard, yes its easer to type with but it makes teh phone super fat and heavy, which will not compete well with the Galaxy and Iphone and whatever blackberry comes out with. Sleek, sexy and visually striking is what you should go for! Make something people will ask about. Phones all look so boring and the same these days, this company is so new and fresh why not try going somewhere other companies are afraid of? What do you have to lose? If it fails you still can change the way the company looks to the public. I’m thinking glass or hints of see threw accents around the body of the phone. I actually did a mock-up!

    • @Tuck, Good but your mock-up look so much Xperia and it has a home button. If Jolla release a unique QWERTY slider phone of 10 mm width why not? I thing it affordable today with every other features listed above. For that keyboard Jolla could use pixels under touchs instead of marks on top to match with every languages and characters. We can imagine more with games controls and other and even that keyboard as a second screen with specific features.

  122. Wishlist:
    1. HDMI Output
    2. Full size USB port (The number of additional things you could connect outweighs the width required for me)
    3. Dual cameras on the back. Width of the phone shoud be sufficient so that cameras are far enough apart so the user can scan in 3D models of everyday objects from a comforatble distance (ready to print at home). Not to mention the ability to record 3D photos and video (when we finally get large displays that dont require glasses)
    4. Bi-directional mic so that background noise can be reduced during calls
    5. Modular perihperal. Based on the votes the Qwerty keyboard is definatley required but the abilty to swap and change this or just go with a touchscreen device should help more people adopt.
    6. OLED keyboard would be my own preference as this can be customised to any character set wthout the need to produce different keyboards (see Optimus Tactus keyboard). I tcan also adapt to specific tasks like DJ mixing/channel guides+pvr selection/graphics tablet/note taking during conference calls
    7. WIFI + Bluetooth Tethering for use as a modem or to communicate with another peripheral (say a wrist watch/pulse tracker/what ever is required for the device to know your modd in hardware and in the simplist terms pick music with a BPM which matches your pulse)


  123. Firstly, make it good at what it is essentially, a phone! Good reception & good power management so the phone doesn’t fry my ear when signal reception is poor.
    a few other musts & likes:

    1. It must be LTE (as many bands as poss), to not be would be disastrous! (I wouldn’t buy one if it wasn’t)
    2. Minimum of 2GB RAM!!, 3GB would be nice!! (am so fed up with Nokia’s continuous insistence tiny RAM allocation. My old phone was forever telling me to close apps as “Not enough memory available”)
    3. Latest in WiFi & BT standards please. NFC as well if possible.
    4. Decent camera performance like Nokia N8, MP does not have to be more than 10MP max. Vid @1080P @ 24fps as a min also.
    5. Big battery, say 2800mAh, or slightly less but then interchangeable please. 1.5 days of decent use.

    6. Slide out QWERTY, portrait or landscape, me no mind. (detachable KBoard not bad idea, could flip over as screen guard or something)
    7. Standard memory min of 32GB or larger, or 16GB but include an micro SD slot for cheaper production.
    8. Dual SIM for countries where that is important (plenty of them). Could be included as part of detachable keyboard maybe, or in place of SD Card slot if more memory comes as standard)
    9. Make it sexy but super tough! (Maybe waterproof insides in a LIQUIPEL nano coating as standard)
    10. As quick as you can production reliant, release it across the world SIM free (on AMAZON say) as well as with carriers. I don’t want to have to wait till its released in my country (UK) on a carrier.

    11. Hotspot / tethering comes as standard.
    12. Up to date Processor & GPU. Maybe quad core, one core solely for low power consumption & background duties, while the more powerful cores can chip in & out when needed. (good for battery consumption).
    13. Have as part of OS support for as many vid & music formats as possible.
    14. Sonic ability of headphone socket output equal to that of iPhone or at least excellent. (I like my high fidelity)
    15. Nice responsive screen with decent resolution, but it does not have to be daft high.

    16. Form factor in between iPhone 5 & SamyNote ii. I have small hands, but some ppl don’t, so a phone which is a happy medium for all users is good. (Or, use the same phone innards but in 2 or 3 different sizes, scale size up (phone gets thinner) or down (it gets thicker). You let the consumer pick what is right for them). The consumer is always right apparently.
    17. The MOST IMPORTANT after basic phone function is a sensible UI which will allow me to enter more than one number for a contact along with email & address etc as per Nokia Symbian norm. I can’t do it on my current phone, so have i.e. six entries for one name: name1 name2 name3 name4 etc. Makes my contacts list so cluttered. I’ve gone from 704 contacts (Nokia) to 2112!! Daft, but that is the way it is!
    18. Sleep screen as an option pls.
    19. Continued support of OS with updates & maybe even some freebees once in a while.

