Licensing Jolla Sailfish OS: Potential Partners

We have all heard that aside from developing their own handset, Jolla are actively seeking partnerships with handset manufacturers to license their Sailfish OS to in early 2013, but who are the most likely manufacturers that Jolla might team up with ?

I have put out thoughts before on this but feel perhaps a post to keep all the information and discussion in one place could be useful.

Potential Manufacturer Partnerships for Licensing Sailfish OS:

  • NOKIA: A clear favourite for me, Nokia who already have many connections with Jolla and a partnership like this would provide Nokia and customers with some continuity (albeit slightly delayed) following on from their release of the MeeGo based Nokia N9.   This partnership makes sense on so many different levels for both companies, but only time will tell as to whether Nokia have the capital needed or indeed inclination to start a new partnership with a new line of smartphones.   The beauty for Nokia would be the lack of ongoing investment required for running the software side of things which would be handled by Jolla.  The advantage for Jolla would be the presence of a large handset manufacturer from their homeland spreading the Sailfish OS to a far greater audience.
  • SAMSUNG:   The pure muscle of Samsung is a force to be reckoned with although their partnership on the MeeGo based Tizen project could provide some conflict here unless they decided to combine forces.   Their presence in the Far East would no doubt help with Jolla’s Far East strategy, but whether they are the right fit for the Sailfish OS is arguable.  Samsung are certainly a force to be reckoned with and a partnership with Jolla would raise the status of the Sailfish OS without doubt.
  • ZTE: This Chinese-based company have recently moved to the 4th largest smartphone maker in the world haven’t you heard.  They experienced the fastest growth after Apple this year and are becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Does their placement in the Far East make them an ideal candidate to license the Sailfish OS for the growing Chinese smartphone market ?
  • HUAWEI:   Many commentators suggest that the likes of Huawei (pronounced: WHO-ARE-WE ) will be the next big thing in the mobile phone world.  Like ZTE, relatively cheap handsets conceived in the Far East for the mass consumer, this company is aggressively seeking new OS partnerships having already teamed up with Windows Phone and Android.   They are however working on another OS of their own so whether or not there is room for another OS partnership is questionable?
  • HTC:  Another handset manufacturer who have struggled in recent times, HTC have already partnered with Windows Phone and Android.   Again, the question here is, do they have room for another OS ?
  • SONY: Having been through various transitions and changes to the company over the years, Sony who are now predominantly Android-based could well be in the market for taking on another OS.
  • MOTOROLA:  Having been bought by Google now, Motorola are an unlikely candidate but cannot be ruled out entirely as Google will be looking to make a success with them anyway they can.
  • BLACKBERRY:  Another unlikely candidate, Blackberry are currently working on their own brand new OS in the hope that it will bring the Canadian-based company back to its former glory.  There isn’t much room for Blackberry here and they are not known for working with other OS’s.
  • APPLE: 100% unlikely
  • OTHERS:   Large PC and electronic manufacturers such as ASUS, HP, DELL, ACER, Phillips and Panasonic have all made recent inroads into the Smartphone market with Android and WebOS based handsets.  Any one or more of these companies may be looking for a fresh approach to succeed in the crowded smartphone market and could potentially provide a mutually beneficial partnership for Jolla.

Do you have any specific manufacturer that you think Jolla would do well to license the Sailfish OS to – maybe I’ve forgotten someone obvious?   Like Google’s strategy with Android, the more manufacturers onboard, the merrier as they say – the more Sailfish can get ‘out there’, the more the chance of its rapid success.

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