2 Weeks To Go: Sailfish OS Predictions Anyone ?

With only 2 weeks to go before the big SLUSH event in Helsinki, Finland, and with Jolla understandably tightly-lipped in the run up to the event, I feel now is the time to make some predictions based on various hints and clues that have been dropped by Jolla….and well also just some good old fashioned speculation!

Based on what we know so far from the teams previous inputs on Maemo, MeeGo and from some hints I’ve been picking up, here is a list of predictions we may or may not be able to expect from the Sailfish OS.

Sailfish OS Speculations:

  •  Decent multitasking as seen in Maemo, MeeGo, Mer (this seems most likely due to previous iterations)
  • Integrated notifications  (again, in common with previous iterations)
  • Multiple, customizable home screens (like Maemo maybe or maybe not)
  • Built in terminal (like previous iterations and inline with Jolla’s stance on keeping developers happy)
  • HTML5 support (quoted a lot by Jolla)
  • QT/QML support (the base for all previous iterations)
  • Potential android app support (this has been hinted at but not confirmed – could go either way)
  • Multiboot potential (this was possible with N900/N9)
  • Very unlikely, but there is potential for flash support (this was also a feature of N900/N9, but it seems most smartphones are moving away from flash)
  • Good native browser (or at least a good Firefox or other browser version as seen on N900/N9)
  • Good solid music/video player with support for all major media file types
  • Camera editing functions
  • Live widgets

3rd party software which would be added bonus:

  • Good Map software with offline support
  • Skype integration (would be nice to see like we had with N900/N9)
  • Support for all popular email accounts
  • Microsoft Silverlight support in browser would be a bonus but so very unlikely.  It would make viewing certain sites (Netflix, Lovefilm etc) possible.  Also Silverlight seems to be on its way out so again unlikely.
  • Maybe some nice games thrown in for free
  • Microsoft Office support

Okay, I’m running out of ideas here but if you can think of anything I missed or have something which you think might definitely make an appearance in the OS list based on what you’ve heard or know, please feel free to comment below. Let’s keep the guesses realistic based on what you may have heard through the grapevine.  :-)

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  1. I don’t like the idea with “just” micro USB battery charging. I heard that the broken micro USB is a common thing in all Nokia phones (including my N900). Any change there could be an alternate method for charging the battery? Not being able to charge my N900 (without positioning it very carefully) is killing it at the moment…
    Btw. There is no GPS listed. I’d love to have it included with ‘Mappero’ or similar software.

  2. There is going to be something less limiting than Aegis on Harmattan. “Bernd Wachter Karsten van Herwaarden no aegis. Probably a bit more security bits than on N900, but with a different goal than on N9. We don’t want to try to protect the phone from the user.” (In Facebook group Jolla Pioneer Fans)

    Great VKB? N9 had Maliit based keyboard. I wish that they have improved the predictive functionalities, but found no info on Maliit site.

    Location based automatic functions. Sotiris tweeted about this a while ago: https://twitter.com/melsop74/status/226728921813614592

  3. As long as Skype is fully owned by Microsoft there will be no skype neither for Jolla SailFish OS nor BlackBerry OS 10.

    I hold my fingers crossed for Dual LED for camera and reasonable screen size (not bigger than 4″, 3.8″-3.9″ will be the best)

    • Skype Audio and IM is possible as that’s already written for Harmattan and the code is available as part of the Telepathy Linux code. Video is perhaps a problem as that never made it to the N9. I don’t know if that was a technical issue, contractual or just that they never got around to it.

      Skype is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS…. so I don’t see why they’d have a problem at least in principle with Skype on Jolla’s OS.

  4. Most important and to be number 1 factor is to make it developer friendly, i.e, open APIs like Meego that facilitates porting from Linux, Windows to Sailfish Meego, Qt is great but also support of standard C/C++ system libraries and exposing them to developer will be a killer feature and will make it a true (computer in a phone) OS just like Windows Mobile 6.5, Maemo and Meego systems.

  5. we want good on screen keyboard.13mp camera.a own app store.a html5 support.if possible better than those on tizen and bb10.good quality material.retain the ability to dual boot or even quad boot

  6. I’d like it to have its own native browser, a Facebook and Twitter app, support for major mail accounts, multitasking like N9, a better Swipe UI, a colourful and vibrant OS all in all.

  7. http://www.3t.fi/artikkeli/uutiset/teknologia/jollan_puhelin_tottelee_kosketuseleita

    This finnish article mentions “touch gestures”, whatever that means.