    20. Gineric SAILFISH release for netbooks & tablets so I can flash both of mine if I want.
    21. ASUS Padphone 2 idea is excellent idea. Ask them if they will ship it with SAILFISH or make a release as above. I’d buy it tomorrow if it were available in UK & I were rich enough. I’d be tempted to save though if loading SAILFISH were an option.

    Ok, enough wishing & dictating. I will be happy with a phone that works V well as a phone 1st, & which covers as many bases as is necessary to stay as future proof for next year / 2 years as possible. I don’t really care about innards as long as they don’t cripple the phone such as 250mb of RAM!!

    Finally, please don’t keep us waiting for a release date. Announce something soon please as I would like to have my new JOLLA by start of April please! Birthday treat is due to self for being 31 years old!

    Other posters above have some excellent ideas so come on JOLLA, surprise us with something revolutionary & or left field nuts like the N900.

    Happy New Year to you JOLLA, 2013 is the year you are going to surprise us all (I Hope)

  124. I would vote on slideout keyboard but that thing can be broken more easily. Touchscreen only is a no-go until the tactile feedback is included like the technology from tactus or w/e it’s called

  125. 1. [Gaming to Bissness] For high’end Slide-out landscape
    QWERTY with touchscreen with good MALI graphics card and quad core cpu , and 310 ppi – corning gorilla glass 2, 5 mp front faceing camera and ( 8 to 13 mp rear camera with dual led) . Usb 2.0 OTG , 16 gb int. And 32 extandible ,

    2. [ Primery high’end ] For Touchscreen only with NOVATHOR U9500 CPU – with High-performance 3D
    graphics card and Highly efficient, low-
    power ARM® dual
    Cortex™- A9 processor
    clocked at up to
    1.85Ghz , and 310 ppi – corning gorilla glass2,
    5 mp front faceing camera And 16 to 21 mp Carl Zeiss optics with xenon flash or dual leds
    . Usb 2.0 OTG , 16 gb int. And 32 extandible.

    • I want for sure more internal memory than 32 GB. Now I’m using mine 64 GB internal memory of the N9 for a lot of things. More is better ;)

      I’m more thinking about a 4.3″ 1080p screen and a camera simular or better than the n8.
      USB OTG is a good idea! That’s one of the missing things in MeeGo.

      I think also they need to make a good expensive phone with ‘ the best of all ‘ components to show the people what they can do.

  126. I think the most people do not understand “Touchscreen with detachable modular QWERTY”. The funny thing is, it is both “Slide-out landscape QWERTY with touchscreen” and “Touchscreen only” in one device. the user can decide which option he will choose. so vote for “Touchscreen with detachable modular QWERTY”. yeah.. and sorry.. my english is a little bit rusty.

  127. I have to say just one thing and put it deep into your mind Jolla ppl cause i am god damn desperate. I am really tired of still using my old, exhausted, outdated, N900 ’cause there’s no other device that can even come close to that even 3+ years after it’s first release. IS THERE ANYONE AROUND THAT CAN MAKE A N900 SUCCESSOR WIDE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC (cause N9 never was a successor)? A qwerty slide-out option is a must. Without that i will stick to my N900 till it dies and then i will buy again a N900. Not even Moto Photon Q, the best slide out qwerty device till nowadays as far as the hardware/built quality part is concerned, can take N900’s place in my pocket!

  128. I think Blackberry has a point and there is a need for both options. I don’t want to compromise screen area and the pull out keyboard is over complex and bulky. Many users now will be used to using a touch screen for everything, but I suspect the more mature users will need a permanent keyboard.

  129. Definitely slide-out qwerty!!!! I only found your site because I was looking for an up-to-date qwerty phone, which is missing. And I like the idea of using recycled materials proposed in a previous comment.

  130. Since you are following in the footsteps of the greatest phone ever ( the N9 IS truly a landmark piece of design simplicity) I’ll share my vision of the next generation phone ( you may laugh … but stick with it) – the trend seems to be for phones to get unfeasibly large(r) – what we need is a two piece phone again – remember picking up a handset and dialling a number on the base… your new phone should have a detachable handset, powered by bluetooth (charged whilst attached) with basic phone functionality (one line text output – like the old pagers) something pen-sized you can slip into your pocket, answer calls discretely,read texts/notifications and can act as a stylus when you bring out the bad-boy base-set to do the power stuff. When united the two would seamlessly integrate into a device of any size and format and no-one would be any the wiser – the best of all worlds… think about it – I share this with you because I want one…really

  131. Hi jolla team.

    My answer : touchscreen + keybord + button for take a receive call + button to take photo quickly please.

    my n9 will be perfect if it was with my n900 keybord French AZERTY and the photo button.

    i have 4 ways for use my smartphone :
    1- to take a received call.
    2- more and more to write (NOTE, SMS/MMS, EMAIL, etc.). A virtual keybord is not egal with a hardware keybord for touch and use.
    3- take a photo quickly : great idea on the n900 for open the application with the lens protection, an the button to take a photo directly
    4- more and more use to print MAPS, WEB SEARCH, etc, where i don’t need the keybord.

    best regards

  132. I would add that a stylus is important to be able to select text / links accurately. I generally choose to display text with small fonts as I can read it and this allows me to have more text on the screen. Moreover if the phone doesn’t have a physical keyboard, a stylus allows one to choose an on-screen keyboard with more keys (which would be too impractical with the fingers).

