2 Weeks To Go: Sailfish OS Predictions Anyone ?

With only 2 weeks to go before the big SLUSH event in Helsinki, Finland, and with Jolla understandably tightly-lipped in the run up to the event, I feel now is the time to make some predictions based on various hints and clues that have been dropped by Jolla….and well also just some good old fashioned speculation!

Based on what we know so far from the teams previous inputs on Maemo, MeeGo and from some hints I’ve been picking up, here is a list of predictions we may or may not be able to expect from the Sailfish OS.

Sailfish OS Speculations:

  •  Decent multitasking as seen in Maemo, MeeGo, Mer (this seems most likely due to previous iterations)
  • Integrated notifications  (again, in common with previous iterations)
  • Multiple, customizable home screens (like Maemo maybe or maybe not)
  • Built in terminal (like previous iterations and inline with Jolla’s stance on keeping developers happy)
  • HTML5 support (quoted a lot by Jolla)
  • QT/QML support (the base for all previous iterations)
  • Potential android app support (this has been hinted at but not confirmed – could go either way)
  • Multiboot potential (this was possible with N900/N9)
  • Very unlikely, but there is potential for flash support (this was also a feature of N900/N9, but it seems most smartphones are moving away from flash)
  • Good native browser (or at least a good Firefox or other browser version as seen on N900/N9)
  • Good solid music/video player with support for all major media file types
  • Camera editing functions
  • Live widgets

3rd party software which would be added bonus:

  • Good Map software with offline support
  • Skype integration (would be nice to see like we had with N900/N9)
  • Support for all popular email accounts
  • Microsoft Silverlight support in browser would be a bonus but so very unlikely.  It would make viewing certain sites (Netflix, Lovefilm etc) possible.  Also Silverlight seems to be on its way out so again unlikely.
  • Maybe some nice games thrown in for free
  • Microsoft Office support

Okay, I’m running out of ideas here but if you can think of anything I missed or have something which you think might definitely make an appearance in the OS list based on what you’ve heard or know, please feel free to comment below. Let’s keep the guesses realistic based on what you may have heard through the grapevine.  :-)

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