Jolla Hardware Predictions ?

While the hardware side of things may not be finalised yet and certainly will not be making an appearance at the SLUSH event (according to Jolla), lets make some guesses on what we can hope to expect based on what Maemo, MeeGo and Mer are able to support.

Hardware Speculations:

  • Headphone socket with shared Video out would be a bonus (N900/N9 both supported this)
  • FM transmitter/receiver (N900 had both, but N9 could only use the receiver part – the question is does this feature have any merit in todays smartphone?)
  • Front and rear cameras (N900/N9 both had this)
  • A camera slide cover similar to N900 would be a bonus
  • Dual LED for camera flash
  • WIFI (A given in todays smartphones)
  • Bluetooth (Also most probably a given)
  • Probable multi core processor (Neither N900 or N9 had but it must be considered to remain competitive in todays market)
  • 1GB plus ROM (N9 benefited hugely in multitasking from relatively high memory)
  • Minimum 16GB Internal Storage (with SD for extra) (could offer other options as well ie. 32gb/64gb)
  • Micro SD card slot (this would be great especially for multibooting but not entirely necessary as long as there is a high internal storage option: 32gb/64gb)
  • Removable battery maybe (again would be nice but not expected)
  • +/- 4″ gorilla glass screen (N9 was probably around the perfect size considering form/function ratio)
  • +/- 250 ppi  (a hard one to assess and could be more or less – obviously the more the better!)
  • Most probably full touchscreen phone but potential to surprise us with a QWERTY option ala N900/N950/Lauta maybe?
  • Micro USB for charging and USB OTG

Okay, I’m running out of ideas here again but if you can think of anything I missed or have something which you think might definitely make an appearance in the hardware spec list based on what you’ve heard or know, please feel free to comment below. Let’s keep the guesses realistic based on what you may have heard through the grapevine.  :-)

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