    • Dear Vincent, instead of having a stylus, can we have track-pad on back of main display. something like motorola backflip. . ? then we can have selection keys on keyboard,
      After few cycles of usage, stylus usually tends to fall out of phone and its volume can be saved for a better battery.

      • I fear that the trackpad would not allow enough accuracy and would be less practical. I’ve never had any problem with the stylus falling out of all my devices (Zaurus, Nokia N810, Nokia N900, Samsung Galaxy Note II, though the latter is rather new).

  133. Concave screen along the main axis.
    1. The phone can be confotably worn in front pocket even with 5in screen.
    2. screen turned towards the leg and protected.
    3. Phone can be bigger without protruding in the pocket.
    4. Easier to reach across the screen with the thumb.
    High capacity battery for more GPS navigation and music streaming without recharging (i have an S3 only because of 2100mAh battery and FM-radio and would happily have 2-3mm thicker phone and pay 30EUR more for a 3-4000mAh battery.
    AMOLED screen with black theme and FM-radio for improved battery time. Clock plus notification on screensaver like Nokia N9.
    Concave optional thin keyboard that can be stored snapped on the back of the phone to protect keys.

  134. Me too would like something in the Nokia Communicator style, which was nice to use and fast to type with. Full QWERTY keyboard (at least 5rows with numerals and cursor keys). Hinged, not slide. Keyboard automatically locked when closed and then works as screen protection too. Small low power display on the other side for clock and message/call status. Shame on everybody making mobile messaging so difficult and slow these days because of copying stupid crapple.

  135. A bit off the topic but JOLLA please design the phone in-house or to outsource to some Finland and northern european designers instead of having the rumored ZOPPO or any other chinese manufacturers to do both the design and manufacturing. Please dun make it just like any other china android phones……
    The charm and taste of the design is even more important than the form factor……

  136. I’ve voted for touch screen, but really cool would be touch screen plus bluetooth keyboard as an accessory. You could even have multiple keyboard boards. Small – fits in your shirt pocket. Medium (foldable?) – fits in your jacket pocket. Fancy – part of a ‘glasses case’ type hard case which you can use to protect your phone.

    • Replying to myself,
      What I forgot to add. I have an N9 (meego), best phone I ever had. The on-screen keyboard is usually good enough for anything I do. But how about a translucent keyboard the same size as the screen which you can also use in ‘landscape’ mode. How about a configurable translucency level ….

      I still haven’t thrown away my E7 (‘hidden keyboard’), E61 (candy bar) or E90 communicator. These were also fine phones but the N9 is just so lightweight, great in your hand (or shirt pocket), large screen ( but not too large). With the keyboard as an accessory, you only need to carry it when you want it. Any integrated keyboard makes the phone heavier or battery smaller or both.

  137. I have been waiting for that somebody makes new landscape QWERTY w/ touchscreen phone. Nokia E7 sucks because of symbian and HTC deside that their Desire Z would be their last one. :(

    Jolla please make it right!

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  139. I’d like a handset that has full touch display-5″, a keyboard that acts as a cover for the phone’s screen and can be detached easily. A touch sensitive selection of keys bellow the screen that also acts as a sensor to unlock the screen automatically only when in use. Lastly the phone should have a pure black front glass covering the whole dimensions of the front, buttons included and slide out and flip screen stand for typing.

  140. My selection would be other. I Like the idea of dual screened forms. I’d like even more something that’s like a watch, with about a 3in screen, that’s able to export its screen to larger device, or connect toother devices similar to what we see with the Asus Padfone.

  141. list of feature requests:

    Form factor
    qwerty slider, has the best of both worlds, touch screen and physical keyboard that isn’t in your way any more than you want it/need it.

    1. widely used wireless chipset, with open drivers, and “full” features.

    2. brickproof bootloader

    3. USB hostmode or USB OTG.

    4. audio jack that can be either input OR output.

    5. bluetooth 4

    6. I know they are rare, but an external microSD card slot.

    7. Daylight readable transflective screen.

    8. accelerometers that actually work right as levels.