    Also from the artcile:

    “Jussi Hurmolan mukaan kosketuseleet tukeutuvat tiukasti liikeantureihin. Enempää hän ei vielä paljasta.”

    My dodgy translation:

    “According to Jussi Jurmola, the touch gestures are based heavily on motion sensors. That’s all he’s willling to disclose at this point.”

    I don’t think we’re talking about gyros inside the phone here, but perhaps motion sensors which track hand and finger movements ABOVE the screen.


    “Eleitä ei ole tähän asti juuri hyödynnetty kännykän ohjauksessa. Hurmola toteaa, että kyse on ollut kännykkäliittymän evoluution vaatimasta ajasta.

    ”Fyysisestä näppäimistöstä piti ensin siirtyä siihen, että näppäimistö saatiin kosketusnäytölle.””


    “So far the gestures have not been much utilized in controlling the phone. Hurmola notes, that the reason for that has been the necessary time for the evolution of mobile phone interface.

    “From the physical keyboard, the next necessary step was to move the keyboard to the screen””

  8. a good radio FM app (as long as a a FM chip is included), Gtalk video integration, RSS app like in N9, wifi tethering integrated, A simple file browser, dropbox (box.net, google drive, etc.) integration, full copy / paste, swype keyboard integration, profilmatic (look for this app on N9, its amazing and could be improved) integration, REALLY quick access to multitask and so on….

  9. Dual display, second could be over BT and size of Suunto clock http://nyti.ms/Nyyd25, optionally larger. Swipe any app to 2nd screen.
    Taskmanager with mem tools, “at cmd” or scheduler, screenshot, nc/vc/mc style filemanager in OS without stupid rooting. Possibility to 2nd user.

    • what u want====??? nobody want to make emulations with other OS
      it isn’t need !!!!!
      the only right support applications is for only Android ( linux system ) and Harmattan 1.2 (linux system). Let others die. I won’t see Win8 in my Sailfish OS in the future; let windows die by itself.
      We want good tecnology not stupid and weak !!!

  10. I did mention some IMHO needed options on the hardware site already. But security is still high on list. After that it would be nice to have user level layers, where profiles could be set visible icons, forbidden websites, possibility to install limited,… while admin level could have terminal, programming tools and admin tools directly usable. And some profiles should be password protected, naturally… And I’d like to have emulation modes, Android, Amiga, Wine (Win8?) also at least buyable.
    Built in software? Web, e-mail, office style text/calc/draw/presentation/multimedia/… Please check the Hollywood in Amiga (and PC/…) [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hollywood_%28programming_language%29]. Also R3 would be great (<-Rebol), and possibility to get more and more real programs compiled for Jolla.
    Now back to work…

  11. if i can, i could add something missed:
    – theme customable like in N900 ( in N9 only if u build a your custom theme, it is a tweak )
    – front camera support
    – u can build a free-sms system like between iPhone ??
    – a goooooood and strong AUDIO system like N900 not like N9 audio-weaking
    – and first but not last a PROPRIETARY BROWSER APPLICATION like Filebox without needs to install from stores if i want seeking in my filesystem
    – the support for N9 Harmattan 1.2 applications????
    – in my advise i’d choose Ovi Maps
    – calendar syncronization and cloud backup

    that is all

    • oh god i neglected inch for display!!
      for me the minimun size for have a good system on my hands is 3.9”
      below this threshold i cant do nothing and the QWERTY touchkeyboard full half the screen
      its ORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I’m personally hoping for:

    Removable storage
    QWERTY Slider Format
    Removable battery
    Full Root privileges (like the N900)

  13. The camera…well, more or less…. I doubt that it will use some good optics like Carl Zeiss, so no sence to compete there. I liked the ordinary camera in the E7, it worked miracle for a static focus thanking to that it actially made great videos :) Go for that one!
    Further more, it’s a phone – a connectivity device. It’s quite enough to make some decent photos you can eventually put on your social networks. Nothing beyond really.
    Whoever wants pro photos will never use a phone for that.

    • My only doubt on the E7 camera ‘fixed focus’ type is no macro. I agree for scene shots or general photography it’s acceptable but to be competitive with any other smartphone today it would need a close-up macro mode. People are using phones as substitutes for the point and shoot camera these days so it must be at least comparable to other smartphone optics or people will shop elsewhere.

    • They can definitely have good optics such Carl Zeiss, if they and consumsers are ready to pay. Nokia’s Carl Zeiss optics are not made by Carl Ziess. CZ just approves that the quality matches their standards.

