Share Your Ideas: Your Dream Other Half


From reading around, it seems that Jolla’s irrepressible fans are already coming up with some new, novel ideas on their dream ‘other halves’.

‘The other half’ topic is really already becoming a much talked about subject which could properly revolutionise the mobile phone as it is perceived today and for that we have Jolla to thank. :-)

With this in mind, what would be your dream ‘other half’ paired with your new Jolla handset?

What's Your Dream Other Half ?

What’s Your Dream Other Half ?

Here are some examples posted earlier by some of our readers…

CPBrown’s list:

* Working-half : QWERTY keyboard with trackpad.
* Tourist-half : BIG-ASS camera (pureview 808 replacement).
* Pirate-half : 1Tb USB drive, readable by the OS.
* RoadTrip-half : FM transmitter (if not in the phone).
* Transit-half : Extra battery, xfers power to the phone like the KB on the Asus transformer.
* Skinnypants-half : a wallet !

Jay’s list:

* party-half (for ladies) with mirror
* eco-half / beach-half with solar cell charger
* reader-half with e-ink screen
* geocacher-half with powerful gps

Have your say by adding to the list and let’s get inventive!

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