    • You gave the list of all required features. .
      but when it comes to micro sd card, cant we do away with huge internal memory and usb otg, just like nokia e7. ? reason being if internal memory is getting fulll, data can be copied onto pendrives that are versitile. and yes HDMI and USB otg are a must. .

  142. can we have a fusion of an N950+N9…
    beautiful amoled gorilla screen.. + a keyboard slide(E7/n950)… EASY TO PULL OUT.. using features like 12MP(n8) and fm tx/rx. IR(n900)!

  143. Make connector for HDMI and USB on the down side on the phone so if you want to make a Asus Padphone like station its easy to make :) Or a dock station to a mouse / keyboard and monitor or if it hase a bigg Touchscreen, so one phone is all youre need for have a computer like station at home :)

    • having the usb otg, hdmi connector and pogo pins for battery charging on one side is a really nice idea so that the phone can be docked easily. .

      Regarding hardware its better to have latest snapdragon with 4 cores or what ever processor that is the best.

      When it comes to software, can we have all the features that we find in netbooks with proper linux kernel when the phone is docked.

      When the phone is normally used only one core can be used to save battery life.
      When its docked all four cores can kick in and the phone can work in performance mode.

      This helps us in doing most of the work on phone only and eliminates use of another computer.
      office tools with mail clients and ability to install linux software that can be run on pc. . it has to be something like complete personal computer where ever you go with all your data. USB otg enables data expansion through portable external hard disks.

      When we have heavy processor with decent ram and expandable memory. . we can replace the normal PC that can do day to day tasks (not intended to be used for number crunching scientific computations. . :P )

  144. other or touchscreen and qwerty i feel the need for having a full keyboard option i i use a keyboard on most of my internet connected devices a touch only keyboard is limited and at times not the best at type

  145. By “other” i mean i would like to se a handset using the new morph screen technology that creates analogish buttons for the phone the concept behind jolla is to create a simpler ui that can be used with one hand and sometimes without looking so that would increase its usiability in that sense

  146. The very first time I have chosen Nokia Communicator 9110 than 9210, 9500, N900 and finally N9 because this was the most reliable Office Phone on the Market. By choosing a new Phone I have still preferences for office applications and design. The last model N9 was for me less useful as the N900. So regarding to this here is my dream, whish and preferences for a new model:

    1. The input mode has to be quick and easy. The size of a Smartphone like N9 is for Document and notice writing, basically for large text input too small, and a bigger size phone is not practical. The voice input mode is practical but also unprofessional if you would like to input trustful information, and it makes still too much mistakes which must be corrected manually. The touch screen keypad would be good, if it would be so big like the whole screen but where to read the written text than? And it is hard anyway to manage a larger text if you are able to see only up to two sentences at a time (the rest of the display is the keypad). So from this reasons I would be happy for a wireless (wifi, Bluetooth or similar) folding mini QWERTY keypad where the keys are not bigger as an average fingertip, which allows you to type with ten fingers.
    2. Need an application which can view PDF and edit Office, Excel and PowerPoint files. It doesn`t need to know everything just the basic things like character size, type, colour etc.
    3. Very important! To be able to move the cursor, an arrow keys on the main keyboard layer and not as an option which can be reached after several long hold of some key. This is essential for marking a part of a text, to copy, paste, correct etc.
    4. As I am travelling with all my documents saved on my phone, I prefer a phone with a big memory size. If the phone has less than 32 GB free memory I simply cannot use it, so it is a good reason for me not to buy a phone. I could imagine also a phone which supports a USB memory stick via USB port.
    5. Supporting a SIP protocol, Skype or other application video calls, a stronger WIFI aerial as the N9 has.
    6. Printing support via WIFI or USB
    7. A software which is able to transfer all my contact details, messages, mails to a new Jolla phone. I can`t spend days to transfer 1000 contact details (most of them with more than one phone numbers, emails, addresses, large notices) manually.
    8. A detailed description about tips and tricks of a built in applications – I needed a year to find out accidentally that an N9 has a built in arrow keys if I press long two times one of the function key.
    9. Built in GPS with navigation software.
    10 The solution to connect the device to the TV or other larger display was a great idea. I would be grateful if you would keep it. I could even to read books on the TV.
    I tried to give you a feedback about my preferences if I see a phone as work equipment and I hope my feedback will be useful for the developer and a subject for discuss in this community.