    • u stumbling in the roots man!!!
      listen to me will be better support for Harmattan instead of Android??
      Sailfish and Harmattan are MeeGo systems. Android does not hit anything! At this point is better to put support for Windows and Apple not Android

      • I use an N900 but commercially it does not make sense to use such a phone, nor to sell it. If for example my local bank decides to make an app it will be for Android, Windows and iOS they will never think of doing one for Harmattan or Sailfish.

        Android is the nearest from an architecture point of view to Sailfish so it would be the easiest to implement.

        Make sailfish run Android apps and I bet you that Sailfish will have more numbers than Android

        • i support you! but why android have all this support???
          maybe cause of Nokia silent commercial about MeeGo N9???
          i think and i am sure that if Nokia had not joined with Microsoft now Nokia would distribute N9 phone not Lumnia phone. And now we would have new updates and more support by Nokia.
          I have paid my N9 one years ago, and in so less time, community had built many applications
          in so less time.
          My point is, if Nokia had supported MeeGo N9 now MeeGo would be taken in consideration by the “smartphonemarket” like Android or iOS.
          Then if jolla does a nice job, will create a new environment and nobody forbids to be like Android or Win.
          Jolla can MAKE the differences

      • If Jolla decides to support Android apps by default, developers will only need to publish their already existing apps in Jolla store. It’s a safe and affordable way for developers to support platform with quite uncertain future and quick way for Jolla to grow the ecosystem. And when the developers see Sailfish growing bigger and bigger they can develop their apps in QT respecting Sailfish’s HIG.

        BUT, what if they are lazy? What if they never port their apps to support Sailfish natively? Then we will have QT apps and Android apps in our devices and all of them look different from each other.

        • forget the Jolla Store! Nokia failed to make Ovi a success and look where they ended up. The only success is the App Store and Google play. Microsoft are now investing billions to push the Windows Phone store. Jolla should only focus on the OS. Yes ok let Jolla have a couple of repositories for native based Qt apps and then users should be let to visit Google Play and install from there.

          • I put Nokia’s failure with OVI store down to the sheer unbridled ambition of trying to work with at least 3 different OS tied in with the sheer volume of different handsets. If there is only one universal OS which works across every handset, the task is a slightly easier one. However, I agree that initially and to complement, Google Play/Android app compatibility would be a very attractive proposition and would help Jolla stay focussed on getting the OS perfected.

          • Forget Google Play! There’s absolutely no way to get Google Play other than using Android. Even Amazon’s tablets don’t have Google Play and they’re running Android (heavily modified, though. And that’s the reason they cannot have Play.)

            So Jolla must and will (as they’ve stated before) create their own software store. In my opinion that’s clever, because if they were using some other store, they wouldn’t get money from app purchases. It’s also quite big business.

      • On the contrary for me Andriod sucks but not the applications. I don’t care about andorid specific apps like wifi finders, desktop changes i’m sure the Jolla community will create great apps for that but other apps like games and apps that can do stuff with the camera those are what make the OS alive

  14. Getting Silverlight is practically impossible because Microsoft won’t port it to a platform as small as Sailfish. Even Microsoft don’t believe in Silverlight’s future and nobody needs it anyway. We will get Netflix as an app (like on other mobile OS’s) if Sailfish grows big enough.

  15. Live Widgets?

    The problem with widgets is they completely screw up the UI because you have to have another widget layer on top of the underlying application manager layer.

    eg. On Symbian you’ve multiple ‘home screens’ polluted with widgets and even widgets which are short cuts to the apps. Then you have the application grid too.

    On Android it’s the same and they even go so far as to use an alphabetised grid so you’re never sure where the app has gone. At least with Symbian you can reorder the app grid.

    On WP7, there’s the awful live tiles which are really just crap widgets and they have an alphabetised list of apps you have to endlessly scroll through and the worst list shortcut UI I’ve ever used.

    By comparison, Harmattan and iOS are simple to use because there is no widget layer. You can order the apps so you can spatially remember where they are. Harmattan’s notification panel also negates the need for a lot of useless status widgets cluttering up the home screen too. Harmattan’s UI is a joy to use, don’t mess with it too much please Jolla.

    • You’re right N9 had a nice simple solution with swipe left for live notifications on all accounts (FB, twitter, sms, live weather etc) – this negates the need for live widgets and keeps the UI clutter free.

  16. I fear there is both a benefit and a risk with the rumored support for Android. If releasing sailfish with a compatibility layer for Android, it may cast a shadow of the Sailfish native OS itself. People might think its just another variant of all those flaky halfassed droids out there. It could spell disaster if Jolla would be regarded as just another company in the line that simply manufacture another customized android device. I guess there you have it, the worst thing about Android is that its like a nightmare version of Henry Fords classical statement, something like “You can have your car painted in any color you want, just as long as it is black.”. I like black just as little as I like Android.

