Chief Designer: Confirms Final Bezel Will Be Smaller

While I was talking to Chief Designer, Martin @ #JollaLoveDay I did pick up on the fact that the prototype bezel seemed slightly larger than necessary (IMO) and Martin mentioned that it was a prototype and would be altered for final production.

So with that said, I requested that he allowed us to get this information on video to which he was happy to accommodate us.

He did misunderstand my initial question (maybe my fault for not being completely clear) which was referring specifically to changing the ‘bezel’ and not the overall design of the device which I already realised is fairly fixed at this stage.

Nevertheless, in the video below he does confirm what so many of you have been asking and that is the final screen will feature a ‘smaller dead bend’ so at least this will hopefully help lay the subject of the ‘bezel’ to rest.

He also confirms further optimisations for the final production model:

EDIT:  I just noticed from another image, that the bezel was significantly smaller than that of the prototype in the videos we’ve been seeing – take a look and see what you think, but it seems much nicer to me and I personally hope this is the final look:

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