  147. something similar to the n950 with:
    – FMTX
    – wireless chip with monitor mode (or at least master mode capable)
    – micro USB on-the-go (act as host or slave)
    – good camera (focus on photo, video is crappy anyway)
    – 3.5 audio out
    – micro sd card slot
    – good battery life

    waterproof would be awsome!

    possibly: aes instruction set (not sure what arm has to offer here) and hdmi out

  148. My choice will be a phone with slide-out landscape qwerty with touchscreen, qwerty is the most used keyboard. Full other keyboard will be added with the touchscreen like on the nokia n9 to help people in their own language. Detachable keyboard is not a good choice, because that must use another source of energy.
    This phone must be the knife swiss, they have the same concept from protek watch of casio. with all the sensor for the weather when we are in an area without signal radio for gsm, 3g or lte. The phone can remote via bluetooth or IR with other device (tv, computer, heart rate monitor)
    For the screen, I will like one between 4.5″ or 5″ 16/9 with resolution of 1920×1080 capacitive or resistive touchscreen multitouch..

  149. It would be really nice if you make a phone that could be used for content production. Basically all today phones are made for content consumption. Basically I would like to have a good physical qwerty keyboard. Good like in Nokia E90, for example: That is a tool usable for writing long texts and doing other kinds of real work, instead of being a teenage gadget. Event the N900 keyboard was a far cry compared to that.

  150. A dual-screen device would be nice. Either slide or clamshell function would look good. Turned in landscape mode the bottom screen could display a keyboard with all the functions you can imagine like; word predictions, cut/copy/paste, ‘search with’, etc.

    Also, with two display screens it will make multitasking more fun and refreshing. I’m not a businessman or am I good with numbers but having a screen displaying business figures and charts with another screen displaying a calculator or email composer would be great and make day to day life on the smartphone more enjoyable.

  151. Whatever design is chosen, i would definetly welcome the replaceable battery by user.
    I really dislike trend when phone is expensive like laptop and u can’t even replace the most malfunctioning (or to be more precise most decaying) part on it and after two years of regular just throw the whole device into thrash can, been there twice. Not feeling doing same mistake for 3rd time.

  152. In an Ideal world a folding OLED-screen that functions as a 5″ smartphone or folds out to a twice-the-size tablet. All attached to a solid cradle with a slide out QWERTY

  153. N9 policarbonate wih double tap… E7 style of QWERTY, very discrete!! Camera front and back style n900 :)
    please put FMtx..IR too!!

  154. I like to see a Jolla Phone and a jolla Tablet as companion devices offering an integrated user experience.

    Some simple examples of this experience might be:

    Your phone rings while you’re working on your tablet, the tablet offers you an alert with caller id or reverse look-up info. Plus other general alert info.

    Playing music on your phone while travelling then settling down to work on your tablet, the tablet takes over the music task with the possibility of passing the output to a new sink.

    When listening to music or video from your tablet and you answer/make a call the music or video pauses.

    Taking a photo with your phone, the tablet can be the live view finder.

    Where is my phone/tablet, when you’ve miss-placed one use the other to find it. (GPS, WiFi Bluetooth signal strength etc.)

    The phone or tablet might offer alternative application perspectives i.e. the tablet is propped up playing a film, the phone hosts the Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Fast Forward, Rewind controls etc.

    You can open a link from a text message on your phone onto your tablet.

    Getting turn by turn directions on your phone, you stop and use your tablet to look at the route over-view, points of interest, nearby services, detours, travel statistics and other such things.

    Place the phone on the desk and use it as Dictaphone in a meeting while the tablet remains free to control the phone, for note taking and other functions.

    Use the phones sensors – accelerometers, gyroscope, compass etc. in tablet applications.

    Shared bookmarks, ereader content, generated content.

    Sharing system resources when needed to ensure a smooth user experience.

    If the phone were to have a Range Finder sensor which the tablet did not, this would then enable the option for tablet applications to use the Range Finder in the phone.

    Start, Stop or Restart the companion device.

    Join a Wifi network on one device and the companion automatically picks it up too.

    Redirect output, for example change a call from hands free to using the phone via controls on the tablet. Or listening to music (from your phone) via Bluetooth headset send to (using controls on the the tablet) via compatible static sound system.

    A similar set of user experience integration with a friend’s user context except with a demarcation of control.

    • I want a Nokia N900 on steoids.

      Larger display, higher resolution and a MUCH faster CPU.
      The keyboard is of course a bit larger.. due to larger display. A super amoled would be nice.. or one like on the Nokia 920.
      64GB storage or more.. and micro/SD card reader.. torrent app..
      USB that can be used to plug in regualt USB devices. Improved print poptions. 4G.
      Improved xenon flash, pure view camera. Good (OK) cam for videocalls.
      Replaceable massive battery. Love the web radio too.
      Weight does not matter to me. Just keep it under 500g :-)
      Possible to have 2-3 OSes on it..