      • I agree that it must not be the key selling point, but merely an extra added benefit to attract more customers ie. android converts. The way it should be marketed is Sailfish OS with native Sailfish apps as the main attraction. For those in doubt and looking to switch from traditional Android OS, and as an added extra feature, Android app compatibility will attract more users which will inevitably be a catalyst for more Sailfish native app growth.

  17. Just an improved Harmattan + a dozen of killer apps integrated, multi accounts and LTE. Beyond all bug free and quality both for hard and soft.

  18. My suggestion is multiple customizable for every thing like maemo 5 not only the home screen also the boot screen and the boot loader and the swipe unlock screen and icons like fully customizable

  19. My suggestion will be to do everything possible to not fragment their OS. It hurts Android and it will hurt Jolla also. Keep the ecosystem tight but don’t compromise its openness.

    And please jolla people make everything you can to create a phone that you will feel like something special and not a black OEM slab.

  20. I like the first points (speculations) but i like less the 3rd party software part:
    -for maps we have Navit,Cloudgps,waze porting, Marble and more…
    -I’d rather prefer Viber….is somebody still using Skype?
    -indifferent about Silverlight and Office, but dont sounds good on a linux based device :)

    • Well yes many businesses choose to use Skype, but I guess Viber should also be an option. It’s all about attracting the biggest audience – if you cut off customers by not having certain features common in other smartphones, you reduce your chances of success.

    • major group of people use Skipe… what is it Viber??? only a 3rd party weak software..
      linux device must be obvious!!! we talking about new versione of MeeGo and this is open source Linux mobile system; we love open source “rantanen”; if u want something else buy Lumnia or iOS and dont tell us that Linux no good. Leave Jolla thread if u think so

      • and Sailfish must be have a documents-tools for open ODT, PPT, DOC, TXT, ODP, and etc…
        and open source is the best solution for doing everything!!!

    • @Rantanen: I did not say I predict ‘MS office’ on the Sailfish OS, only ‘office support’ which just means ability to open, read and edit common ‘office’ files types. I don’t care how it’s done, but it is important all the same.

  21. -Strong Battery life. (better than N9’s)
    -N9 Clone (no shame in copying the best phone of 2011-12).

    Meego is a full blooded OS. So dont get Stingy on the battery!!! Would make it soooper awesome!

    Bring the device to India and consider me a confirmed buyer!!

    • The battery life of the N9 is actually pretty good compared to other smartphones. 1 week battery life time (like in good old days) would be great and an outstanding feature.

      • what u say??? 1450mAh??? Are u crazy? Minimun standard range power is 1800mAh .the first iPhone during 2full days. N9 during 2days without gps and internet connection .. It is very bad and sad. Compared to other smartphone. I think N9 its the best with good range battery and Li-PO tecnology battery

    • Also the customizability is confirmed to some extent: “– Haluamme tuoda mukaan muokkausmahdollisuutta. Jokainen, joka ostaa Jollan laitteen, pystyy muokkaamaan sen haluamakseen sekä fyysisiltä ominaisuuksiltaan että käyttöliittymältään, Hurmola kertoo.” http://www.radiocity.fi/uutiset/vapaalla/jollan-toimitusjohtaja-kaipaa-nokialta-ja-applelta-jotain-uutta/2/3896

      –> “We want to bring customizability with us. Everyone, who purchases a Jolla device, will be able to mold it as he/she likes both in physical and UX aspects.”

      I doubt that the physical side can be nothing more than chanceable cover. I somehow think that it wont be possible to remold it ;) The UX side sounds good. Some more customizability to the Swipe UI would be good.

      • Awesome news jiipee! Wow moldable form factor ? I think you’re right it’s probably just changing shells etc although we may be in for a surprise lol ? Customisable UI sounds sweet also I really can’t wait!! Thanks for the news – I can feel a new post coming on. ;-)

    • what is the difference?? I like use SMS standard app not other way.
      maybe an app to send messsage sms free via OTA LIKE THE iPhone service that every iPhone send sms free to other iPhone
      this is could good

  22. Skype integration means that it comes pre-installed? Hmmm…what would carriers say about it?
    Better leave Skype as an app that the user might or might not install.
    And one more thing, try to let the UI as customizable as possible.

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  24. add a decent 4×3 alphanumeric keypad with T9 support for us fans who like texting at speed wuth one hand! Stuff your qwerty keyboards, can’t stand them!