Jolla to build new 200 million Euro Mobile alliance for ‘Sailfish’ OS

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Some more big news from Jolla today concerning their plan to set up a software service base in Hong Kong to license their software services (newly announced MeeGo Sailfish) to manufacturing partners and service developers beginning Spring 2013.

According to Hurmola, Jolla is currently building up a new 200 million euro mobile alliance based in Hong Kong, China. In the core of the alliance is the MeeGo based mobile operating system which Jolla calls “Sailfish”.

So the name of the new MeeGo OS has been disclosed for the first time as being called ‘Sailfish’, which definitely has a nice ring to it.

“Our intention is to build a third smart phone ecosystem in China”, Jussi Hurmola says to Talouselämä. The other two major ecosystems are Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone.

“The next big change in the mobile world will come from China and Jolla wants to be enabling it”, Hurmola says.

According to Hurmola, Jolla plan to rival Android and IOS by basing themselves in the heart of the ‘mobile world': China.

Antti Saarnio, Jolla’s chairman of the board, says that Jolla invites all kinds of mobile players into its Sailfish alliance, including device manufacturers (smart phones and tablets), chipset manufacturers as well as service and applications developers.

According to Saarnio and Hurmola the aim is that alliance partners will invest 200 million euros in the alliance.

Confirming our speculations in previous posts, Jolla are wide open for cooperation and collaboration with a range of potential partners while no names have been disclosed as yet.

The data center of the Sailfish alliance will be located in the Cyberport techonology center in Hong Kong. In addition Jolla will set up its own research and development center in mainland China, probably Shanghai or Beijing.
But how will Jolla’s smart phones differentiate from other manufacturers’ smart phones possibly using the Sailfish OS?

“Differentiation is based on the user interface, design and marketing”, Saarnio says.

Just a reaffirmation there that Jolla will definitely be bringing their own handset to market but with the added advantage of having more partners onboard to help spur growth in the ecosystem.

Jolla claims that the new Sailfish will be more open than Google’s Android regarding application and service development.

“For example operators, banks, health services providers and public authorities can integrate their own services directly on to the Sailfish operating system”, Hurmola says.

This is some nice news from Jolla showing some huge ambition but with a very realistic approach that could see them get to the top very quickly. Having a base in both Hong Kong and China will mean they have a great direct connection with the manufacturing plants and the other partners whom they will inevitably service.

In the meantime, a Jolla handset announcement before the end of 2012 to show the world what Jolla are capable of should give them a headstart to test the finished ‘Sailfish’ OS out before taking on 3rd party partners in the Spring of 2013.

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