  155. closer to N900 then N9, namely:
    – build in slide landscape QWERTY keyboard, backlit
    – exchangeable battery
    – 8 MPixel camera with slider to cover lens when not in use & unlock automatically (when opened)
    – camera button (nice to have)
    – 32GB of internal storage seems a good spot
    – micro-SDXC slot
    – resolution of 16:10 ratio, maybe 1280×800; 848×500 or more is okay
    – support for old fashioned SIMs (can use “holder” for new formats) (nice to have)
    – touchscreen which supports stylus (if this is still possible)
    – stylus, if above is applicable

    pretty much a N900 up to today’s standards, i guess ~:o}

    thanks for any wishes you will be able to include in a model.

    • o, 2nd update…
      size matters, indeed; it should still easily fit into a pocket, thus not much bigger then the N9, even if this comes @ the expense of resolution

        • i even have a coat with a pocket where i could fit my 11″ Dell Inspiron…
          wouldn’t hold the weight i guess, but that doesn’t really matter now, does it?

          • The differences are that the Galaxy Note 2 weighs only 182.5g, i.e. only 1.5g more than the N900, and that it can fit is most pockets (actually all those I’ve tried). I don’t have any problem to get it always with me, in my pockets. But perhaps a 5.5″ screen with a physical keyboard would be too much.

            • one important difference (for me) between… any of Samsung’s G’s (i think) and the Dell Inspiron 11z; later has a keyboard. and it runs on Linux
              can you say any of that?

              • Yes, GNU/Linux. That’s why I’m looking for a Jolla smartphone (though I’m also considering alternatives). But it must be usable for my needs. We don’t know yet if the first Jolla smartphone will have a physical keyboard. But without one, a 80-column text terminal could be difficult to use if the screen is less than 5.5″, because it must be used in portrait mode and the width can become a problem both for readability and typing on the on-screen keyboard (with all the main characters used in a shell and for programming).

                  • Yes, with a landscape hardware keyboard, a smaller screen would be OK. I’d say that the screen size should be at least 4″ (I’d prefer 4.5″ or a bit more) and the resolution at least 1200×720; a screen with these minimums gives a 350 ppp density, which is higher than those of Nokia’s phones, but still much less than the pixel density of the Samsung Galaxy S4 (441 ppp). The keyboard must have at least 4 lines (like the Nokia N950) and key combinations must be remappable (I could do this on the N900).

  156. Detachable modular keyboard would be great, the best of two worlds. Even better if you could use it as a normal phone without keyboard, without feel something is missing, but when you want, you could pull your keyboard out of your backpack and plug it to play a game or write something more extensive.

    • That is what I am hoping also the N9-01 concept with detachable keyboard as we came up with in a post almost a year ago:

      ‘Killer feature: Modular removable qwerty keyboard (can be sold separately) offers the best of both worlds. Lightweight when you need it to be without keyboard or attach the fully integratated keyboard for a full powerhouse experience (ie. connects direct to mobile so power source is shared and keyboard functionality is integrated (not Bluetooth)). This modular keyboard design will open markets to both consumer and business markets this way, but benefiting Jolla by only having to release one device. Editors note: Business users are also consumers at the end of the day and like to be able to use a sexy device sans keyboard on their days off! Also this ties in with Jolla’s strategy to release both a consumer phone and developer phone. Consumer phone can be locked on release but with the ability for developers to unlock (like with Nokia N9) and of course add keyboard.’

      I’m not sure though how easy this would be to apply in reality but I think if anyone could/should do it, Jolla should! Maybe it is one of the configurable pre-order options ? We’ll find out soon enough… ;-)

      • I just dream of doing text heavy blogging, emailing, messaging, documents, terminal on my new Jolla phone with detachable slide out modular QWERTY keyboard…. ok ok now I’m the obsessive compulsive one! (sorry dual sim guy) :-P

  157. Du har muligheten til å arrangere en sexy one night stand allerede i kveld.

    Du har nok av kjedelige netter og lyst på sex i det
    fri, partnerbytte eller Hardcore. De vakre og unge menneskene fra reklamen blir
    ikke lenger sett på som en trussel.

  158. 5″ – 5.5″ Amoled with slide out qwerty in N9 form factor with FM transmitter a must. (I used to love my N900 while driving for its fm transmitter) A tegra or snapdragon quad core to compliment all the multi tasking capabilities of sailfish. All the best Jolla :-)

  159. how about a Portrait Slider qwerty, like the Palm Pre.
    You then have a real keyboard that can be used onehanded like a slap phone.

  160. Your style is very unique in comparison to other people I’ve read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this blog.

  161. Need best UI and HTML5, social Network,Screen- 3.5′-4.5′ OLED HD-gorilla glass, dual core, 1gb Ram, internal memory 8GB(atleast), best camera 8MP(back) and 1MP(front), water&dust resistant

  162. It’s still my opinion that I think that they need to make 3 kind of phones.
    1. The ‘best of the best’ Phone with 128GB memory
    720p 4” screen
    8MP camera with 1.5” sensor etc.
    2. An avarage Phone
    3. Business Phone like the Lenovo Yoga style 5″or 6″ full qwerty (16/9 landscape mode!)

  163. Turha mässäily pois ja panostakaa puhelimen toimintaan. Akun kestävyyteen ja huolto vapaaseen käyttöön =) Pysyn niin kauan c2:ssa kun ystävillä alkaa olla älykkäitä puhelimia, jotka toimivat oikeasti. Unelmieni puhelin olisi mahdollisimman yksinkertainen selkeillä näppäimillä joihin ei kosketusnäyttössäkään tarvitse sihdata kohdilleen. Ashan kosketus/näppäimistö oli loisto keksintö mutta näppäimet aivan liian pienet. Minä en ainakaan vielä ole nähnyt ranneketta mihin puhelimensa voisi laittaa, jotta kädet olisivat vapaana. Puhelin kun tuntuu olevan ihmisten hyppysissä jatkuvasti.

  164. enough a front camera and a good range battery unless 1850mAh
    and possible a physical keyboard like N900
    and good audio system like Iphone

    nothing more, other is surplus

  165. I have been using my N900 for 3 years now and I still love it to bits. Nokia really missed the opportunity of a lifetime in having maemo take over the world. It’s so multifunctional, easy to use and extremely reliable. If the phone had more processing power and a better battery life it would be fantastic. I can travel anywhere without having to take my PC because of its brilliant functionality. I have been craving for a phone that is an upgrade to the N900. If the Jolla could be a cross between the Samsung Galaxy Note (its physical size and a stylus) and an N900 (it operating system and a QWERTY), I think it could take over the world.

  166. Well… a phone that is 7mm thin, 4.3-4.5 display anti-reflection, its back cover doesnt have to be slippery (people will chat, they need a grip)

    1 core processor is enough (most of the time people chat, use social networks or using the internet), well, its your choice.


    Camera 8mp is optional (some people will say that I am stupid but more mp produce more noise)

    as a software it would be great to have a program that is integrated with the phone (downloads information from facebook and look simplier and nicer and fast; I mean viewing the messages, wrighting them, posting the fotos)

    a program where you can add all of your e-mail acconts (simple and nice looking, fast)

    Without GPS (or could be downloaded from the store)

    No bloatware (let people to choose what they want to have on their phone)

    It could have a 8gb

    A memory stick

    A possibility to change everything (things that are not going to damage the system)

  167. How about a pair match like the E7 and N8.

    For me the N8 is the most perfect phone I’ve ever seen or held. It is the perfect size. Please don’t make it bigger. I love my black N8. It is so sleek, refined. The status-indicating, “breathing,” back-lit, off-set button on the front is both clever and a conversation starter. EVERYONE says something about this. The exposed etched metal, shining against the colored metal (around the camera housing) is a beautiful detail also. The metal screen lock actuator is also very nice.

    Full featured connectivity, again like N/E series devices: USB-on-the-go, microHDMI out, removable memory.

    Make a few improvements:
    1) place both the SIM and removable memory behind the battery, which should be removable, in configuration like the Nokia 808. My 808’s micro-sim got stuck in the N8 because I forgot! and now I cannot get it out. :(
    2) make the HDMI door also like the 808. The worst feature of the 808 is its HDMI door.
    3) reduce bezel size, and thus increase screen size without increasing body of phone.
    4) place both connectors (USB & HDMI) on top with the headphone jack, just like the well-positioned 808.
    5) get rid of the lip bezel around the glass screen which the N8 has.
    6) use the volume rocker on the E7 (which I also had, but gave to my spouse).
    For me, design quality must surpass iPhone & Nexus 4.
    7) Somehow get the Nokia folks to let you do the 808’s 41 MP camera though (impossible I’m sure).

    I don’t mind forking over a lot for a phone with tons of features. Using as a computer, with a screen and keyboard, which I can do with either the N8 or 808, or with some Android phones, is also an attractor.

    As to keyboard, I do not like qwerty for phones, and prefer touch or a numeric slider. But if you make a keyboard (which many of my friends still use), make it the quality of the E7. Very sturdy and nice feeling keyboard.

    The new Sailfish video looks amazing. Very innovative, suave, sophisticated. It looks like a lot of thought, design, and testing went into it. Understated yet so confident. It’s like sitting in a glass high rise looking down on the bay with the full moon overhead, dim lights inside, sipping cognac.

  168. Sei gespannt auf attraktive Jungs und Mädels,
    die nicht länger allein sein wollen. Erotik Flirt und Erotik Kontaktanzeigen auf fickkontakte.
    Bist Du in eine neue Stadt gezogen und fühlst Dich noch etwas einsam oder auf der Suche nach der
    großen Liebe.

  169. Jolla have struck onto a winner with the “other Half”, some want a full keyboard (I wouldn’t say no) but here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

    If JOLLA can engineer an “Other Half” which has features built into it such as an Enhanced GPS module, is Heart Rate Monitor compatible straight out of the box (i.e. it can pick up your chest strap heart monitors signals), while also having other sensors built in such as Barometer, thermometer, altitude gauge & humidity etc then I would have one! That would be perfect for the outdoors enthusiast such as I who regularly spends 6 hours + riding around the mountains & would like this kind of info for future route plannings.

    Also, for the extreme traveller, hows about a satellite phone other half! It may need to be slightly thicker but that could include an extendible aerial & battery pack as you will be away from a plug for some time I reckon. I sometimes spend days out surveying land far away from civilisation & could do with this.

    In conjunction with the two above, a solar panel Other half would be brill. 1. My phone sits at the top of my backpack while I am riding my MTB bike in a clear backd pouch. 2. It sits in a phone holder in my car that is open to the sky via the windscreen & three my desk (when I am at it) is next to a south facing window so have sun all day.

    The solar back panel doesn’t have to be able to charge the phone like a wall charger does (except maybe when under a full on Med style sun), it just needs to provide enough juice to keep the battery level stable. That means that during the day, light use & constant drip feed of juice could extend the phones battery maybe two days.

    There are lots of possibilities, the above ideas are for an outdoors style active lifestyle. It could come in a ruggedised Other half that envelopes the rest of the phone as a case therfore covering both functionality & versatility in one package.

    Hows about a modular Mini SD card slot? I have worked in countries where a dual sim is near on essential, so hows about design the phones memory card slot to be modular.
    Where dual sim is not essential: Jolla could sell the phone with 16/32GB specs with a memory card slot as it is planning to.
    Where dual sim is desirable: Swap the memory card slot for a second sim module & up the memory to 32/64GB. Or, convert the Other half into a wired in connected Sim card wallet with either software or a hardware switch to flick between required sim card.

    Come on Jolla, I am expecting lots from your “Other Half”, if it just turns out to be mood changing back panels, then its for kids & ladies with handbags as I will not carry round 3 or 4 other halfs let along 1 spare one as I am a man, a single pocket is all I need!

    Jolla, please be my new Jet Ski, not a wind powered ark!!

    Sail on!

  170. What could be “smart” phone. Find one Communicator 9500. Slim it down, put insinde maximum available resolution touchscreen in, full keyboard and four way “mouse” . Inside everything what high-tech can provide. There you have it. Outside of the phone minimun *phone* properties and small 400×200? oled screen for status info for mail, sms, gps navigation “arrow” etc.

    I have lot’s of friends that used to have all the Communicators, one by one like me, and all of them says the same, the modern “smart” phones, iCrap, TsamTsung etc. are shit. Please save us! We used to work with phone. Now I have S Note, and it is just and just usable… Heeeelppppppp uuuuss….

  171. A phone which has a slide option ah xenon flash and a lense which is better than the ones of nokia 1020 ^^ would be a dream :) My wish would be that Jolla creates a phone which could include the abilities of the N8, the style of the N9 and the slide of the N950 :)

  172. I must be among the very small minority who would like a return of the the T9 slider. It may not be as great to type on, but its compact, devoid of the need for a touchscreen, and well…we haven’t seen a high-end device like that since the Nokia N86. I missed it all unfortunately and I’d love a chance to experience it.

    • that the whole idea behind “the other half” – a basic device that appeals to the masses (thus touch screen, 8MP camera and Android apps compatibility). and then… comes the other half. some of the demos done by Jolla folks even included comments along the line “for example a QWERTY keyboard” thus there is reasonable chance it will be available… any company can obtain the other half specs and create one, but of course this will only happen if there is a market for it… alas, there isn’t a DIY option (yet?) ¦:-}

      • This product isn’t necessarily for the masses though. It’s for those who want to experience Sailfish OS. What I’d like is a modern smartphone OS wrapped in a dumb-phone body, which hasn’t been done since 2009.

  173. How about Jolla with other half that has the keyboard at the back?
    User of course looks at the screen, but ‘sees’ the buttons trough the phone.
    Keyboard would have horizontally mirrored layout, and the display could show transparent virtual keyboard. The virtual keyboard could also work, but ideally the user is able to hit the keys at the back.
    5 row keyboard would fit well, I think. Keyboard could have the non mirrored layout printed and the layout could switch if phone is display down on the table… …for even faster note taking…. you get the idea. I bet this isn’t even new… was it on some microsoft tablet concept?
    No I think that had camera, so you could see your own hand.

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